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Fintex Capital Best Alternative credit lenders manages several funds, Lending fund products and managed accounts in direct lending & alternative credit products.

Consumer Lending. Asset Backed Lending. Alternative Lending. Family Office Investing. Marketplace Lending. Private Lending. Youtube. Ian's Tech Travels: You can bet your house that tech has changed property investing - Citywire. It is not often that I write about bricks and mortar, but recent conversations on real estate have turned my head.

Ian's Tech Travels: You can bet your house that tech has changed property investing - Citywire

Technology is helping investors to spot big opportunities, and even investors with £1,000 can get in on it. Let’s look at the top end of the market first. Marketplace Lending. Fintech investment firm grows UK presence. Alternative credit investor Fintex is expanding its UK footprint, after completing three new residential property investments in the country.

Fintech investment firm grows UK presence

In an update to clients, Fintex confirmed that it is growing its institutional base, increasing its work with family offices and high-net worth individuals, and growing its UK secured lending strategy under the brands Fintex Confluence and Fintex Specialty Finance. Read more: Investors are seeking more mature fintech firms The three recent property investments were made via Fintex Confluence and all are secured on residential properties. The investment firm said that this included the purchase of a portfolio of performing buy-to-let mortgages “at a material discount to face value”.

It is believed that these investments amounted to approximately £5m in total. Read more: European Fintech Association launches Meanwhile, Fintex Specialty Finance is also entering a period of growth, the company said. Ian's Tech Travels: You can bet your house that tech has changed property investing - Citywire. Intex was founded to transform the way institutions access alternative credit. Important Legal Notice. The information contained herein does not constitute an offer of securities for sale or a solicitation of an offer to purchase securities in the United States or in any jurisdiction or jurisdictions in which such offers or sales are unlawful.

Important Legal Notice

An investment in the securities referred to within this website are only suitable for institutional investors and professionally-advised private investors who understand and are capable of evaluating the merits and risks of such an investment and who have sufficient resources to be able to bear any losses (which may equal the whole amount of the amount invested) that may result from such an investment. Recipients of this information in any other jurisdiction should inform themselves about and observe any applicable legal requirements in their jurisdiction.

Any person accessing this website should carefully review these terms. By using the Online Materials, you indicate that you accept these terms and that you agree to abide by them. Multi-award winning brand, design and digital agency in London - Fintex Capital. Private Property Investors. At Fintex we believe in alternative credit and direct lending.

Private Property Investors

We thrive on investment opportunities and are dedicated to giving our clients exclusive alternative options to improve their possibilities and to provide opportunities where required. Privately investing is one way this can be done. Private investing in the property market means either direct or indirect ownership for the investor, depending on the agreement. It is an area can be invested in for domestic or more frequently for commercial usage. Private housing (flats, apartments), shopping malls, office spaces are just a few examples of lucrative property investment. This kind of investment, regardless of percentage invested is often deemed as a smart financial decision and often quite a popular choice. Investors like to invest for several reasons; High Returns – taking into consideration the state of the market, the cash flow available and the depreciation or appreciation of the investment.

Social Media for Property Management Firms. Investment Solution. Fintex strikes new institutional partner - AltFi News. Alternative Lending The firm has joined forces with Europa to expand its property lending program.

Fintex strikes new institutional partner - AltFi News

Alternative credit investor Fintex Capital has onboarded a new institutional partner, Europa Capital, and expanded a new structured portfolio of financing within its UK real estate lending business. Fintex Capital has now grown its managed assets to c.$150m across different lending strategies in the UK, US and Continental Europe. The vast majority of this is funded by institutional capital and family offices with Europa its latest partner. Europa Capital has, since 1995, raised nine real estate funds and committed to over 130 transactions totalling more than €11bn across 19 European countries. Fintex Capital launches UK Real Estate Lending. Fintex Capital is pleased to announce the successful launch of its UK real estate lending strategy, known as Fintex Confluence.

Fintex Capital launches UK Real Estate Lending

Confluence provides secured funding to a variety of established property lenders such as direct lending firms, specialised lending funds, alternative credit platforms and other established originators. Fintex Capital co-operates with carefully selected lending partners for the long term and intends to deploy in excess of £100 million into UK property loans over the next c. 12 months. The first real estate transaction completed today involves Fintex Capital providing a debt facility to a specialised property firm secured via a first charge on a revolving portfolio of residential properties located throughout England. As part of Confluence, Fintex Capital has also been working with other prospective lending partners with a view to launching further investments in 2018 backed by residential and commercial UK property. Contacts. Fintex Capital - About Us. Fintex enters US consumer loans with Pass-Thru Securitisation.

Fintex Capital, an institutional investment and asset management firm dedicated to alternative credit, is pleased to announce the successful launch of its US Consumer Lending strategy, known as Fintex Elevator.

Fintex enters US consumer loans with Pass-Thru Securitisation

Within this lending strategy, Fintex Capital started purchasing US consumer loans originated via a leading US consumer credit marketplace last month. As part of this investment, Fintex Capital SA, the Fintex group’s Luxembourg-based proprietary securitisation vehicle, issued a $30 million initial tranche of bonds in a Pass-Through Securitisation – the first of its kind. The chosen investment platform focuses exclusively on US consumer credit and helps US consumers to both understand their credit and unlock their credit potential. Fintex Capital structured the bond as a pass-through security, creating a direct link to the discrete, revolving portfolio of underlying whole loans. Contacts Notes to Editors. Fintex awarded Alternative Credit Fund Manager of the Year. Fintex is named ‘Alternative Credit Fund Manager of the Year’ in the 2019 AltFi Awards London / Luxembourg, 20 November 2019.

Fintex awarded Alternative Credit Fund Manager of the Year

Alternative Credit the Steady Rise of Alternatives - Fintex Capital. Achieving finance comes in many forms, one rule most certainly does not fit all.

Alternative Credit the Steady Rise of Alternatives - Fintex Capital

Every one of us has a different financial situation, goal and need. So, it stands to reason that we should be treated accordingly. At Fintex Capital, we understand our clients and the needs they require to move their future-forward. „Sind unserer Zeit sozusagen voraus“ - BondGuide im Gespräch mit Robert Stafler, Fintex, über den ersten Euro-Bond, Crowdlending, Marktnischen und Mainstream-Investments - Seite 2 von 2 - BondGuide. BondGuide: Fintex hat seinen ersten Euro-Bond begeben – das müssen Sie bitte erklären.

„Sind unserer Zeit sozusagen voraus“ - BondGuide im Gespräch mit Robert Stafler, Fintex, über den ersten Euro-Bond, Crowdlending, Marktnischen und Mainstream-Investments - Seite 2 von 2 - BondGuide

Stafler: Immer mehr institutionelle Investoren – etwa Pensionsfonds, Versicherungsunternehmen und Family Offices – interessieren sich für das Thema Crowdlending. Dafür gibt es vor allem einen Grund: Investitionen über P2P-Plattformen bieten eine attraktive Rendite bei überschaubaren Risiko. So hat zum Beispiel der niederländische Versicherer Aegon im vergangenen Oktober ein 150 Mio. Property Development Finance - Secured Loans - Fintex Capital. Secured loan and property development finance are funding for new house projects or complete renovations. Conventionally bridging finance was used when a housing property purchase chain had broken down but now finance has stretched due to the growing numbers of professional lenders in the market and with many facilities. The current observation of banks taking longer to process requests for secured than finance companies entering the market.

So there is a need for alternative credit. All companies offer different terms and conditions on a prolonged product variety to meet gaps in the market, where funding applications move and complete quickly is of the principle. Loans can be used for a range of reasons where a short-range temporary facility allows a customer to take benefit to secure agreed outcome. Secured loans are mostly used to borrow large amounts, usually more than £10,000 while you can borrow less, generally from £3,000 There are numerous names or types for secured loans, including: Experts in Arranging Structured Development Finance - Fintex Capital. Obtaining Finance for any of your projects can seem daunting. With so many contradicting pieces of advice and information on successfully acquiring a loan, knowing what is best for your circumstances can feel frustrating and overwhelming.

A particular area of expertise for us is arranging our clients with Structured Development Finance. So, what exactly is Structured Development Finance? When you break it down, Structured Development Finance is ascertaining a loan for a structured development that includes, for the most part, property development. Arranging Structured Development Finance - Fintex Capital. Development finance is the endeavours of local communities to help and support through an open and private interest in physical advancement, business and industry. It is the demonstration of adding to a task or arrangement that makes that venture or arrangement emerge in a way that advantages the long-term health of the community.

At last, the purpose of development finance plans to set up proactive methodologies that influence open assets to unravel the requirements of a business, industry, engineers, and financial specialists. Best Lending Fund Managers.