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Everything you need to know about coworking - Talented Ladies Club. Home working can be the most liberating – and lonely – of working options. You’re usually free to work when, where and how you like. But the downside, especially if you need human contact, is that there’s often no one to talk to or exchange ideas with. So it’s no surprise that more and more freelancers, flexible home working employees and small business owners are choosing to spend at least some of their week in the growing number of coworking spaces cropping up around the UK. Traditionally, a frustrated freelancer looking for an office away from their home (and someone to chat to during tea breaks) would have been tied into a cast-iron contract in an office share or rental.

But, recognising the more fluid way that people now want to work, a new breed of coworking spaces is emerging offering a flexible range of choices. What are coworking spaces? According to DeskMag, coworking spaces are a mix of business centre, shared office and café. What are the benefits of coworking? Who’s doing it?

Photos du journal - El Ciudadano, noticias que importan. Entrevistamos a Bradley Neuberg, creador del concepto Coworking. Si estás dentro del mundo del coworking, el nombre Bradley Neuberg tiene que estar entre lo más alto de tu canon como coworker. Ingeniero de software y humanista, interesado en el futuro de la edición, los eBooks, HTML5 y JavaScript, Brad es también conocido alrededor del mundo por ser el fundador y promotor de uno de los movimientos más revolucionarios dentro de las formas de hacer trabajo hoy día: coworking.

El equipo blogger de BCNewt, coworking en Barcelona, tuvo la oportunidad de charlar largo y tendido con Brad. Nosotros desde Barcelona; él desde San Francisco. El intercambio de preguntas y respuestas, muchas sobre la historia de esta iniciativa, otras sobre su vida y sus opiniones acerca del concepto, se intercalaron con las anécdotas que verán publicadas a lo largo del post. BCNewt: Brad, tú has dicho sobre el coworking: “la libertad e independencia de trabajar para mí mismo, junto con la estructura y sentido de comunidad de trabajar con otros”. BN: Creo que es genial. GA Blog. The 5 Coolest Coworking Spaces in New York City. While technology has allowed us to live in what TNW Editor Brad McCarty refers to as “The Next Workplace,” corporate mindsets and mundane office life stands in the way of a truly progressive workstyle.

Today’s entrepreneurs in New York City’s thriving tech scene won’t stand for reactionary ways. The city is home to several innovative incubators like Prehype and Betaworks, and early stage accelerators like TechStars, DreamIt Ventures, NYC Seed and ERA, all experimenting with new ways to cultivate young companies in the city that never sleeps. There are various approaches to coworking in New York, a city known not just for its creative industries, but its creative abilities to make the most out of tight spaces.

In fact, if the entire world’s population were to live as densely as Manhattanites choose to do, all 7 billion of us would fit into the state of Texas. Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson has a brilliant explanation of why coworking is a growing trend: 1. General Assembly 2. 3. 4. 5. TNW aka The Next Workplace: 1 year, 1 call, 0 problems. It has been 345 days since I started working with TNW. In that time, I’ve had 2 promotions, I’ve taken 3 business trips, written nearly 1,200 blog posts and it has all happened with only a single Skype call between our Editor in Chief and me. Welcome to the next workplace. Only a few years ago it would have seemed insane to employ someone, full time, halfway around the world.

It would have been even more astounding to do that while barely talking to them, whether in person or over the phone. As our work environments change, so too do the requirements of them. It may not work for everyone, but when you use the tech that is available to you, it can be amazingly successful. Communication is key in any relationship, and that doesn’t stop at the relationship between an employee and an employer. Our other, major form of communication? So how has it all broken down? A single email was sent from me, asking Zee if he needed writers for a specific subject. How do we stay organized? Ask DN: Experience with coworking spaces? Cobot news - The Coworking handbook - a Interview with Ramon Suarez. The Coworking handbook - a Interview with Ramon Suarez It’s Cobot’s 5th birthday and of course there are presents!

You have been a massive support to us over the years. In 2010, we started Cobot as a small project out of necessity to manage our own coworking space, co.up, here in Berlin. Since then, with your help and feedback, Cobot and we as a team have been growing continuously. We want to thank you, so we have a gift for you, too. As another great resource for successful coworking, we are excited to share this guide for coworking space operators with you. Ramon was kind enough to take some time to answer our questions, too.

What was the motivation behind opening your coworking space, Betacowork? I was a freelance marketing and business consultant, and hated working at home: it was unproductive, my work/life balance was a mess, and I was losing a lot of social skills. Which things went wrong in the beginning? Nothing really went wrong. Coworking makes my life better. About Ramon Suarez. What Co-Working Spaces Can Teach You about Morale and Engagement. Today’s entrepreneurs have all the tools they need to network, share ideas, celebrate their wins and commiserate about their losses. Yet, as Duncan Logan learned at his own startup, hyper-connectivity is no substitute for old-fashioned human interaction.

In late 2010, Logan tested this hypothesis by running a Craigslist ad for co-working space. When a couple prospects asked if the space was specifically for tech companies, he ran a second ad, this time geared toward that crowd. "I got something like 15 responses in the first 12 hours," says Logan, whose early tenants included the founders of Achievers, Leap Motion and Uber. "I had to run out and actually find space. " Today, RocketSpace is home to about 180 companies ranging from tiny (yet funded) startups to more established businesses looking for flexible space and networking opportunities. Entrepreneur spoke with Logan about the benefits of cohabitating and the obsolescence of cubicles.

Entrepreneur: Why do you think that is? TNW aka The Next Workplace: 1 year, 1 call, 0 problems. Why Coworking Is Hot. Coworking spaces – where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other independent workers pay a fee to share a workspace and benefit from working in the presence of one another – are hot. More than 160,000 people worldwide are members of over 3,000 coworking spaces, according to a recent report by and Emergent Research, up from just 20,000 workers in 500 spaces in 2010. My colleagues Gretchen Spreitzer and Lyndon Garrett and I set out to understand what draws people to coworking and what accounts for its success. We surveyed members from over 40 coworking spaces around the United States, analyzed the websites of over 100 U.S. coworking spaces, visited a handful of spaces in major U.S. cities, and spent several months as participant observers in one local coworking community in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Coworking fosters personal growth and community building One of the aims of the coworking movement is to provide people with a safe space where they can be themselves at work. Peter A. 3 Ways To Stand Out As A New Developer. I was recently invited to attend Write/Speak/Code, a workshop-based, three-day conference to help female software developers increase their visibility in the tech community. I had the opportunity to meet and work alongside seasoned developers and code newbies on everything from writing a compelling bio to brainstorming talk topics, and finally contributing to open source.

It was amazing to see women from non-technical backgrounds in attendance, most of whom plan on switching to a dev job. The skills that we worked on over the course of three days – writing, speaking, and coding – are all relevant to those looking to start or revamp their career in web development. Here are three ways developers can write, speak, and code their way to the top. 1. There are many examples on the web of coding newbies and aspiring developers starting blogs which they keep up early on but quickly fizzle out with time due to a lack of focus. 2.

There’s no idea too small to give a talk. 3. Fix a bug.