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Favicon.ico Generator. PHP Data Objects (PDO). PHP. Bartolomé Sintes Marco. La extensión PDO (PHP Data Objects) permite acceder a distintas bases de datos utilizando las misma funciones, lo que facilita la portabilidad.

PHP Data Objects (PDO). PHP. Bartolomé Sintes Marco

Free vector icons - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Thousands of Free Icons. Move_uploaded_file. Crear CAPTCHA con PHP. Captcha es una palabra aleatoria y en ocasiones distorsionada mostrada como imagen que se utiliza para evitar que los robots accedan a determinadas web.


Este tipo de verificación es utilizada por los programadores para evitar el spam en lo blogs por ejemplo. La idea básica para crear un Captcha es generar primero un texto aleatorio, luego basado en este texto generamos una imagen la cual se muestra al usuario, finalmente se compara el texto ingresado por el usuario con la palabra aleatorio generada. Generar el Captcha La primero es crear una imagen con un texto aleatorio, para ello un archivo llamado captcha.php el cual creará dinámicamente el texto. Para ello creamos una función llamada randomText que se encarga de generar una cadena de texto aleatorio, acepta un parámetro el cual le indica cuantos caracteres puede tener el texto generado. Pueden ver el ejemplo funcionando en captchademo.php y también pueden descargar los archivos con las fuentes para que lo descarguen y prueben.

10 places where anyone can learn to code. Teens, tweens and kids are often referred to as “digital natives.”

10 places where anyone can learn to code

Having grown up with the Internet, smartphones and tablets, they’re often extraordinarily adept at interacting with digital technology. But Mitch Resnick, who spoke at TEDxBeaconStreet, is skeptical of this descriptor. Sure, young people can text and chat and play games, he says, “but that doesn’t really make you fluent.” Form validation with jQuery. Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. The Definitive Guide to Object-Oriented JavaScript.

Java/J2ee and SOA Training Online - Edureka. About The Course Edureka's Advanced Java Course is designed for students and professionals who want to be a Java Developer.

Java/J2ee and SOA Training Online - Edureka

This is a 42 hour course which will cover both core and advanced Java concepts like Database connectivity, Threads, Exception Handling, Collections, JSP, Servlets, XMLHandling etc. jQuery Examples, Ajax, Mootools Examples, Prototype Examples - Free Javascript html Code. Coin Slider: jQuery Image Slider Plugin with Unique Effects. Download jQuery. Compressed and uncompressed copies of jQuery files are available.

Download jQuery

The uncompressed file is best used during development or debugging; the compressed file saves bandwidth and improves performance in production. You can also download a sourcemap file for use when debugging with a compressed file. The map file is not required for users to run jQuery, it just improves the developer's debugger experience. As of jQuery 1.11.0/2.1.0 the //# sourceMappingURL comment is not included in the compressed file. To locally download these files, right-click the link and select "Save as... " from the menu. FancyBox: Abrir imágenes, páginas web y videos en ventanas tipo Popup con jQuery. Volvemos a la carga, y otra vez para presentaros una función jQuery desarrollada por Jānis Skarnelis.

fancyBox: Abrir imágenes, páginas web y videos en ventanas tipo Popup con jQuery

Se trata de fancyBox, un script con el que podemos abrir imágenes, páginas web, videos, etc. Get Free "The Guide to Wireframing - For Designers, PMs, Engineers and Anyone Who Touches Product" E-book by UXPin. DatePicker - jQuery plugin. About Date Picker component with a lot of options and easy to fit in your web application.

DatePicker - jQuery plugin

Last update 22.05.2009 - Check Download tab Features Flat mode - as element in page Multiple calendars in the component Allows single, multiple or range selection Mark dates as special, weekends, special days Easy to customize the look by changing CSS Localiation for months' and days' names Custom day to start the week Fits into the viewport License Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses. Examples Flat mode, single selection, the week start monday. Crazy Egg - Visualize where your visitors click. Over 200,000 businesses Convert Better with Crazy Egg, The Original Heatmapping Technology A heatmap is an easy way to understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks - which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.

Crazy Egg - Visualize where your visitors click

A Crazy Egg heatmap lets you collect more than 88% of the data you would using a traditional eye-tracking process. At a fraction of the price. Genfavicon. Free Online Favicon Generator. Icon Generator. Christian Heilmann. CSS Zen Garden: The Beauty of CSS Design. Tutorials · tutorials. Chrome Browser. Text Blocks Over Image. Someone recently asked me about this technique and my first reaction was that it was probably a little too mundane to cover as a tutorial.

Text Blocks Over Image

But then I got to thinking that there is actually a few interesting things happening here and the style is trendy enough people might be interested. The idea is just to overlay some text over an image, but as blocks that stick out from the left with an even amount of padding all the way around the variable-length text. Here is a screenshot example: View Demo The Schematics The HTML <div class="image"><img src="images/3754004820_91a5c238a0.jpg" alt="" /><h2>A Movie in the Park:<br />Kung Fu Panda</h2></div> Putting the image in as a background image of the wrapping div would be easier, but in this scenario I see the images as content, and thus belongs in the HTML. The CSS. Text Blocks Over Image.

Pure CSS3 Overlay. Html - CSS image overlay delay display:none to display:block. Learn HTML5, CSS3, Javascript - video style tutorials. <Code/Racer> - Battle it out and learn the code... Brought to you by Treehouse. Beginners · beginners. Summary So you want to learn to make websites?

beginners · beginners

This page has a list of articles that are perfect to help you understand the basics. It describes the tools of the trade and a set of link to articles explaining the basics. The Beginners section covers the various aspects of web development separated in 9 parts, you can navigate through them using this list. HTML5 Rocks - A resource for open web HTML5 developers.

HTML Basic.