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Dark Web: The smart person's guide. Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation comes down to one word: Cloud. What You Need to Know About Current, Voltage and Resistance - Build Electronic Circuits. How To Choose a Power Supply? - Build Electronic Circuits. Lenovo Shows Off 2 Crazy Watch and Phone Concepts.


How new haptics tech will move you. The Apple Watch and our cyborg future. My first week of wearing the Apple Watch has transformed my thinking about the direction of mobile and wearable computing.

The Apple Watch and our cyborg future

New earbuds give you super-hearing. New earbuds give you super-hearing. Problem loading page. What is MHL and how does it work with your TV? Problem loading page. Problem loading page. Bionic Humans: Top 10 Technologies. How Elements in Fireworks Make the Human Body Work (Infographic) By Karl Tate, Infographics Artist | July 01, 2015 05:13pm ET Fireworks get their colors from metal salts in the explosive mixture.

How Elements in Fireworks Make the Human Body Work (Infographic)

Some of the elements used in fireworks are also present in the human body, and without them, life would be impossible. Potassium, an element in purple fireworks, also plays a role in managing heart rhythm. In addition, it balances water and mineral content in the body, helps to build muscle, and controls blood pressure. Samsung Gear VR: Virtual Reality Tech May Have Nasty Side Effects. Samsung recently released its new virtual-reality headset, the Gear VR (powered by Oculus Rift), but the product comes with a foreboding list of possible health-related side effects.

Samsung Gear VR: Virtual Reality Tech May Have Nasty Side Effects

The electronics giant cautions that people should stop using the Gear VR immediately if they experience seizures, loss of awareness, eye strain, nausea or "any symptoms similar to motion sickness. " In addition, the device is not recommended for children younger than 13. "Prolonged use should be avoided, as this could negatively impact hand-eye coordination, balance and multitasking ability," the lengthy disclaimer warns. Samsung also says the device should not be used in a moving vehicle, although the Australian airline Qantas recently announced it will soon be providing the headsets to first-class passengers on flights. [Photos: Virtual Reality Puts Adults in a Child's World] Virtual reality (VR) is becoming increasingly common in everything from entertainment to medicine to the military.

What Is the Future of High Resolution? Tom Coughlin is an IEEE senior member and founder of Coughlin Associates.

What Is the Future of High Resolution?

Power of the Future: 10 Ways to Run the 21st Century. By Ker Than | May 05, 2005 07:39am ET Credit: DreamstimeScientists are racing to perfect greener sources of energy to improve the environment and reduce dependence on oil and other fossil fuels.

Power of the Future: 10 Ways to Run the 21st Century

Timeline: Earth's Precarious Future. Our planet and its inhabitants - including we humans - are in a precarious position as we approach Earth Day, April 22.

Timeline: Earth's Precarious Future

While global warming is widely accepted as a reality by scientists and many governments and industrial leaders, progress to curb greenhouse gases and other forms of pollution remains limited. The current economic climate will likely make pollution control efforts more difficult, analysts say. Recent studies, as well as the 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have pointed to some of the likely effects of uncurbed greenhouse gas emissions: rising global temperatures, rising sea levels, Arctic sea ice melt, the disappear of glaciers, epic floods in some areas and intense drought in others.

What Is the Future of Computers? Gamma Rays: The Incredible, Hulking Reality. Gamma rays are blamed for making Bruce Banner the Incredible Hulk.

Gamma Rays: The Incredible, Hulking Reality

But what are gamma rays and what can they really do? Gamma rays are the highest energy form of light. The rainbow of visible light that we are most familiar with is just part of a far broader spectrum of light, the electromagnetic spectrum. Past the red end of the rainbow, where wavelengths get longer, are infrared rays, microwaves and radio waves, while beyond violet lie the shorter wavelengths of ultraviolet rays, X-rays and, finally, gamma rays. A gamma ray packs at least 10,000 times more energy than a visible light ray. Death rays. Oculus Rift: 5 Virtual Reality Uses Beyond Gaming. Social media behemoth Facebook just paid $2 billion for Oculus VR, the virtual reality company that makes headsets and software hotly coveted by gamers.

Oculus Rift: 5 Virtual Reality Uses Beyond Gaming

But Facebook creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is setting his sights far beyond immersive, first-person shooter video games. For the U.S. Military, Video Games Get Serious. Today's U.S. military recruits enjoy an arsenal of simulators and video games that sharpen their fighting skills and may even protect them from the mental stresses of combat.

For the U.S. Military, Video Games Get Serious

But experts caution that virtual reality could also help mask the reality of war. How Unmanned Drone Aircraft Work (Infographic) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are remote-controlled aircraft that can carry cameras, sensors and weapons over enemy territory.

How Unmanned Drone Aircraft Work (Infographic)

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter: A Drone Anyone Can Fly. Hobbyists launched the era of personal drones decades ago with radio-controlled model airplanes. More recently, drones have become synonymous with covert military operations and sneaky law-enforcement activity. But now the era of drones has come home, and the flying machines are better than ever.

3D Printing

'Smart Clothing' Could Become New Wearable Gadgets.