Ruby - Semantic Web Standards From Semantic Web Standards (Note that you can browse tools per tool categories or Semantic Web technologies, too.) Last modified and/or added The description of the following tools have been added and/or modified most recently. RHome API (last modified: 14 November 2013)Sparqlr (last modified: 28 June 2013)Redland RDF Application Framework (last modified: 8 January 2013)BrowseRDF.com (last modified: 20 April 2012)OpenLink Virtuoso (last modified: 11 February 2012)SKOS_WS (last modified: 12 October 2011)RDF.rb: RDF for Ruby (last modified: 27 April 2011)AllegroGraph RDF Store (last modified: 18 February 2011)Dydra (last modified: 9 February 2011)ActiveRDF (last modified: 13 March 2010) All relevant tools Ruby - Semantic Web Standards
Extending Ruby on Rails for Semantic Web Applications - TechWeb Digital Library
Obie Fernandez : Ruby on Rails and more... Obie Fernandez : Ruby on Rails and more... Tuesday June 14, 2005 Sorry everyone for not blogging as much lately. It's just I've been having more fun with Ruby and Semantic Web stuff than anyone should legally be allowed to have. Today I made a conceptual breakthrough which is too exciting not to share right away. So, here is my teaser challenge: Can you figure out what the following code does and why I believe it is a significant development?
By Satish Talim RubyLearning.com is a thorough collection of Ruby Study Notes for those who are new to the Ruby programming language and in search of a solid introduction to Ruby's concepts and constructs - ruby-lang.org. Speed up your Ruby programming learning process by joining 1000s of other would-be Ruby developers around the globe at the Online RubyLearning Class. Step through the convenient lessons related to 'Ruby' and post your Ruby-related queries, questions and the RubyLearning team shall explain and solve them for you. The Ruby eBook contains all the Core Ruby topics covered on this site. Ruby Tutorial - Learn Ruby

Ruby Tutorial - Learn Ruby

Rails 3 tutorials, screencasts, talks, articles, blog posts & more.

Rails 3 tutorials, screencasts, talks, articles, blog posts & more. Michael Hartl Contents Foreword My former company (CD Baby) was one of the first to loudly switch to Ruby on Rails, and then even more loudly switch back to PHP (Google me to read about the drama).
Rails 3.0 has been underway for a good two years, so it’s with immense pleasure that we can declare it’s finally here. We’ve brought the work of more than 1,600 contributors together to make everything better, faster, cleaner, and more beautiful. David Heinemeier Hansson DHH rings the bell and announces that Rails 3.0 (final) has been released after two years of determined effort by the Rails core team (and, significantly, Merb team members, since Rails 3.0 is heavily influenced by the Merb merger). Rails 3.0 Released (And 22 Free Videos To Bring You Up To Speed) Rails 3.0 Released (And 22 Free Videos To Bring You Up To Speed)
Flux RSS à suivre, la série. Episode 5 : Ruby on Rails C’est avec grand plaisir que je vous propose un cinquième épisode de ma série d’articles, Flux RSS à suivre. Le précédent épisode avait pour thème Ruby et sa communauté. Aujourd’hui l’épisode est entièrement consacré à un des projets qui a le plus contribué à la popularité de Ruby, au framework web qui sert de source d’inspiration depuis plusieurs années à beaucoup d’autres, au framework qui permet de répondre à de nombreux besoins avec toujours une grande élégance, j’ai nommé Ruby on Rails ! Flux RSS à suivre, la série. Episode 5 : Ruby on Rails