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More ways to memorize stories for bedtime storytelling » Kidmunication. The ability to tell a great story, one that captivates listeners and keeps them on the edges of their seats, is a great talent.

More ways to memorize stories for bedtime storytelling » Kidmunication

Thankfully, memorizing stories is a talent that any parent can learn! Memorizing children’s’ stories is much easier than you’re probably thinking. With this second set of tips and tricks below (checkout the first ones here), you can tell your children a bedtime story…no book included…as early as next week! In addition to giving you some great memorization tips, we’ll clue you in to some great books filled with stories sure to capture kids’ imaginations.

Getting Started…Choose the kids story Wisely If you’ve always had trouble generally memorizing things in life, it’s best to start as small as your child’s age will allow. The simpler the book, the easier it is to memorize the story. Trying to cram a complicated story full of twists and turns into your head won’t just drive you crazy…it defeats the whole purpose of storytelling, which is to have fun! Sparknow. Last week we helped a client run an innovation day, part of strengthening an innovation network.


Sparknow spoke about the responsibility and rewards for individuals in that network. Here are some notes on that. In becoming a network of curiosity, what can individuals do, individually and together, to take responsibility for the heightened awareness and collective strange-making and sense-making that are vital for innovation? A great place to look is to horizon scanning and futures approaches, so here are three suggestions from the horizon scanning world and one that comes from Sparknow’s other work on collaborative spaces: A longer futureA deeper futureThe strange familiarThird spaces Why put on a futures mindset? 'The purpose of looking at the futures is to disturb the present' said Gaston Berger, a pioneer of futures thinking, in around 1964. Andrew Curry of The Futures Company expands on this: One: A longer future: three horizons The third horizon is the vision of the future. photo | 2493™  Improving the Ability of Storytellers to tell Stories World-Wide.

Storytellers of Canada - Conteurs du Canada. Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos / International Storytelling Network. Engaging Through Storytelling Overview. Digital Storytelling. Storytellers. Storyline Online. Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling. Southwest: 'Every tweet is a story idea' Interactive Narratives - The Best in Multimedia Storytelling and Multimedia Journalism. Ink Foundry » The Art of Storytelling: Top 10 Tips From The Kitchen Sisters « News « Word of Mouth And Social Media Marketing Agency « Ink Foundry. By Carin Galletta Oliver This morning’s keynote address at the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association‘s annual Summit focused on building community through storytelling.

Ink Foundry » The Art of Storytelling: Top 10 Tips From The Kitchen Sisters « News « Word of Mouth And Social Media Marketing Agency « Ink Foundry

Peabody award-winning public radio producers, The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, shared 10 tips for great storytelling. And great storytelling should just be for media and entertainment, brands can greatly benefit by their techniques. Brands can adopt these tips when crafting advertising, developing content, press releases and any other communication whether it is for an internal or external audiences. Although they are best known for their National Public Radio (NPR) shows, they shared this morning that they really consider themselves to be filmmakers. 10 Tips For Great Storytelling From The Kitchen Sisters Give the story a faceThe official company spokesperson may not be your best story teller.

Interested in using content to engage consumers? PHOTO: Courtesy of the US ARMY. Visualize This: How to Tell Stories with Data. By Maria Popova How to turn numbers into stories, or what pattern-recognition has to do with the evolution of journalism.

Visualize This: How to Tell Stories with Data

Data visualization is a frequent fixation around here and, just recently, we looked at 7 essential books that explore the discipline’s capacity for creative storytelling. Today, a highly anticipated new book joins their ranks — Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics, penned by Nathan Yau of the fantastic FlowingData blog. (Which also makes this a fine addition to our running list of blog-turned-book success stories.) Professional Storyteller - Share a Story - Change the World. Storytelling in the digital age. Digital technology allows us to tell tales in innovative new ways.

Storytelling in the digital age

As the tools available to publishers grow more sophisticated, it’s up to us, writes Aleks Krotoski in The Guardian, to experiment and see what sticks. “The Edinburgh international book festival begins this week, featuring a fortnight of storytelling and literati self-promotion. Looking at the 17 packed days of a programme filled with debates, talks, readings and keynotes, I’ve noticed that there is virtually no reflection on the cards for the “dead tree” version of the story that is threatening to shake-up publishing’s centuries-old foundation.

More so, it is surprising given the “digital first” bent of its headline sponsor, the Guardian, that there’s no mention of apps, digital extensions or the new, multiformatted way of telling stories that’s emerging among a new and talented crop of content creators supported by innovative and risk-taking storytelling outlets.” Read article. Scottish Storytelling News and Resources. FEST - Federation for European Storytelling.