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Impresionantes ilustraciones de animales echo con 13 círculos. Inspirado por el logotipo de Twitter, que fue creado a partir de 13 círculos, la artista Dorota Pankowska decidió desafiar a si misma y ver que los animales se podía crear usando el mismo proceso. — En su pagina web menciona lo siguiente: Decidí darme un desafío de diseño.

Impresionantes ilustraciones de animales echo con 13 círculos

No he hecho el trabajo estético desde hace tiempo y yo quería mostrar algo sencillo y agradable en mi cartera! Dorota Pankowska es de Toronto, Canadá, pero actualmente vive y trabaja en París, Francia. Inspiradora selección de Mockups GRATIS. En la vida diaria de un diseñador no hay nada mejor para facilitar el trabajo que un buen Mockup, ¿verdad?

Inspiradora selección de Mockups GRATIS

, como había pasado algún tiempo desde que publicamos una colección de estos, decidimos mostrarles estos 10 increíbles Mockups! Ahora sólo tienes que descargar, tener photoshop abierto y terminar ese trabajo! Design. Ocean Sky. 40 Free Low Poly Desktop Wallpapers. March 6, 2014 • By Joe Howard • In Creative Giving your workstation a wallpaper update is a great way to change your virtual working environment.

40 Free Low Poly Desktop Wallpapers

Given a lot of us spend the majority of our working day constantly engaged with our screens, a wallpaper change can make a big difference in making the monotonous seem less so. If you work on a mac, it can be a good idea to setup a wallpaper folder for looping that changes at time intervals. However if you’re like me, you’re probably pretty picky about what gets splashed onto your screen. That’s why I’ve made this list of 40 great low poly wallpapers. Wise Coder on Behance. Download Free New Facebook Timeline PSD at 24 Free Fonts for Designers. Create a 3D custom map in Illustrator. Software: Illustrator CS3 or later Project time: 1 hour Skills: Master grids, Use the 3D Extrude tool effectively, Shade 3D objects We normally work to an unwritten formula when we do isometric work.

Create a 3D custom map in Illustrator

We keep things as simple and accurate as possible by using a grid and working with colour guides to keep the icons in the same shade and tint. Over the following steps, we’ll walk through how to create isometric icons that you can build up into a 3D custom map or cityscape image. Once you get the hang of drawing the simplest shapes in this isometric style, you can draw just about anything. Step 01 The first thing to do is find a good reference image of the element that you are trying to draw.

41 Creative Examples of Twitter Based Logos. Dale931blog. List of Flash Gaming Engines. Tutorial GitHub repository.

List of Flash Gaming Engines

Introduction Today we have released an update to Photoshop CC that includes Adobe Generator. Read the announcement here. Adobe Generator is a Node.js based server plugged into Photoshop via Kevlar API (ExtendScript). Fully Illustrated - The Portfolio of Michael Heald. Client: Neverbyte Project: Neverbyte Branding.

Fully Illustrated - The Portfolio of Michael Heald

CREAR EFECTOS FOTOGRAFICOS,CAMARAS REFLEX « Mundo Fotografico. Glennz Tees - Funny Original T-Shirts. L-fundamentos-del-disec3b1o_wicius-wong.pdf. 10 new pieces of motion graphics inspiration. Motion graphics is an amazing way to convey and tell a story using techniques like moving images, animation, 3d, CGI and cinematography.

10 new pieces of motion graphics inspiration

Every week we try and find new pieces that we think can inspire or simply just entertain you. a&g Architects of Awesome. Cajas de Cassette para juegos de Game Boy. Todos los que coleccionamos juegos antiguos, solemos tener el mismo problema con los cartuchos.

Cajas de Cassette para juegos de Game Boy

Podemos encontrar los cartuchos pero no las cajas. 11 pasos para el logo perfecto. Download Mobile App Icons. 350 Mobile App Icons All icons have been perfectly sized to fit iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, and WP7 devices.

Download Mobile App Icons

The icons come in PNG format and EPS vector format so they can be resized for anything, including the web or print. *After your order has processed you will be immediately taken to the download link (for current PayPal users only). *If paying by credit card with no PayPal account, you MUST click on the "RETURN TO MERCHANT" button to be redirected to the download link. 150 Mobile App Icons in Color These icons can be used within the content of your app. The icons come in PNG and EPS vector format so they can be resized or applied over any background color/type, including the web or print. 12 Sitios para descargar archivos PSD gratis. Identidad Mata Atlántica. Ben6835 en Tumblr. 10 fantásticos UI kits gratuitos. El proceso del diseño #infografia #infographic #design. Inspiración Logos 2013. 3D type tutorial: Create 3D type using Photoshop CS6. 45 logos de musica para inspiracion - Maximo Design. PRINT Nº016 Art Print by Gianmarco Magnani.

Inspirational and Useful Resources for App Designers. Here we go with a resources post!

Inspirational and Useful Resources for App Designers

Here we bring you one of the best collections of utilities and templates for designing apps that you can find. This is a great collection of GUI's, mock-ups, Complete UI and Design elements with PSD files for download, skeuomorphic interface samples, icons, printable sketching templates which we have gathered here for all app designers and we are sure you will find very useful. Save this entry to your favorites! Ready to download and put to work. GUTURO - Design. - treating typography with respect — treating typography with respect. Free Vector Graphics. Cinco páginas para alimentar la adicción a las (buenas) imágenes [Acceso Directo] 99 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration. Achieving a well designed logo requires really hard work and being up to date with the latest trends in design. It's probably the best way of establishing brand identity, making an impact on customers and ensuring that they'll remember your site and come back for a second visit.

Most logos communicate ideas, for instance the kind of quality services a company can provide for its customers. Today we've gathered 99 creative logo designs for your inspiration, hope you find them useful. Take a moment and let us know which are your favorites in the comments below. Diseño Tipográfico #16. Estudio Multidisciplinar / Disseny gràfic, disseny web, Il·lustració, Lleida -Balaguer. Tutorials. 40 Free High Quality Hand-drawn Fonts. Unlike the serif font family, these hand drawn fonts looked less serious but they tend to give and convey strong human touch wherever they are applied. Hand-drawn fonts are hard to stand on it’s own, but they are utmost perfect for these following situations: Hand drawn websitesIf you are inspired to give your new web design a sketchy or hand-drawn look and feel, these fonts are without a doubt the perfect math to the layout.

Click here for more examples of Hand-drawn style websites. via bootbGuides and instructions Whether its a storyboard, an online guide & tutorial or merely an attempt to help user understand an illustration better, arrow, pointer and text guide gets the job done seamlessly. In terms of text, typography that mimics human writing tend to make reading and understanding things easier. Here’s a good example: via woorkComic and dialogues You don’t need Marvel to tell you Helvetica won’t fit for the text in drawing and illustrations. Diseño Tipográfico #12. Las Tipografías, combinadas con el uso eficiente del color, las formas y las imágenes son excelentes maneras que los diseñadores tienen para captar la atención.

En algunos casos, con solo texto, ya es suficiente para crear asombosos diseños y enviar mensajes a la audiencia. A continuación algunos ejemplos que les pueden servir de inspiración. Infografía gratuita: 7 tips para crear un logo. Angelina Jolie as a Na'vi from Avatar Movie. So by now you have seen a ton of people spit out photomanipulations of themselves as a Na'vi character. Some have been very well done... while others... could use a little guidance. Well it has been requested that I provide a thorough tutorial on how to turn someone into a more realistic looking Na'vi. Hopefully the information I provide will encourage some to go back and re-work their Na'vi'ed selves, or maybe inspire those of you who haven't made one yet... to hop on the bandwagon! I must warn you: this is a VERY advanced tutorial. I do go through every stepâ? 50 Hand Picked Photo Effect Tutorials In Photoshop: Year 2010.

Photoshop is the ultimate tool for the people in the photography business. Both amateurs and pros are able to use it. There’s nothing quite like it. At first it may be complex, but with the right guides and tutorials it’ll be a piece of cake. Photo effects and techniques never get old. People want to look their best and others unique. 15 Excelentes Texturas Bokeh ~ CroxTV. Toca Boca. Time to get busy with those design skills! With Toca Tailor Fairy Tales, you can create, combine and style fun outfits for two characters in a beautiful Fairy Tale setting!

Choose between lots of clothing designs, then tailor them by adjusting hems and lengthening sleeves. More » Mix and match colours, prints and fabrics – or use the built-in fabric camera to create your very own unique patterns from things around you. Flash & Actionscript - Efecto drag and drop con control del mouse - El Blog de Babalua Design. Illustrator Tutorials: 70+ Awesome Hot New Tips. Once or twice a week I like to come up with articles that really expose my viewers to the various types of tutorials that they need to get their latest designs off the ground. I have rounded up an amazing collection of high quality Illustrator CS5 tutorials that you will definitely benefit from. In this post, you’ll find everything from How To Create an Abstract Geometric Mosaic Text Effect to Designing a Vector Ticket Icon in Illustrator. So what are you waiting for…why not try one out? 35 Awesome and Inspiring "Movie-Effect" Photoshop Tutorials.

40+ Excellent Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Tutorials. 25 Tutoriales Illustrator: APRENDE RÁPIDO! Fondos Abstractos de luces en vector (Vector Abstract Light Effects) Tutoriales de Illustrator. Business Card Design Gallery at Taste of Ink Studios. Free Photoshop Brushes. Logopond - Identity Inspiration. 50 Illustrator Tutorials Every Designer Should See. 30 Awesome Designs of Mouse Logo. 30 Fuentes Manuscritas Para Descargar. The Best Adobe Illustrator Text Effect Tutorials. Kuler. Este sitio no tiene relación con Taringa! Shape Type, the letter shaping game.

Justlucky. How To Design a Simple half-fold Business Brochure in Photoshop. 110 Free PSD content slider, ribbons, drop down navigation menu and video players. 34 cheat sheets for web designers and developers. 35 diseños de boletines para email creativos. New High-Quality Free Fonts. Inspiração Diária #1109. Designing the Dreaded Form: Getting Creative. Stunning Ink Portraits Fragmented in Water. Guía básica para la combinación de colores. Wallpaper search (soccer. 50 Stunning Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials.

Fotos del muro. Fotos del muro. Layer Styles. 20 Tutoriales de Asombrosos e Irresistibles Efectos de Texto de Photoshop en Castellano. 25 Amazing Photoshop 3D Text Effect Tutorials at DzineBlog. 100 Efectos de Texto en Photoshop. 40 Photoshop Tutorials for Lighting and Abstract Effects. 50 + Gran Tutoriales de Photoshop Efecto de texto. 32 New Business Card Designs. 20 Clever Logos with Hidden Symbolism. 25 Funny and Creative Facebook Timeline Covers. 50 Really Creative Billboards. Windows Phone 7. How do You Design Good Infographics? Showcase of Double-Sided Business Cards.

Hoja de atajos con las medidas de las imágenes en distintas Redes Sociales. Diego Mattei (diego_mattei) en Twitter... Space Lighting Effects in 10 Steps - Photoshop Tutorial. Free Photoshop CS5 Brushes - Abstract. Tutoriales Photoshop. 25 Tutoriales de Excelentes Efectos Fotográficos de Photoshop en Castellano. Líneas de energía en Photoshop.