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Tools. Data Format. All the visualizations in Many Eyes accept the same data table format except 'Word Tree' and 'Phrase Net', where as, all the charts in the category 'Analyze a text' understand free text also.

Data Format

A data table consists of rows where the values in each row are separated by tabs. The first row of the table should be "headers" that describe the columns. Here's an example table in the Many Eyes format:


MongoDB. Admin UIs. MongoDB does not include a GUI-style administrative interface.

Admin UIs

Instead most administration is done from command line tools such as the mongo shell. However some UI’s are available as separate community projects and are listed below. Some are focused on administration, while some focus on data viewing. Iphone. Javascript. Versionning. Optimisation. Css. Animation Generator. Spritebox - Create CSS from Sprite Images. Explore and Create Free Timelines. Sécurité. Application.

Design pattern

Php. Développement Web.