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OCA/knowledge: Odoo Document & Knowledge Management. 100% open source Business Intelligence. AgroClimate – Tools for Managing Climate Risk in Agriculture. Solar Heating for your DIY Greenhouse. Heating your DIY Greenhouse, as we have previously covered, can be one of the most expensive parts of ownership.

Solar Heating for your DIY Greenhouse

While there are many great potential heating systems available to the home gardener, not everyone can afford the expense of purchase and upkeep that those systems require. If you have already taken the time to calculate the heating needs of your greenhouse, and have reviewed energy costs in your area, you may already be aware of this fact. Just by building a greenhouse you already have an understanding and appreciation for solar energy, you use it everyday to help your plants grow and have built a greenhouse to take advantage of it. While your first thought on hearing about the idea of using solar energy to heat your greenhouse may be one of expensive panels, batteries and heating elements; simple, cheap and time tested methods do exist to help out the gardener on a budget.

Download Free Images on Unsplash. Analyse du sol à faire soi même. This flatpack urban farm only takes up 538 square feet, but its creators say that it can yield as mu... - Best Home Decorating Ideas - Easy Interior Design and Decor Tips. Faire soi même son filament pour imprimante 3D. All products. Contact. SMART DRESSING MIRROR - miroir connecté. Utilitaire occasion – camionnette, fourgon pas cher - Agorastore. Oxymontage - Tous nos containers maritime Certifié ISO à découvrir ! Designing for Large-Scale Home Food Production. Greenhouse Design Ideas – Rainwater Collection Systems. Greenhouse. The German Energy Agency (Dena), in cooperation with the two German companies Bioltec Systems GmbH and Sunfarming GmbH, has set up a training and demonstration center for the German Energy Agency (DMA) for renewable energy, energy use of waste and sustainable mobility in the Caribbean combined with… In Kislovodsk, province of Kraj Stavropol, a 7 hectare greenhouse has been realized for the cultivation of lettuce and tomatoes.


Director of Sun Valley, Mr. Semenov, explains why the project is of strategic importance for the company and the role Certhon has played in the initiation of the project. Celery. What’s a Task Queue?


Task queues are used as a mechanism to distribute work across threads or machines. A task queue’s input is a unit of work, called a task, dedicated worker processes then constantly monitor the queue for new work to perform. Celery communicates via messages, usually using a broker to mediate between clients and workers. To initiate a task a client puts a message on the queue, the broker then delivers the message to a worker. A Celery system can consist of multiple workers and brokers, giving way to high availability and horizontal scaling. Celery is written in Python, but the protocol can be implemented in any language. Celery: Distributed Task Queue. iCshop (台灣)電子零件,電子材料 - FBTUG-Mini FarmBot 套件包 FBTUG-Mini FarmBot 套件包 368030200369. ZipGrow - Vertical Farming Technology. Student Programs - Upstart University. Atlas Scientific.

4+ units 10+ units 25+ units Downloads.

Atlas Scientific

Atlas Scientific. Kit Carte de communication SigFox pour Raspberry Pi avec Boitier DIN. Smashing, the spiritual successor to Dashing. Smashing is a Sinatra based framework that lets you build beautiful dashboards.

Smashing, the spiritual successor to Dashing

This project is a fork of Dashing, an excellent framework created at Shopify for displaying custom dashboards on TVs around the office Use premade widgets, or fully create your own with scss, html, and coffeescript Widgets harness the power of data bindings to keep things DRY and simple. Accueil. OpenStreetMap. Where is this?


Reverse Directions Welcome to OpenStreetMap! OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license. Hosting is supported by UCL, Bytemark Hosting, and other partners. Chainable RGB LED. Edit Grove - Chainable RGB LED is based on P9813 chip which is a full-color LED driver.

Chainable RGB LED

It provides 3 constant-current drivers as well as modulated output of 256 shades of gray. DeviceHive. Europe - Mobius Institute. Mobius - Training & Certification Since 2005, Mobius Institute has provided classroom training to 29,683 professionals employed by leading companies, including:

Europe - Mobius Institute

Tellmeplus : predictive analytics software platform for Asset Intelligence. Running a HiveMQ cluster with Docker and Kubernetes. Download. Open Computer ou la possibilité d’un portable modulaire libre. Un ordinateur portable modulaire, durable et open source.

Open Computer ou la possibilité d’un portable modulaire libre

C’est le pari lancé par quatre libristes alsaciens avec Open Computer. Le projet de Cairn Devices est l’un des 140 finalistes du concours La Fabrique Aviva, qui récompense des projets d’initiative sociale, solidaire et environnementaux, après une première qualification le 30 avril avec 7.264 votes en ligne. Mais d’ici le 18 juin, date du grand jury qui pourrait leur décerner le premier prix de 85.000€, l’Open Computer n’est encore qu’un ambitieux projet, une preuve de concept qui attend son prototype fonctionnel. PiDome Home automation. Iotforall. DataDock. Débuter avec Keras - Documentation en français. Principes directeurs Convivialité.

Débuter avec Keras - Documentation en français

Keras est une API développée pour les humains, pas pour les machines. Theano/Theano: Theano is a Python library that allows you to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays efficiently. It can use GPUs and perform efficient symbolic differentiation. Microsoft/CNTK: Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), an open source deep-learning toolkit. Tensorflow/tensorflow: An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for Everyone. Keras Documentation. Scikit-learn/scikit-learn: scikit-learn: machine learning in Python. Travaux pratiques - Introduction à Scikit-learn — Cours Cnam RCP208. Machine learning in Python — scikit-learn 0.20.0 documentation.

Python pour un Data Scientist / Economiste — Python dans tous ses états 0.8.1966. Ce cours s’étale sur 8 séances de cours/TD d’une durée de 3h. Les outils proposés sont en langage Python. Ils sont tous open source, pour la plupart disponibles sur GitHub et en développement actif. Python est devenu le premier langage pour les scientifiques et comme c’est un langage générique, il est possible de gérer l’ensemble des traitements appliqués aux données, depuis le traitements des sources de données jusqu’à leur visualisation sans changer de langage.

Nettoyez et normalisez les données - Analysez vos données textuelles. NLTK Corpus - Natural Language Processing with Python. In the previous NLTK tutorial, you learned what frequency distribution is. Now, you will learn how what a corpus is and how to use it with NLTK. What is a Corpus? Corpus is a collection of written texts and corpora is the plural of corpus. In NLTK, you have some corpora included like Gutenberg Corpus, Web and Chat Text and so on. Natural Language Toolkit — NLTK 3.0 documentation. Nltk. Gensim. RaRe-Technologies/gensim: Topic Modelling for Humans. Articles. Construction du profil utilisateur pour le CRM : application aux SI ubiquitaires. eJournal of Digital Entreprise Issue 25 2009 December. The KCS Academy » Knowledge-Centered Service. Management Crop cultivation Agri Con - Odoo OpenERP Gold Partner mit über 100 Projekten Bester Partner 2014.

Since 1997, modern farmers and producer groups as well as wage and Agro-service companies appreciate the Agri-Con Service. It aims to increase the efficiency in crop production. There are customized solutions designed to fully and sustainably manage fields every year - regardless of manufacturer and systems integration. Scope Design, implementation and service of vendor-independent (Agricultural Engineering) and system integrated precision farming technologiesDelivery of all components necessary for precision farming electronic (GPS technology, sensors, terminals, software ...)Own service for collecting important data for agriculture (measurement of soil differences and machinery soil sampling, GPS survey)Developing agronomic strategies together with the customer (fertilizers, crop protection, seed)Orderly storage, management and processing of precision farming data (data portal, documentation) Benefits

Odoo in High Availability and ready for mass scalability with Zevenet. Expertise et développement Python — Anybox. Odoo IOT Asset management. Odoo Voice - Bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Odoo Platform - Pragmatic. La trousse à outils du Lean : le management visuel. « Un bon croquis vaut mieux qu’un long discours. »de Napoléon Bonaparte Si vous faites de rapides recherches sur internet au sujet du management visuel, vous vous rendrez rapidement compte que, suivant les personnes ou l’entreprise, il peut regrouper plus ou moins d’outils.

Cette publication va se concentrer sur l’outil « management visuel » déployé dans le cadre du Lean et non sur le concept général qui englobe le 5S. La publication de ce jour va donc s’articuler autour de trois parties. Dans un premier temps, nous allons voir ensemble ce qu’est le management visuel. Dans un deuxième temps, nous nous attarderons sur la façon dont il se déploie sur le terrain.