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Color Usage Site Ordered Topics Designing a Color Graphics Page: Step-by-step guidance for effective use of color in information graphics. Color Design for Aerospace Applications: Detailed case-studies from aerospace graphics illustrate challenges of color design for safety-critical information interfaces. Hierarchy of Color Usage Guidelines: A hierarchy of guidelines that begins with high-level cognitive performance requirements and proceeds down to more specific graphic requirements and advice. At the appropriate places there are links to supporting information elsewhere on the site. Color Usage Site
Graphs Graphs 企業のサイトを構築していると、グラフやチャートが必要になることが多いです。 小難しいことをダラダラと書くよりも、グラフでデータを見せる方が、ユーザーの方々に分かりやすくていいですよね。 っちゅうわけで、本日はグラフを描くIllustrator系チュートリアルから、CSSを使ったグラフなど、なるべくデザイン的にきれいなものを、いろいろまとめてみました。 1. Creating graphs | Bartelme Design
Topics covered in this one-day course include: How to make effective, credible presentations. Fundamental strategies of analytical design. Evaluating evidence used in presentations. Statistical data: tables, graphics, semigraphics. The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press

The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press