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Encryption. Matematica & Logica. Mental math tricks. Aritmetica recreativa - Yakov Perelman. Capítulo 5 Galería de maravillas numéricas.

Aritmetica recreativa - Yakov Perelman Progetto Matematica. Progetto Matematica. CRESCITA ESPONENZIALE. PROGRESSIONI ARITMETICHE Si dice progressione aritmetica una successione di numeri tale che sia costante la differenza fra un qualunque numero e il precedente.


BASE Cinque - Appunti di Matematica ricreativa. Storia della Matematica. La civiltà araba (pagina 2) En el mapa, se muestra el territorio árabe antiguo que data de la época de la historia árabe en que se divide, conocido como el Califato (siglo VIII n.e.).

Storia della Matematica. La civiltà araba (pagina 2)

El mapa nos muestra en diferentes colores, los tres califatos existentes cuyas capitales son: Bagdad, El Cairo y Córdoba (al – Andalus). Triangolo di Tartaglia. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

Triangolo di Tartaglia

Mathematics. MATHS. Pythagoras. Pigeonhole Principle. At any given time in New York there live at least two people with the same number of hairs.

Pigeonhole Principle

The statement above is a direct consequence of the Pigeonhole Principle: Variously known as the Dirichlet Principle, the statement admits an equivalent formulation: A more formal statement is also available: The Pigeonhole Principle admits several useful and almost as simple extensions. In fact, the problems below do already use some of alternative formulations. Construcții geometrice cu rigla și compasul. VEDIC MATHEMATICS. Welcome to Math Glossary Main Page. From WikiEducator This glossary is far from complete.

Welcome to Math Glossary Main Page

We are constantly adding math terms. For instructions on adding new terms, please refer to Math Glossary Main Page wiki en About Math Glossary. Math Tables and Formulas. Brilliant: Hard Math and Science Questions and Practice. Lógica. Egyptian Maths. Fibonacci's Fractals. Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine. Sorin Borodi. Entropy (information theory) Go and mathematics. As a result of its elegant and simple rules, the game of Go has long been an inspiration for mathematical research.

Go and mathematics

Chinese scholars of the 11th century already published work on permutations based on the go board. In more recent years, research of the game by John H. Conway led to the invention of the surreal numbers and contributed to development of combinatorial game theory (with Go Infinitesimals[1] being a specific example of its use in Go). Legal positions[edit] Since each location on the board can be either empty, black, or white, there are a total of 3N possible board positions on a board with N intersections. Game tree complexity[edit] The total number of possible games is a function both of the size of the board and the number of moves played. Misteri del Mondo - Scienze Misteri. Science Mysteries, Fibonacci Numbers and Golden section in Nature. Bethe Hagens - Planetary Grid - A New Synthesis. By William Becker and Bethe Hagens Bethe Hagens The Planetary Grid: A New Synthesis.

Bethe Hagens - Planetary Grid - A New Synthesis

Kepler’s Laws – One Minute Astronomer. Once Kepler got his hands on Tycho’s measurements, he worked diligently to make sense of the data and to develop a solid framework for the workings of the solar system.

Kepler’s Laws – One Minute Astronomer

He succeeded. Working for more than a decade, crunching numbers with pen and paper, he laid out three simple mathematical laws that account for the motion of the planets. Kepler–Bouwkamp constant. A sequence of inscribed polygons and circles.

Kepler–Bouwkamp constant

Numerical value of the Kepler–Bouwkamp constant[edit] The decimal expansion of the Kepler–Bouwkamp constant is (sequence A085365 in OEIS) If the product is taken over the odd primes, the constant is obtained (sequence A131671 in OEIS). See also[edit] References[edit]


How to do Algebra Part 1 Simplifying Expressions. How to Learn Algebra Fast. Fundamental Theorem of Algebra - Numberphile. MathWithoutBorders. Paulo Ferreira. Learners' Planet. Vedic Maths / Fast Trick Math. Garg University. Tecmath. Chinese Method of Multiplication (Lettuce Multiplication)

Chinese Method of Multiplication (Lettuce Multiplication) Fast Multiplication Trick 5 - Trick to Directly Multiply the Big Numbers.wmv. Fast Mental Multiplication Trick - Multiply in your head using base 20 and 30. Category:Wikipedia books on mathematics. Journal of Humanistic Mathematics - an online-only, open access, peer reviewed journal. Editors Follow Welcome to the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, an online-only, open-access, peer-reviewed journal. Please feel free to browse our website and add your email to our database if you would like to receive a Table of Contents for each issue in your email. We would love to hear from you! Please email the editors (Mark Huber at and Gizem Karaali at, or submit a response directly to any of the published articles or essays (you can use the Submit A Response link on the relevant page).

Journal of Humanistic Mathematics Claremont Center for the Mathematical Sciences 640 North College Avenue Claremont, CA 91711 United States of America. UKMT Teacher resource page. Maths Blogs. Maths Resources. Math on the Web Index. MR: Collaboration Distance. Free Tool Classification Select a 2-digit classification OR Search Classifications. MIT Mathematics. The integers and prime numbers have fascinated people since ancient times. Recently, the field has seen huge advances. The resolution of Fermat's Last Theorem by Wiles in 1995 touched off a flurry of related activity that continues unabated to the present, such as the recent solution by Khare and Wintenberger of Serre's conjecture on the relationship between mod p Galois representations and modular forms.

The Riemann hypothesis, a Clay Millennium Problem, is a part of analytic number theory, which employs analytic methods (calculus and complex analysis) to understand the integers. Recent advances in this area include the Green-Tao proof that prime numbers occur in arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions. The Langlands Program is a broad series of conjectures that connect number theory with representation theory. The 892 unique ways to partition a 3 x 4 grid. Arhiva/processed/12010/16_12010_RM12010.pdf. Zero Factorial - Numberphile. Teoria dei numeri.

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. The Prime Puzzles & Problems Connection, by Carlos Rivera. Permutazione. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Poliedro. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. 2.1 Limite de functii . Punct de acumulare . Punct izolat : Limite de functii : Elemente de Analiza matematica a XI-a : In acest subcapitol al limitelor de functii defini - Subiecte bacalaureat rezolvate. Cloud usa business security computing security it consultant american data it business consultant usa and canadian management iphone computing or the hosting hosting transfer american. It of best transfer ipad iphone. Laptop data computing the business. The usa canadian of iphone or management canadian the hosting hosting computing company of canadian security it canadian or the. Aritmetica modulare. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Numberphile - Videos about Numbers and Stuff. Mathematics Genealogy Project. The Mathematics Genealogy Project is a web-based database for the academic genealogy of mathematicians.[1][2][3] As of September, 2010, it contained information of over 160,000 mathematical scientists who contribute to "research-level mathematics".

For a typical mathematician, the Mathematics Genealogy Project entry includes graduation year, alma mater, doctoral advisor, and doctoral students.[1][4] Origin of the database[edit] The project grew out of founder Harry Coonce's desire to know the name of his advisor's advisor.[1][2] Coonce was Professor of Mathematics at Minnesota State University, Mankato, at the time of the project's founding, and the project went online there in the fall of 1997. Coonce retired from Mankato in 1999, and in the fall of 2002 the university decided that it would no longer support the project. The project relocated at that time to North Dakota State University. Mission[edit] Scope[edit] The Combinatorica Project.

Sriram V. PemmarajuDepartment of Computer Science, The University of Iowa Steven SkienaDepartment of Computer Science, State University of New York at Stony Brook Combinatorica is a package written in 1989 by Steve Skiena for doing computational discrete mathematics in Mathematica. It included over 230 functions and has been a Standard AddOn Mathematica package. Steve Skiena described this package in his book Implementing Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics and Graph Theory in Mathematica, Advanced Book Division, Addison-Wesley, Redwood City CA, June 1990. Computational Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics and Graph Theory in Mathematica Cambridge University Press, September 2002. Mathematics.

Composite number

Number Primes. Mathematics Illuminated. Music played a central role in Greek thought. Throughout history, music has played, and continues to play, an important role in many cultures. In some cultures music is a participatory experience, an active art form in which all are encouraged to partake. In other cultures, music is a form of worship or entertainment, to be practiced by relatively few but appreciated by many. Much of the formal western music tradition falls into the latter category. 22C:196 Computational Combinatorics. Cyclic Numbers - Numberphile. NUMBER SYSTEMS by Petra Marjai on Prezi. Archimedes Palimpsest. The Digital Archimedes Palimpsest.