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Le cerveau. Frises du temps multimédias. Four reasons to be skeptical about Obama's free community college proposal » AEI. Today, on a visit to Tennessee, President Obama will announce a proposal to make two years at public community college “free for anyone who’s willing to work for it.”

Four reasons to be skeptical about Obama's free community college proposal » AEI

The video doesn’t say anything else, but the website has a tiny bit more detail: The feds would pony up three-quarters of the “average cost” of community college;Students would be expected to enroll at least half-time, maintain a 2.5 GPA, and make steady progress toward completing a degree in three years;Community colleges would have to offer academic programs that fully transfer to four-year colleges or occupational programs in high demand fields with high completion rates.

They’d also have to implement “promising evidence-based institutional reforms” to improve (whatever that means). The plan has many forebears. Obama clearly took some inspiration from the Tennessee Promise, a program started by Republican Governor Bill Haslam that provides tuition-free community college to any Tennessee 12th grader who wants it. 1. 2. 3.

The Open Textbook Project provides flexible and affordable access to higher education resources. Dear Colleague Letter.pdf. UTEP VP: Institutions should think strategically about online programming. Brandman to offer online badges in competency-based programs. Dive Brief: Brandman University is launching digital badges for students in online competency-based degree programs to show potential employers and others what skills and abilities they possess.

Brandman to offer online badges in competency-based programs

The badges will be awarded as certification of skills, and they will be displayed by the students on LinkedIn and other social networks, in online talent management systems, in online resumes and portfolios, and in other Web site formats, Campus Technology reported. Brandman is using Credly to create the badges, which will provide analytics to help viewers tell what they signify and the value of the skills. _a_communication_Normes_et_transformation.pdf. Obama to propose free community college. Dive Brief: President Barack Obama plans to announce a plan Friday to make community college free for as many as 9 million students.

Obama to propose free community college

White House officials on Thursday declined to talk about how the plan would be paid for, or how much it would cost, drawing Republican criticism, the New York Times reported. The plan, to be announced at a Tennessee community college, is modeled after the state’s own free community college program, Tennessee Promise, which has attracted almost 90% of high school seniors in the state. Dive Insight: Considering Republican opposition to the president, the plan would seem to face long odds of winning approval in Congress.

The White House said Obama will include the plan in his proposed budget and talk about it in his State of the Union speech on Jan. 20. Recommended Reading. ePortfolio. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Le ePortfolio (ou e-Portfolio, i-portfolio, portfolio numérique, portfolio électronique) est un ensemble de preuves de compétences, sous forme numérique et généralement sur le web, résultant d'une démarche consistant à réfléchir sur ses projets (sociaux, professionnels) et définir quelles parties de ces projets communiquer à quels publics, et de quelles façons. Cette démarche peut être utilisée par les professionnels, les enseignants, les élèves, les parents ou autres personnes engagées dans une démarche de formation tout au long de la vie, dans le but de communiquer sur son profil ou garder des traces d'apprentissages.

Définition du ePortfolio. Définition du ePortfolio Le terme ePortfolio (ou e-Portfolio) a plusieurs équivalents: portfolio électronique, numérique ou digital, voire webfolio.

Définition du ePortfolio

Il en existe plusieurs définitions. La plus connue d'entre elle est celle produite par la National Learning Infrastructure Initiative (NLLI) au Etats Unis en 2003 : "Un ePortfolio est une collection de documents authentiques de divers types, tirés d'archives plus complètes, qui représente ce qu'une personne ou une organisation a appris au cours du temps, sur lequel la personne ou l'organisation a réfléchi, et qui a été conçu pour être présenté à un ou plusieurs types de public dans un but rhétorique particulier" (Source: NLII 2003) L'expert en innovation alimentaire, de l'idée au marché. Learning Style Diagnostics: The Grasha-Riechmann Student Learning Styles Scale. Introduction Studies in learning styles initially developed as a result of interest in individual differences.

Learning Style Diagnostics: The Grasha-Riechmann Student Learning Styles Scale

These issues were very much in vogue within investigatory psychology during the 1960's, enjoyed a continuing popularity during the early 1970's but have unfortunately past from vogue since then due to our society's changed focus or an evolution of professional interest. (Curry, 1983) What is Learning? Curry (1983) states that learning is both a process and a product. “The process is adaptive, future focused; and holistic; affecting an individual's cognitive; affective; social, and moral volitional skills.The product is observable as a relatively permanent change in behaviour, or potential behaviour.The process is observable in the improved ability of the individual to adapt to environmental stimuli.”