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Upgrade Your Guitar

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What Type of Guitar Bridge Do I Need? FaberUSA Blog. At some point, most guitar players feel the need to upgrade their guitars’ hardware.

What Type of Guitar Bridge Do I Need? FaberUSA Blog

The reasons for this vary from player to player but are often rooted in tone, feel or quality. The first step is to identify what bridge you have on your existing guitar and what you are looking to achieve with the upgrade. The first step in identifying what you have is to think about what brand you are upgrading. How To Install A Faber® Tone Lock Bridge by Guitar Beat. How To Identify What Guitar Bridge You Need?

Once you become an experienced guitar player, you understand the sound and the quality of music which seems soothing to your ears then one thing comes to your mind.

How To Identify What Guitar Bridge You Need?

It is upgrading your guitar’s hardware and customizing it as per your preference so the quality of music you want to produce is not compromised at any level. Step 1: Analyzing. Upgrading Your Faber® Bridge Saddles by Guitar Beat. Why Upgrading Saddles Of Your Guitar Is Necessary? by Guitar Beat. What Faber® Bridge Saddles Should I Get? by Guitar Beat. Learn To Install Tune-o-Matic Bridge. Image by Pexels from Pixabay On most of the guitars from Gibson Les Paul, Firebird and SG models Tune-o-Matic bridges are quite common.

Learn To Install Tune-o-Matic Bridge

This type of bridge is available in various types of styles and shapes. There are some types of Tune-o-Matic bridge that have a retaining wire and others have self-contained saddles like Nashville and no matter what type of Tune-o-Matic bridge your guitar has it is very essential to inspect the bridge. It is because wear and tear can cause many issues with the bridge. It will be important to replace the bridge and let’s see why it is so.

What Is The Difference Between The Different Bridge Types. In the guitar parts market, you’ll hear a lot of words thrown around that might not mean a lot.

What Is The Difference Between The Different Bridge Types

In fact, if you are new to the world of guitar upgrades and customization, some of the words thrown around might even make the process of sourcing the right parts for your instrument more of a challenge than it needs to be. One term that you will hear a lot in your search for a new bridge is “Tune-o-Matic”, which is a blanket term used to describe the typical Gibson style bridge system with individually adjustable saddles for each string allowing the user to intonate each string separately. Both the ABR and Nashville bridges are types of Tune-o-Matic bridges. The main differences between the two can be found in their adjustability. What Is the Difference Between the Different Bridge Types by Guitar Beat. What Faber® Bridge Saddles To Buy? So, you’ve decided on your new bridge but now you are unsure of which type of saddle to choose.

Faber offer saddles in a range of materials: • Nickel Plated Brass • Aged Nickel Plated Brass • Natural Brass • Aged Natural Brass • Titanium Faber also offers all saddles as unnotched allowing the installer to cut their own string slots. SOLVED! - How To Fix The Bridge Of A Guitar In Easy - Master Guide. Are you grappling with guitar bridge repairing?

SOLVED! - How To Fix The Bridge Of A Guitar In Easy - Master Guide

Then keep reading this article. Before you learn how to fix the bridge of a guitar, you need to know why and how it’s vital for fine-tuning a guitar The bridge on the guitar is the bit that holds the strings as they travel over the guitar body. It functions as the component that carries the vibrations of the strings into the body, which, with an acoustic guitar, magnifies them. How To Fix The Bridge Of A Guitar In Easy - Master Guide by Custom With Faber. Buy Best Tendy Wraparound Bridge. Some guitars from the Gibson catalog and other Gibson inspired guitars, will have wrap around bridges rather than the more often seen Tune-o-Matic style.

A wraparound bridge is where you pass the strings through the bridge away from the guitar and wrap them back over the top before pulling them up the neck as usual. Wraparound bridges are most often associated with Junior style guitars (Les Paul Jr, SG Jr), but were also used on very early Gibson standards before the development of the more conventional Tune-o-Matic style.

If you have a wraparound bridge FaberUSA stocks a range of options to suit all needs. Learn To Select Bridge for Epiphone. Either “Kit” will get the job done.

Learn To Select Bridge for Epiphone

The only question is which one will best suit your needs. Let’s discuss the details of each one. The “E-Z” ESWKIT™ is a “no modification” solution. Selecting A Bridge For Epiphone And Other “Imports” by Custom With Faber. How To Setup The Intonation On A Faber Bridge by Custom With Faber. Faber® USA Guitar Parts For Epiphone. If you own an import guitar such as an Epiphone, Tokai, Burny or one of the many other import brands, you may be considering ways to improve it.

Faber® USA Guitar Parts For Epiphone

These guitars are typical of very high standards and often sound and play great. However, many factories that produce these import Gibson style guitars reduce production costs by using sub-par materials for the guitars’ hardware. Faber® USA provides high-quality replacement parts for Gibson style imported guitars. Upgrading Your Import Guitar With Faber® Guitar Parts by Custom With Faber. Difference between the "original" style ABR-1 & New Gibson ABR-1 Bridge. ABR-1 Bridge On a USA Gibson®? by Custom With Faber. Guitar Bridge Screw Installation Tips. Once you’ve decided on what type of saddles you want to add to your existing bridge Faber bridge, it’s time to install them. If you are unsure what material saddles will be best for you then you can check out our handy video guide Faber Bridge Saddle Removal and/or our blog post, What Faber Bridge Saddles Should I Get? ‎ Saddle installation is a relatively simple process which most people should be able to perform without any trouble.

If you are unsure on any step of the process, please consult a professional luthier. Before attempting to remove the saddles, remove all tension from the strings. How To Tune A Guitar For Beginners. If you are a beginner and have decided to learn the guitar then basic knowledge about the parts of a guitar neck is very helpful.

How To Tune A Guitar For Beginners

The parts of the guitar neck are frets, fretboard, tuners, headstock, and truss rod. It will help you tune your guitar. Tuning your guitar is the most important step because if your guitar is not tuned, it will not sound good and you definitely don’t want that. So, let us first learn about the parts of a guitar neck followed by the steps to tune a guitar. Know Your Guitar - A Beginner's Guide ⋆ It is very exciting to purchase an instrument and learn it.

Know Your Guitar - A Beginner's Guide ⋆

If you have bought a new guitar and ready to start with your first guitar lesson in leaside then it is a wonderful thing. However, before you begin with your first lesson, it’s vital to know your guitar. Simply learning to play the guitar is not enough. You should know the instrument you are playing. How To Choose The Best Strings For Your Electric Guitar. If you have an electric guitar and you love playing it then you must be aware that your guitar needs maintenance.

How To Choose The Best Strings For Your Electric Guitar

You may have to change the parts of a guitar neck when there is a need, but for strings you need to change them on time. You need to choose the best quality guitar strings as well so your performance is not affected in any way and at any time. What’s Trending Today. What’s Trending Today. What Are The Most Essential Guitar Bridge Types? by FaberUSA. Upgrade Your Import Guitar With FABER® Guitar Parts by FaberUSA.