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It’s Time To Improve Your Les Paul Gibson. Guitarists always look for something that can help them get a little more from their instrument.

It’s Time To Improve Your Les Paul Gibson

They modify and upgrade the instruments because they expect better quality of music. For Gibson Les Paul guitars there are a lot of mods and upgrades available to do so. So, here are a few things that you can do to upgrade your guitar or improve your Les Paul and get a few locking bridges or tailpieces. Upgrades: When it comes to upgrades many guitarists are mistaken by a belief that modifying the guitar aspects can help them sell their guitar at a high price.. So, keep the original Gibson Les Paul guitars parts that you can give back to the stock state when you plan on selling it. Why is locking bridges a good idea?

A locking bridge is one that is fastened to the guitar body. The benefit is convenience and in the 50’s guitar engineering there was loose hardware and it was held properly in place due to string tension. Locking bridges, tailpieces and studs: Grub Screws: Metric or Imperial? 5 Best Golf Driver For Beginners 2020 by Nethan Paul. Health Benefits Of Outdoor Games For Kids. The technology-driven era around us has evoked a new sense of convenience through the means of technology, but at the same time, it has also led our younger ones to stay glued to technology outcomes like gadgets, mobile phones, and many other indoor activities, rather going out and explore the world.

Health Benefits Of Outdoor Games For Kids

The indoor stay makes the kids get their health affected and the development of obesity and other diseases also take place. The positive effects of outdoor games open a series of several mental and physical health benefits to the growing kids, it also gives the exposure to socialize, draw them closer to nature, helps them to give impetus to their creativity and imagination.

Undeniably, playing outdoors must be a vital part of every kid’s growing up years, as it opens the plethora of benefits, such as: Improves Vision When a kid is exposed to electronic gadgets for long durations, the chances of getting the vision impaired get slightly higher. Encourages Healthy Physical Development. The Miura HB3 Hybrid Review – Golf is Mental. As most of us already know, the Miura name has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and performance.

The Miura HB3 Hybrid Review – Golf is Mental

This was apparent in our reviews of Miura wedges. When the opportunity came up to review the Miura HB3 hybrid (20 degrees of loft), I was very intrigued. Miura also offers an HB4 model which has 23 degrees of loft. The one drawback of the Miura hybrids is they are currently offered in right-handed models only. Being a left-handed player, I had to go to the Golf is Mental Blog’s entourage of eager right-handed testers. The chosen one to review the HB3 hybrid was my father-in-law, Gary, an avid 64 year old player who keeps his handicap in the low single digits, and is always striving to get better.

STATS DAD: Youth Golf: Son Pushes Father to Improve Game. I have spent lots of time and money getting my kids lessons for the sports over the years.

STATS DAD: Youth Golf: Son Pushes Father to Improve Game

During this time, I have spent little time or money on myself. I have been a member of the same country club for 11 years and my high golf handicap has not moved much during that time. How could it when I spend so much time catering to my kids? My son started out the year shooting around 120 on our home course which is very difficult. He was delighted when he broke 60 on a nine. Several weeks ago, my son beat me, and has been beating me consistently ever since. I struggled for the first couple of weeks, but yesterday I broke 90 and beat my son by 6 strokes. The Main Point Was I taking the lessons for me or was I taking the lessons for my son so that I can give him competition?

A few years ago, my son and I were playing in a father son tournament. 9 Healthy Hobbies For Seniors by Nethan Paul. : An unexpected error has occurred. Top 5 Cheap Disc Golf Backpacks of 2019 - Best Selling Disc Golf Bags. Players are always looking for the best disc golf bags.

Top 5 Cheap Disc Golf Backpacks of 2019 - Best Selling Disc Golf Bags

As the disc golf season winds down for 2019, we thought it would be great to look back at the year and see what products and accessories were the most popular. That kind of information can come in handy for people looking for a gift for the disc golfer in their life. Or for someone considering making a purchase for themselves. We are going to start with a very popular genre of disc golf bags, the Economy Disc Golf Bags. These are entry level bags that are good not only for people just starting out in the sport, but great for die-hard golfers who want to play a quick round, or who want to improve their game by throwing a round using only a couple discs. If you’re looking for a great low price disc golf backpack, consider from our top selling list: Dynamic Discs Trooper BackpackInfinite Discs Slinger BagInfinite Discs Stealth BagProdigy BP3 Disc Golf BackpackInnova Discover Backpack Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack Infinite Stealth Bag.

Mental and Physical Benefits of Golf - The Healthy Voyager.