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Technology and Innovation in Canada

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The Value of A Well-Constructed R&D Strategy In Your Business. Keeping tabs on the dynamic Canadian tech industry is a source of great inspiration and in some cases, anxiety.

The Value of A Well-Constructed R&D Strategy In Your Business

Tech companies are constantly bombarded with rapid technological advancements and everchanging market landscapes, challenging their current product. These challenges can present exciting opportunities for product innovation and advancements. Tech companies understand the importance of innovation and its ability to single-handedly drive future company growth. Consistently adding value to your established creations, through an R&D strategy ensures businesses sustainability through changing demand trends and increasing competitors. VR in the ER: Benefits of Virtual Reality in the Healthcare Industry - Canadian Grants and Funding News. The Incredible Benefits of Artificial Intelligence to Canadian Businesses. In the past years, Canada has become the center for research of Artificial Intelligence or commonly known as AI.

VR in the ER: Benefits of Virtual Reality in the Healthcare Industry - Canadian Grants and Funding News. The Incredible Benefits of AI to Canadian Businesses. $100 Million in AI Funding Provided to Albertan Companies. The Alberta provincial government has recently implemented a five-year plan that will see $100 million in AI funding provided to focused companies.

$100 Million in AI Funding Provided to Albertan Companies

Premier Rachel Notley hopes the funding received will support new companies to commercialize and help Alberta sustain its competitive advantage in AI talent. Related: Claiming Artificial Intelligence Centric Projects for SR&ED Tax Credits The government, both provincial and federal, looks for opportunities to promote innovative activities. Canada is home to one of the most generous tax incentive programs in the world. The government provides incentives, such as tax deductions and refunds, for companies to undertake certain activities. Zero to Hero: Tips for Growing Your Web Development Business.

Growing any type of business from scratch can present several difficulties and obstacles for companies.

Zero to Hero: Tips for Growing Your Web Development Business

Whether it be growing your clientele or launching specific operations, startups will face issues they must overcome in order to be successful. In a time where society is seeing the most rapid technological change it has ever experienced, web development business has become an emerging industry and area of attention. 10 CRM Software is Best for Your Business. The term CRM, customer relationship management, refers to managing and retaining customer relationships in hopes of improving overall business operations as well as profitability.

10 CRM Software is Best for Your Business

Through CRM systems, companies can record and organize their customer data which in turn increases efficiency and productivity throughout the business. Listed below are the top 10 CRM software systems used in Canada according to 1) CompanyHub CompanyHub integrates automation features in their CRM software to remind users of follow-ups and other tasks automatically. This software places a high focus on converting more of your leads into actual paying customers or in other words, improve overall customer retention and relationships. Price: $24 per user/month 2) bpm’online The winner of the 2017 Great User Experience Award is a comprehensive CRM software providing many benefits to its users. Price: $25 per user/month (also offers yearly payment) 3) Maximizer. The Benefits ERP Software Has To Offer Your Business. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become an increasingly popular technology among businesses due to the variety of benefits it brings to the table.

The Benefits ERP Software Has To Offer Your Business

Starting a R-IoT: The Rapid Growth of IoT Devices and Their Benefits. As a brief summary, the Internet of Things is a giant network of connected devices and people that can fill multiple needs through collecting as well as sharing data.

Starting a R-IoT: The Rapid Growth of IoT Devices and Their Benefits

The short form, IoT, commonly refers to devices that generally wouldn’t be expected to have an internet connection but still communicate throughout a network, without any human input. Examples include smart TV’s, self-driving cars, fitness devices, and so much more. Little Known Facts About CRM - And Why They Matter. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a company’s strategy for managing relationships and interactions with current as well as potential future customers.

Little Known Facts About CRM - And Why They Matter

Companies that implement effective CRM systems are more likely to improve business relationships and ultimately increase their profitability. It is a Contact Management System, CMS, that acts as a contact database through housing and sharing all components of customer information. In collaboration with your company website, the potential capabilities of CRM systems increase significantly. How Automation Is Significantly Increasing Data Science Potential. Data science essentially uses a variety of algorithms and processes to analyze certain aspects of data.

How Automation Is Significantly Increasing Data Science Potential

It has established itself as a key component for companies focusing on business growth, however, more often than not, businesses are unsuccessful in doing so. As a matter of fact, Ryohei Fujimaki, CEO of dotData, stated in accordance to his personal findings, “We’ve seen studies that report only 4% of companies successfully implement business intelligence and artificial intelligence.

It naturally makes you wonder what the other 96% are doing.” CSSP Collaborates with Carleton University in $2 Million e-Health Systems. Carleton University has just recently launched an approximately $2 million project in association with the CSSP.

CSSP Collaborates with Carleton University in $2 Million e-Health Systems

The CSSP is the Canadian Department of National Defence’s Safety and Security Program and promotes collaboration amongst all levels of government and certain organizations. They focus on supporting projects that enhance the development of S&T (science and technology) solutions to resolve capability gaps in organizations. In partnership with Public Safety Canada and other partners, they are improving the security of e-health systems through financing Carleton University’s project.

FinTech Canada:Rise Top in the Global Fintech Sector. Canada is home to several financial hubs including some of the world’s top technological talent. There has been significant growth in the FinTech sector in Canada as of late with potential for even more advancement. With much optimism, Canada will continue to welcome new innovative technologies as well as improve efficiencies and product offerings.

Considering the abundance of cutting-edge technologies that are being introduced, such as AI, machine learning and big data, the FinTech industry is likely to see a substantial change in the coming years. Related: The Incredible Benefits of AI to Canadian Businesses If your company is apart of an industry that promotes/encourages innovative activities or technological advancements, EVAMAX can assist you in acquiring the potential benefits and funding to do so. Believe it or not, the FinTech industry has already been significantly impacting Canada for years.

Related: SRED: The Most Generous R&D Cash Fund. CryptoNumerics Financed Millions to Launch Big Data Analytics Tools. CryptoNumerics, an enterprise software company incorporated in May of 2018, has recently raised $3.3 million CAD in seed funding. The financing was provided through multiple California-based venture capital firms including 11.2 Capital, Lux Capital and Silicon Valley Data Capital. CryptoNumerics plans on using the funding received to launch its new big data analytics tools as free and downloadable AI-powered systems. Related: Expanding the Cannabis Industry Through Big Data Businesses can receive similar financing and even maximize their potential benefits with the help of EVAMAX. Sweet and Saas-y: Growth Hacks for SaaS Businesses. Creating and growing a business from scratch can present many difficulties.

Sweet and Saas-y: Growth Hacks for SaaS Businesses

This applies to SaaS, companies especially as this kind of business model does not commonly expand rapidly. It is difficult enough to create a strong value proposition that generates interest from the targeted market which can often deter the notion of a company becoming an overnight success. EVAMAX has always emphasized the importance of assisting companies at all stages of development in acquiring the financing and benefits they need. It will help them advance to the next step of their operations. Listed below are a few growth hacks for SaaS businesses referenced from Providing a valuable incentive Many SaaS businesses, whether they are a start-up or already a developed company, will give something away in order to create interest around their service. Generic and common incentives, such as 30-day free trials or a MacBook giveaway, may create interest initially but will not be sufficient.

Cloud and Clear: Hospitals Transitioning to Cloud Computing Systems. As society adapts to new technological advancements and trends, the need for data reliability and security increases. This is a problem that many companies amongst a variety of industries face, and the demand for data from external and internal users of hospitals falls under this umbrella as well. This includes those inside hospitals, such as nurses and doctors, as well as patients and partners logging into portals outside the facilities.

North American Company Secures Millions in Financing. Just recently, VanillaSoft Inc. received $4 million in equity and debt financing from different sources of funding. VanillaSoft is a sales engagement platform that supports clients in achieving better sales accountability, increased productivity and higher contact rates. Blockchain Technology Adaptation: What Your Company Can Expect. Back to the Future: The Revived Upbringing of Cryptocurrencies. Top Ten Software Development Companies According to the GoodFirms. Quantum Computing: A Canadian School Just Joined the IBM Q Network.

Internal Server Error. A group of companies, including tech giants like Microsoft, is opening a new hub devoted to turning Toronto into a what it calls a "smart city. " The facility will focus on developing high-tech products and services that the companies hope will improve the quality of life for people in big cities. Led by IBI Group, an architectural and engineering company that's already involved in major projects like the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, the "Smart City Sandbox" will also assist with bringing smart-city technologies to market.

So what will Torontonians see? The organization is already thinking of traffic lights that sense congestion and adjust themselves accordingly, a mobile app to report potholes and batteries large enough to store energy at night and reduce demand on the city's power grid during peak times. "The sandbox is a platform for different organizations to come together to address some of the challenges that are faced by urban environments," IBI Group CEO Scott Stewart told CBC Toronto.