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Starting a R-IoT: The Rapid Growth of IoT Devices and Their Benefits. As a brief summary, the Internet of Things is a giant network of connected devices and people that can fill multiple needs through collecting as well as sharing data.

Starting a R-IoT: The Rapid Growth of IoT Devices and Their Benefits

The short form, IoT, commonly refers to devices that generally wouldn’t be expected to have an internet connection but still communicate throughout a network, without any human input. Examples include smart TV’s, self-driving cars, fitness devices, and so much more. Little Known Facts About CRM - And Why They Matter. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a company’s strategy for managing relationships and interactions with current as well as potential future customers.

Little Known Facts About CRM - And Why They Matter

Companies that implement effective CRM systems are more likely to improve business relationships and ultimately increase their profitability. It is a Contact Management System, CMS, that acts as a contact database through housing and sharing all components of customer information. In collaboration with your company website, the potential capabilities of CRM systems increase significantly. Zero to Hero: Tips for Growing Your Web Development Business. Growing any type of business from scratch can present several difficulties and obstacles for companies.

Zero to Hero: Tips for Growing Your Web Development Business

Whether it be growing your clientele or launching specific operations, startups will face issues they must overcome in order to be successful. 5 Tips in Identifying Small Business Grants in Canada. We're Hiring at EVAMAX GROUP. Canada Summer Jobs 2018 - EVAMAX Group. Youth Employment Strategy Programs. The Canadian Government offers the Youth Employment Strategy program to help young Canadians (aged 15 to 30) obtain career information, develop skills, find jobs and stay employed.

Youth Employment Strategy Programs

Through federal departments and agencies, among others, the Youth Employment Strategy assists employers in hiring young Canadians. The NRC (IRAP) provides small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with financial assistance to hire young talent under this Youth Employment Strategy Program. This program also facilitates the transition of highly skilled young people to a rapidly changing labour market. Funding Type: Canadian Agricultural Partnership - Saskatchewan (CAP SK)

Top Ten Software Development Companies According to the Good Firms. Going International: Tips on Expanding Your Business Globally. 5 Tips in Identifying Small Business Grants in Canada. For small businesses especially, identifying and acquiring grants can be very challenging.

5 Tips in Identifying Small Business Grants in Canada

There is no single exhaustive list to consult. Also, every industry contains different businesses eligible for different grants. Going International: Tips on Expanding Your... Expanding your company on a global scale is quite difficult and will often deter businesses from maximizing their potential growth.

Going International: Tips on Expanding Your...

While running a business domestically is risky enough, companies looking to expand globally incur greater liability and exposure with the hopes of gaining ultimately greater rewards. The many payoffs of going global, such as countering destabilizing market fluctuations and extending product life, attract companies to put their best effort forward in achieving this feat. Going International: Tips on Expanding Your Business Globally - Canadian Grants and Funding News. Three Ways to Apply For a Business Grant in Canada  The Canadian federal government provides some of the most generous grants and funding opportunities in the world.

Three Ways to Apply For a Business Grant in Canada 

Through a tax incentive program, they offer tax deductions, tax credits, and cash refunds for companies partaking in certain innovative activities. Applying for grants and funding can be a complicated process and there are many ways to approach this issue. Companies will typically choose one of three strategies when completing claims: individually without any help, using an in-house consultant , or outsourcing an external consultant like EVAMAX. See the advantages and disadvantages of each method listed below. Sweet and Saas-y: Growth Hacks for SaaS Businesses. Creating and growing a business from scratch can present many difficulties.

Sweet and Saas-y: Growth Hacks for SaaS Businesses

This applies to SaaS, companies especially as this kind of business model does not commonly expand rapidly. It is difficult enough to create a strong value proposition that generates interest from the targeted market which can often deter the notion of a company becoming an overnight success. Alberta Innovates: Alberta Bio Future: Opportunities. Program Overview The Alberta Bio Future (ABF) program encourages strategic alliances between businesses and academic, research and government institutions. These alliances must focus on novel or enhanced bio-industrial products and technologies. The main purpose of this program is to utilize Alberta’s biomass and create a market that is competitive, profitable and efficient. Undoubtedly, the bio-industrial sector remains untapped, this program allows businesses the ability to enter the industry with more wealth of knowledge, by partnering with other institutions you will be better prepared to mitigate challenges.

In particular, the ABF Opportunities program is relevant for companies who would not be able to conduct their projects in a timely manner without funding. Eligible Companies. High but Not Dry: This Canadian Province is Taking the Cannabis Industry. Should You Move All Of Your Data to The Cloud? What You Need To Know. How do you manage, store, and secure your data?

Should You Move All Of Your Data to The Cloud? What You Need To Know

For most businesses, data storage in 2019 takes place in the cloud – where content is both easily accessible and secure for a global workforce. So, if you don’t have a cloud-based data storage strategy is it time you moved your data to the cloud? The cloud is a blanket term for a data storage strategy that sends copies of your work to an online network, typically hosted by a third party. Cloud servers pride themselves on providing a product that makes data storage easier and more accessible for businesses. Canadian Agricultural Partnership Cost Sharing Opportunities. Cost-Shared programs by federal, provincial and territorial governments: Towards a more socially and spatially inclusive innovation economy – Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship. Faulty assumptions Innovation-driven and technology-based economic development strategies blossomed throughout the United States and peer countries in the 1990s and 2000s, extensions of the national competitiveness strategies of the 1980s.

Towards a more socially and spatially inclusive innovation economy – Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship

Initiatives were often predicated on the assumption that every place had a fair shot—or at least a decent one, if they went to the trouble of building and executing a strategy—at cultivating thriving technology clusters. That is not the only assumption that looks quaintly naïve in retrospect. Economists, policymakers, and economic developers blithely assumed that they could simply focus their efforts on cultivating high-end, high-wage, frontier-of-the-economy sectors and sit back, relax, and watch the benefits spread to the rest of the economy.

A new economics Where did things go awry? The forces for geographic dispersion in the new innovation economy are far weaker. How This Entrepreneur Lost It All and Won It Back. By the age of 35, Mike Michalowicz had founded and sold two multimillion-dollar companies. Confident that he had the formula to success, he became an angel investor ... and went on to lose his entire fortune. These gritty stories, of success, short-term failures, bootstrap climbs back to the top, and more success are part of the fun in writing this column. The stories are sometimes unbelievable, sometimes remarkable--and in this case both. The Incredible Benefits of AI to Canadian Businesses. In the past years, Canada has become the center for research of Artificial Intelligence or commonly known as AI. The federal government and many huge companies are investing to further study and support this development.

Artificial Intelligence can make procedures smoother for businesses. These are the great benefits for business operations in terms of enforcing the use of Artificial Intelligence. Uber Might Fetch Your Groceries in Canada Soon. As you know Uber Eats is becoming very popular across Canada right now. In case you did not have a chance to use - uberEATS allows people across growing number of Canadian cities like Toronto, Mississauga, and Ottawa, to get the food they want, from the local restaurants they love, delivered to them at Uber speed.