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Innovation Grants and Funding | Federal and Provincial Grants in Canada

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The Value of A Well-Constructed R&D Strategy In Your Business. Keeping tabs on the dynamic Canadian tech industry is a source of great inspiration and in some cases, anxiety.

The Value of A Well-Constructed R&D Strategy In Your Business

Tech companies are constantly bombarded with rapid technological advancements and everchanging market landscapes, challenging their current product. These challenges can present exciting opportunities for product innovation and advancements. Tech companies understand the importance of innovation and its ability to single-handedly drive future company growth.

Consistently adding value to your established creations, through an R&D strategy ensures businesses sustainability through changing demand trends and increasing competitors. 10 CRM Software Best for Your Business. The term CRM, customer relationship management, refers to managing and retaining customer relationships in hopes of improving overall business operations as well as profitability.

10 CRM Software Best for Your Business

Through CRM systems, companies can record and organize their customer data which in turn increases efficiency and productivity throughout the business. Listed below are the top 10 CRM software systems used in Canada according to 1) CompanyHub CompanyHub integrates automation features in their CRM software to remind users of follow-ups and other tasks automatically.

This software places a high focus on converting more of your leads into actual paying customers or in other words, improve overall customer retention and relationships. How to Develop Your App Through Different Funding Sources. Launching and developing a mobile application can be a difficult process as well as present several difficulties to those involved.

How to Develop Your App Through Different Funding Sources

The complexity, as well as the need to differentiate from fellow competitors of the industry, can act as a hindering factor to app developers. That being said, developers who are able to acquire the funding to assist their projects are provided an advantage over those who are not. Thus, EVAMAX contributes to this by helping innovators realize and discover the potential funding and benefits their company is eligible for. Listed below are a few different strategies and techniques to acquire the desired funding.

Latest Canadian Grants News. Leader in Innovation Funding and Grants Consulting. Leader in Innovation Funding and Grants Consulting. Canadian Innovation Grants are Transforming Businesses Nationwide. Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) BCIP is a permanent, competitive first purchase program offered by the Canadian government to allow small businesses in Canada to test and pre-sell technologies to the Government of Canada before commercializing them.

Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP)

Canadian companies can submit a proposal for their technologies that potentially improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the government. Funding Type: The program has 2 streams: Up to $500,000 contract value for Standard ComponentsUp to $1,000,000 contract value for Military Components This is awarded through a government contract specifically for the company’s technology. Eligible Activities: The BCIP is looking for technology, equipment, software or services that: can compete in the priority industry (see below)demonstrate substantial benefits over existing goods and services in the industrycan be used within federal operations.

The Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) Program Overview: The Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) is a program that was launched in 2017.

The Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF)

It provides repayable and non-repayable contributions to support four distinct Streams of activities: NSERC Collaborative R&D Grant - EVAMAX GROUP. CRD Grants provide innovative companies in Canada access to the academic resources available at Canadian universities and colleges.

NSERC Collaborative R&D Grant - EVAMAX GROUP

These grants are intended to motivate companies to form partnerships with the academic community in Canada and support long-term research and development activities aimed at solving a specific problem for the company such as the development of a new product or improvement to an existing process. Funding Type: CRD Grants offers companies up to 50% of eligible project expenses to a maximum of $200,000 per year for five years to a project maximum of $1 million to support the joint collaboration between the academic institution and the company and offset project costs. Eligible Activities: Applications are evaluated mainly against the following criteria: Atlantic Innovation Fund. In order to compete and be one of the best, your business must invest in ground-breaking products, processes, and services. The only downside to that is having a sizeable budget specifically for research and development. This is where the importance of government funding can’t be better emphasized.

The government, through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), provides the necessary funds to support a broad range of technical research projects. $100 Million in AI Funding Provided to Albertan... Premier Rachel Notley hopes the funding received will support new companies to commercialize and help Alberta sustain its competitive advantage in AI talent.

$100 Million in AI Funding Provided to Albertan...

Related: Claiming Artificial Intelligence Centric Projects for SR&ED Tax Credits The government, both provincial and federal, looks for opportunities to promote innovative activities. Canada is home to one of the most generous tax incentive programs in the world. The government provides incentives, such as tax deductions and refunds, for companies to undertake certain activities.

Canadian Innovation Grants are Transforming... Pertaining to innovation funding specifically, the federal government offers several programs such as IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program) and SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program) to assist businesses in the operations of their company.

Canadian Innovation Grants are Transforming...

IRAP funding is available to small and medium-sized companies with the intention of creating new products and processes that lead to enhanced productivity, new competitive advantages, or innovative research. The SR&ED program, on the other hand, provides tax incentives/refunds to companies undertaking activities involving innovation or improvements in products and processes. These are both examples of Canadian government grants that provide funding to eligible companies nationwide. Related: How to leverage SR&ED benefits with IRAP funding Listed below are a few benefits that outline the significance of not just SR&ED and IRAP funding but Canadian government grants as a whole. The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF) The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF) provides funding to businesses, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations for economic development in southwestern Ontario.

The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF)

This program supports projects that create jobs, encourage innovation, collaboration and cluster development as well as attract private sector investment. Who Qualifies Eligible sectors. The Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) Canada-US Trade Wars: What does it mean for Canadian Businesses. Program Overview The trade war between Canada and the United States could raise the profile of some domestic industries, but Canadian retailers say that reality hangs on how long the cross-border tiff continues and if consumer attitudes on made-in-America goods shift.

Canada-US Trade Wars: What does it mean for Canadian Businesses

Canada’s dollar-for-dollar retaliatory tariffs targeting $16.6 billion in American imports came into effect July 1st — after the federal government gave the White House a month to rescind its 25 percent tariff on Canadian steel and 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports. Automotive Supplier Competitiveness Improvement Program (ASCIP) Program Overview The partnership between the Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association (APMA), the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Economic Development and Growth (MEDG) supports the auto parts sector in adopting industry-leading software, hardware and/or provide training to improve processes and increase the competitiveness of the industry in Ontario. The Automotive Supplier Competitiveness Improvement Program (ASCIP) seeks to increase the sourcing capabilities of Ontario-based small and medium-sized automotive suppliers while encouraging innovation and productivity initiatives that increase success in the growing export markets.

Program Objectives. GreenON Food Manufacturing Grant. Program Overview The GreenON Food Manufacturing program supports Ontario food and beverage processors. The program helps to accelerate greenhouse gas pollution reductions by enhancing the efficient use of inputs, processing, and outputs in the food and beverage processing sector. Program Benefits GreenON aims to improve competitiveness and gain access to greenhouse gas emission reduction technologies. This program shortens the pay-back period for implementing innovation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Health Technologies Fund (HTF) The Health Technologies Fund (HTF) is a program of the Government of Ontario, developed by the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist (OCHIS), administered by the Ontario Centres of Excellence. It supports the development of made-in-Ontario health technologies. Canadian Agricultural Partnership Cost Sharing Opportunities. Cost-Shared programs by federal, provincial and territorial governments: The Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) is a five-year federal-provincial-territorial initiative to increase the competitiveness, prosperity, and sustainability of the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products sector.

Since its launch, the CAP has been accepting applications in provinces where bilateral agreements have already been arranged, namely Ontario and Quebec. North American Company Secures Millions in Financing. Just recently, VanillaSoft Inc. received $4 million in equity and debt financing from different sources of funding. VanillaSoft is a sales engagement platform that supports clients in achieving better sales accountability, increased productivity and higher contact rates. Essentially, they aim to optimize the sales and time of a company through software solutions by focusing on different facets of digital technology, such as CRM.

CAP Alberta: Value-Added Products to Markets - Large Projects Program. Grant request must be more than $50,000, to a maximum of $500,000 per applicant per fiscal year. CSSP Collaborates with Carleton University in $2 Million e-Health Systems. Carleton University has just recently launched an approximately $2 million project in association with the CSSP. The CSSP is the Canadian Department of National Defence’s Safety and Security Program and promotes collaboration amongst all levels of government and certain organizations. They focus on supporting projects that enhance the development of S&T (science and technology) solutions to resolve capability gaps in organizations. In partnership with Public Safety Canada and other partners, they are improving the security of e-health systems through financing Carleton University’s project. Related: VR in the ER: Benefits of Virtual Reality in the Healthcare Industry The research project will be led by Carleton professor, Mohamed Ibnkahla.

Federal SR&ED Legislative Proposal Status. Starting a R-IoT: The Rapid Growth of IoT Devices and Their Benefits. As a brief summary, the Internet of Things is a giant network of connected devices and people that can fill multiple needs through collecting as well as sharing data. The short form, IoT, commonly refers to devices that generally wouldn’t be expected to have an internet connection but still communicate throughout a network, without any human input. Examples include smart TV’s, self-driving cars, fitness devices, and so much more. $100 Million in AI Funding Provided to Albertan Companies. The Alberta provincial government has recently implemented a five-year plan that will see $100 million in AI funding provided to focused companies. North American Company Secures Millions in Financing - Canadian Grants and Funding News. 5 Tips in Identifying Small Business Grants in Canada  For small businesses especially, identifying and acquiring grants can be very challenging.

There is no single exhaustive list to consult. Also, every industry contains different businesses eligible for different grants. The Benefits ERP Software Has To Offer Your Business. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become an increasingly popular technology among businesses due to the variety of benefits it brings to the table. Essentially, ERP is a business process management software that enables organizations to use a system of integrated applications to manage business processes and automate various functions. Society is now experiencing a time of rapid technological advancement that requires constant adaptation in order to survive. CRM Blockchain Startup Receives Funding to Launch New Platform. The Cere Network, a blockchain CRM company, has recently received funding through NEO Global Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, and Binance Labs. BDC Capital’s New Innovation Fund is Transforming the Canadian Economy. BDC Capital, the investment arm of BDC Canada’s only bank, has just launched its own Industrial Innovation Venture Fund.

The $250 million that this fund is composed of will be invested in technology companies that aim to modernize traditional Canadian industries. BDC will target companies in the early-to-late stages of development that are focused on agriculture, food, drones, energy, mining, robotics, and artificial intelligence. BDC brought on Joe Regan, a former board member for several companies with prior work experience at companies like Bioenterprise Capital and Export Development Canada, to oversee the fund as a managing partner. With Regan’s expertise and overview of the industry, BDC has confidence that he will successfully deliver the desired outcomes of the Industrial Innovation Venture Fund.

CryptoNumerics Financed Millions to Launch Big Data Analytics Tools. Canadian Innovation Grants are Transforming Businesses Nationwide. Research and Experimentation. Research and Experimentation. Research and Experimentation. Research and Experimentation. Advisory Services - EVAMAX Group. Grants and Funding for Biotech, Lifesciences & Medical - EVAMAX. Grants and Funding for Food Beverage - EVAMAX GROUP. Grants and Funding for Food Beverage - EVAMAX GROUP. Grants and Funding for Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering - EVAMAX. Alberta Innovates - Product Demonstration Program (PDP) Alberta Innovates: Alberta Bio Future: Opportunities. The Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) – EVAMAX Group.

How to leverage SR&ED benefits with IRAP funding. 2nd round of Intake: Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) 2nd Round of Intake: Automotive Supplier Competitiveness Improvement Program – EVAMAX Group. Canada-US Trade Wars: What does it mean for Canadian Businesses. Automotive Supplier Competitiveness Improvement Program (ASCIP) GreenON Food Manufacturing Grant. The Canadian Agricultural Partnership. PointClickCare: Toronto-based Cloud Software received $186 Million. Research and Experimentation. Grants and Funding for Oil & Gas, Mining & Chemical - EVAMAX GROUP. Grants and Funding for Clean Tech & Sustainable Technologies - EVAMAX. Hiring and Training Grants - EVAMAX GROUP. Innovation Grants and Funding - EVAMAX GROUP. North American Company Secures Millions in Financing. Export Grants and Funds - EVAMAX GROUP.

Hiring and Training Grants - EVAMAX GROUP. Tax Incentives Consultants. Quebec Desjardins Starting $45m FinTech Fund. The Yves Landry Global AIME Initiative. Grants and Funding for Oil & Gas, Mining & Chemical - EVAMAX GROUP. Grants and Funding for Clean Tech & Sustainable Technologies - EVAMAX. Back to the Future: The Revived Upbringing of Cryptocurrencies. Getting You Out Of Treble: How Canadian Artists Can Acquire Funding. Preparing Your Company For SRED CRA Review.

Canadian Government Grants & Funding for Businesses. Canadian Innovation Grants are Transforming Businesses Nationwide. Going International: Tips on Expanding Your Business Globally. Alliance Grants: Partnering with Organizations Can Reduce Your Costs. IRAP: Could You Be the Next Company to Receive Millions in Funding? $15M funding for Quebec's First fully Integrated Industrial Wood Pellet. The Yves Landry Global AIME Initiative.

Go Global with Regional Economic Growth Through Innovation (REGI) LinkedIn. $15M FUNDING FOR QUEBEC’S FIRST FULLY INTEGRATED INDUSTRIAL WOOD PELLET. Fund you Business Through Grants & Incentives! Richmond Hill companies score innovation funding from NRC IRAP - PLANT. Atlantic Innovation Fund.