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Tear-Off Ads. While serious companies rarely rely on tear-off advertising, it must be one of the most often used and widely spread advertisement types among common people since the invention of telephone.

Tear-Off Ads

It’s practical and easy to make – usually, it’s just a plain white paper with tear offs containing contact information. Probably you’ve seen them already, haven’t you? Nielsen Wire. Marketing Charts. Following is a brief overview of each of the 11 consumer trends which predicts will have a global impact on marketers in 2011. 1.Random acts of kindness: Consumers’ cravings for realness, for the human touch, ensure that everything from brands randomly picking up the tab to sending a surprise gift will be one of the most effective ways to connect with (potential) customers in 2011, especially beleaguered consumers in North America, Europe and Japan. advises that the rapid spread of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook among consumers gives brands previously unavailable insight into their moods, wants and locations, and also provides a new direct channel to deliver acts of kindness. 2.Urbanization: Urbanization remains one of the absolute mega trends for the coming decade, with about the global population currently living in urban areas.

Marketing Charts

B2b Contact Marketing. From up North. Basic facts (Gay money: The truth about lesbian & gay economics ¶ Joe Clark) Basic facts I spent six months in 2010 reading and summarizing every article on lesbian and gay economics published since the 1990s.

Basic facts (Gay money: The truth about lesbian & gay economics ¶ Joe Clark)

I took on this project to counter a myth. “Myth” in this case means “falsehood” or “lie,” not just “tale” or “story.” Myth: Gays are rich The myth of gay money holds that “gays” (really just gay males) are high-income or rich. Video.

Direct Marketing Consumer trends and insights from around the world. 12 Cool Stickers for your iPad. Unusual sticker can separate you from other iPad owners.

12 Cool Stickers for your iPad

This post features the most creative Apple iPad vinyl decals and stickers. Iron Man iPad Sticker This awesome Apple iPad sticker is perfect for the fans of Iron Man. [link] Boba Fett iPad Sticker. AdFreak: Apple Get a Mac: The Complete Campaign. Creative Advertising Archive & Community. Creative Advertising for Creative People - Hooked On Ads - Part 9. It looks like this channel just never stops. Here’s another very creative campaign from 13th Street.

For those who doesn’t know yet, 13th Street is a television channel which runs in Germany and France and specializes in action and suspense shows and movies. The world of creative advertising » Cars, Motorcycles.