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The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Green News & Facts

Country-Specific Environmental Protection. Earth Day. Earth Hour. Friends of the Earth. Green Education. Environmentally Friendly Detergents. Veganism. Renewable Energy. Environment-Friendly Home Improvements. Green Design. Meat & Its Impact On The Environment. Animal & Animal Rights Protection. Rainforest Protection. Green Parenthood - Only Environmentally Friendly Things. Foundation : ecology and environment concerns non profit organisation. Rainforest Alliance. Plants For A Future : 7000 Edible, Medicinal & Useful Plants. Recommended this month New Book ** Edible Perennials: 50 Top perennials from Plants For A Future [Paperback] Current interest in forest or woodland garden designs reflects an awareness that permanent mixed plantings are inherently more sustainable than annual monocultures.

Plants For A Future : 7000 Edible, Medicinal & Useful Plants

They safeguard and enrich soil ecosystems, enable plants to form cooperative combinations, make use of layers above and below the soil, and they create benign microclimates which soften winds and recycle the rain. The challenge is productivity: how can yields of useful foods and other useful materials be maximised? The latest book from Plants For A Future is a resource for discovering some of the answers. WWF. Home page.