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Lee Friedlander / Biography & Images - Atget / Videos Books & Quotes. Photography has generally been defended on the ground that it is useful, in the sense that the McCormick reaper and quinine have been useful.

Lee Friedlander / Biography & Images - Atget / Videos Books & Quotes

Excellent and persuasive arguments have been developed in this spirit; these are well known and need not be repeated here. It should be added however that some of the very best photography is useful only as juggling, theology, or pure mathematics is useful --- that is to say, useless, except as nourishment for the human spirit. When Lee Friedlander made the photograph reproduced here he was playing a kind of game. The game is of undetermined social utility and might on the surface seem almost frivolous. The rules of the game are so tentative that they are automatically (though subtly) amended each time the game is successfully played. The larger, dark figure reflected in the shop window is (obviously) the photographer. Olivier Duong » Insights gleaned from Lee Friedlander’s photography.

Photograph Copyright Lee Friedlander [I] eat, drink, sleep photography, but due to constraints, I have been loosing my inspiration lately.

Olivier Duong » Insights gleaned from Lee Friedlander’s photography

Theologians back then called this “Dark night of the soul”. My partner-friend-self appointed grandpa Don suggested I learn about the past, I reluctantly accepted. He’s turning senile but he occasionally is the voice of wisdom…ish. The last days of London - in pictures. Detroit - Bruce Gilden. Background My work on foreclosed homes in Detroit has actually been a continuation of a project that started in Fort Myers, Florida in September 2008.

Detroit - Bruce Gilden

For me the major concentration of the work is on the houses or what’s left of the houses. I chose to photograph them mostly straight on like my street work in a very blunt fashion. To let the houses speak for themselves. ​alec soth: in the pool of images. Represented by the Magnum agency, collected by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, commissioned by the New York Times and The New Yorker and head of his own publishing house, Little Brown Mushroom, Alec Soth is about as credible as a contemporary documentary photographer can get.

​alec soth: in the pool of images

His new exhibition, Gathered Leaves, at London's Science Museum (they're partnered with the National Media Museum in Bradford, hence their Media Space, focusing on photography and film) includes the span of his four major bodies of work from his first book, Sleeping by the Mississippi (published in 2004), until now. Shown chronologically, it reveals the evolution of his work, and the constant exploration of the vast expanse of the USA.

Is it still better to see a photo in an exhibition or a book, rather than online? A book to me is the album, like vinyl, and there's been this resurgence, because people want this tactile thing. The exhibition is like the live show. What do you mean by the authorship? Jacob Aue Sobol. Photographs - Colin O'Brien, Photographer, London. Jo Spence: Work. Kramer O’Neill. Kelvin Murray - London Advertising Photographer - folio - 1. home page. Les yeux sombres : LAURE LEDOUX. Sorry, you need Javascript on to email me. © 2014 laure ledoux Les yeux sombres Xudong, 2012 Laure, 2012 Pablo, 2012 Anne, 2011 Chloé, 2011 Marion, 2012 Lore, 2011 Axelle, 2012 Cloé, 2011.

Les yeux sombres : LAURE LEDOUX

Ben Trovato Blog - Fashion Photography. Omar Victor Diop Photographer Fine Art Fashion. Animal Kingdom – Les photographies en double exposition d’Andreas Lie. Julien Mauve - After Lights Out. After Lights Out2013 After Lights Out traite de l'omniprésence de la lumière dans nos sociétés contemporaines et dépeint un univers alternatif dans lequel celle-ci aurait disparu.

Julien Mauve - After Lights Out

Chaque photo présente des manifestations lumineuses isolées prenant des formes énigmatiques, voir ésotériques, rappelant les paysages nocturnes de Robert Adams. J'ai cherché à travers cette série à attirer l'attention sur le rapport mystérieux qui nous lie à la lumière, sur la relation que nous entretenons avec elle, sur sa superficialité et la dépendance dans laquelle elle nous plonge. L'anxiété et le danger des ombres mélangés au bien être et à la sécurité. Kent Shiraishi / Photos. 23 nouvelles photos sombres et poétiques de Diggie Vitt. 28 photos étranges et surréalistes de Trevor Drummond. 28 photos étranges et surréalistes de Trevor Drummond “Little Brick Box“, une série de photographies étranges du photographe Trevor Drummond, qui a décidé de réaliser un projet 365.

28 photos étranges et surréalistes de Trevor Drummond

Entre photographies surréalistes et photographies conceptuelles, Trevor Drummond nous offre ainsi chaque jour des images aussi étonnantes que magnifiques ! J’adore. Les photos surréalistes et poétiques de Kasia Derwinska. Les fabuleuses photos d’animaux de Manuela Kulpa. Manuela Kulpa est une photographe allemande amoureuse des animaux et de la nature en général.

Les fabuleuses photos d’animaux de Manuela Kulpa

A travers ses clichés elle souhaite montrer la beauté, la richesse et l’importance de notre environnement et à quel point il est vital de le préserver. Sa dernière série de photos intitulée « African Souls » montre le côté incroyablement humain des animaux d’Afrique. Les retouches sont superbes mais, au-delà de celles-ci, c’est bien l’instant à laquelle la photo est prise qui donne autant d’impact. L’artiste explique d’ailleurs qu’elle attend de très longs moments pour capturer l’éclairage, l’attitude et le regard parfait.

Pour en voir davantage, visitez son portfolio et son 500px. Vous aimez cet article ? Vincent Munier : Wildlife Photographer. Grégoire Korganow - Photographies.  Galeries virtuelles des photographies de Doisneau. Edouard de Blaÿ - Paris. David Hockney - Photographies. Studio Harcourt Paris, la photo de luxe depuis 1934. Photographer. "L'instant décisif" : texte de Cartier-Bresson. Henri Cartier-Bresson. Magnum Photos Photographers.

Portfolio » News. Photography Page 1 - T-Bone Fletcher. Henri Cartier-Bresson. OUR NOT SO DEFINED IDENTITIES. Pinhole on 120mm color film. Hand printed. - Stella Asia Consonni Photography. OUR NOT SO DEFINED IDENTITIES.

OUR NOT SO DEFINED IDENTITIES. Pinhole on 120mm color film. Hand printed. - Stella Asia Consonni Photography

Pinhole on 120mm color film. Hand printed. Exploring the progressive loss of real self-identity caused by the creation of web alter ego. The physicality of the images is to express the psychical connotations of the subjects. Index. Part 1 Masters of Photography Diane Arbus. Bernard Descamps, site de l'artiste. Bruce Gilden. Saul Leiter. “To say that he flourishes at the top in the Mount Olympus of New York photography is saying a great deal.

Saul Leiter

He is right up there with the amazing heights of photographic history itself. He’s more abstract than many, he’s more constructive than several but he’s also more soulful than a great many.” Max Kozloff (Art Historian) Saul Leiter’s ground-breaking work in photography and painting is only now receiving the international recognition it deserves. Born in Pittsburgh in 1923, Saul Leiter was the son of a distinguished Talmudic rabbi.

Leiter’s earliest black and white photographs show an extraordinary affinity for the medium, and by 1948 he began to experiment in color. Garry Winogrand. Elliott Erwitt. Mathieu Pernot. SITE DU PHOTOGRAPHE MARC RIBOUD. Le mur.