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Pose longue: pièges et remèdes, marché des filtres gris neutre. Planning Your Photoshoot - Review of the App: LightTrac. Getting to know when is the best time of the day, or the best lighting conditions in specific locations, is key for the outdoor photographer.

Planning Your Photoshoot - Review of the App: LightTrac

Whether you are shooting landscapes or portraits outside, it is always good to know in advance what to expect in terms of lighting at your desired location. Of course, as the old saying goes, there’s an app for that. While there is no shortage of similar applications, I find LightTrac easy to use and understand. It basically helps to plan outdoor photo sessions in advance, by finding the right lighting conditions and time, depending on the specific location you want to photograph. The application calculates the angle of the sun, the moon, and plots the results on top of a map for any location in the world.

Here is the list of features for the iPad and iPhone version: There is also an Android version with a more limited list of features. The application is very easy to read and understand. But the upper section provides much more information. Summary. 5 Reasons To Shoot Your Landscape Images in RAW. Detail recovered from a RAW file, before and after.

5 Reasons To Shoot Your Landscape Images in RAW

There is often a debate among photographers about shooting in RAW. Try it out – next time you are with a group of photographers, ask them who shoots in RAW. Better still, ask them why they don’t shoot in RAW. How to Be a Curious Photographer - Digital Photography School. A few months ago I wrote a post on how curiosity is a characteristic of great photographers.

How to Be a Curious Photographer - Digital Photography School

I was rereading this post earlier this week and began to ask myself a few questions: How do some people end up more curious than others? Is Curiosity a personality trait or can it be learned? How can I be more curious? 9 Helpful Apps for Photographers. Hopefully I’m not the only photographer in the world that tends to get quite excited when I discover a new app, or software that could definitely be used in my career.

9 Helpful Apps for Photographers

Yes I’m a bit geeky, but you know what – geeky is the new cool. Anyway, throughout my four years as a professional I’ve come across some really great Apps that you could use for your photography, even if you’re not a pro. What makes this more interesting, is that these Apps are not commonly talked about, so chances are they are probably new to you. So, let’s get to it: Quick Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with, paid by, or asked to list any of these apps/programs. 13 Places Take Beautiful Motion Blur Shots - Digital Photography School. While many of us spend a lot of time getting rid of ‘blurry’ shots – one of the best ways to add interest to play around with capturing motion blur.

13 Places Take Beautiful Motion Blur Shots - Digital Photography School

Here are 13 places that you might like to start experimenting with capturing motion blur in your photos. 1. Trains Image by Extra Medium. Pictogrammes et images. A Set of Imaginative Images to Spark Your Creativity. This week’s theme seems to be all about sparking up the fires of creativity.

A Set of Imaginative Images to Spark Your Creativity

A few articles this week have touched on this theme including: So I dug around 500px and Flickr for some super creative and inspiring images to spur you into action. Enjoy! Please practice full precautions and safety measures if you plan on attempting fire spinning. Don't Know What to Shoot? These 4 Photography Exercises Will Keep You Motivated.

Whether you’re just getting into photography, or if you’ve been at it for years; you can keep yourself rejuvenated, and keep the creative juices flowing by always trying new things.

Don't Know What to Shoot? These 4 Photography Exercises Will Keep You Motivated

If you’re feeling uninspired photographically, that’s a sign that you need to shake things up by trying something completely different, or at least something that isn’t your usual style. You might be surprised at how small exercises can boost your creativity while teaching you new techniques and solidifying old principles in your mind. Who knows, you might even discover a new passion! To give your brain a little kick in the butt, challenge yourself to try some of these photography exercises.

Even if they aren’t new to you, going out shooting with a new purpose feels refreshing and may lead to something completely new. 4 Tips for Taking Better Photographs of Trees. Can’t see the wood for the trees?

4 Tips for Taking Better Photographs of Trees

I’ve often struggled with the challenge of photographing trees in a way that captures the imagination and takes the viewer on a journey. I’ve learned that for me, there are two very effective ways to consider and photograph trees. Try asking yourself these two questions: Cheat Sheet: How to Hold a Camera. Learning to hold your digital camera is one of the most basic skills you’ll ever learn.

Cheat Sheet: How to Hold a Camera

In fact it is so basic that many people take it for granted. However, holding your camera correctly is easy to get wrong which in turn leads to images that suffer from camera shake. We’ve written numerous times on the topic of how to hold your camera (see below for more links) but thought this cheat sheet might help some of you visualise good technique (click to enlarge).

Best sling backpacks. Convenient, accessible and secure, sling bags are becoming the go-to option for more and more travelling photographers.

Best sling backpacks

Jon Stapley rounds up the best Manfrotto Brio-10 Stile Plus Sling Price: Around £49.95Website: Stop Collecting Tips and Start Practicing Photography. Young photographers are often better at digital photography than older photographers. This article will explain why this might be, and how you can improve your skills faster. Creative Reasons to use Intentional Camera Movement. One of the earliest lessons you likely learned as a photographer was the importance of keeping your camera steady and stable. You wanted tack-sharp focus, so you learned to tuck in your elbows and support your camera properly. But why limit yourself when there are so many creative reasons to move your camera?

Mastering Panning - Photographing Moving Subjects - dPS. Previously we’ve covered the topic of shutter speed and looked at how increasing and decreasing it can have a significant impact upon the images we take – particularly if the subjects in those images are moving. 3 Stupidly Simple Reasons Why Most People's Photography Does Not Improve. I’m presuming that this article will not apply to some readers of dPS… but after 3 conversations in the last week which revealed the same photography problems in 3 different people – I thought I’d better jot them down. Warning: none of this is rocket science sometimes the basics need to be said! 1. 13 Mind-Bending Thoughts About Photography. Trick Photography. Letterpop. Five Photo Ideas for Shooting Close to Home - Digital Photography School.

Bird Photography Tips for Beginners. The colour and texture of birds’ plumage makes them fascinating subjects for photography, made all the more exciting by their fleeting and elusive nature. What is Fine Art Photography and How to Do it? Digital photography has changed the way people take photos, and how many are taking them.

Anyone with a camera can be a photographer these days, and many of those want to be professional photographers or artists, though they can be the both. All over the internet there is a rise of those who are calling themselves Fine Art Photographers; so maybe it is time to look into what they are and how they are different to the usual photographers. Below is what I consider to be one of my fine art images. Home built in the 30s and then abandoned only a few years ago. I have lots of images that may be art, but they are not what I would call fine art photographs. The main street of a small town in Australia.

Both images would look nice framed and hanging on a wall, but if what you are trying to achieve is fine art, then only the first one would really fit that category. La photo sans mise au point. 40 Exemples de photos abstraites. I just love the creativity we see in abstract photography. I love it when a photographer takes an otherwise ordinary shot and shoots it at just the right angle or focus to create a masterpiece of colors, patterns and textures. #8 - La photographie abstraite. Tutoriel accessoires photobooth. Non seulement les accessoires photobooth sont tendance mais en plus, ils sont ultra-simples à réaliser et leur création est très économique. En un mot, il suffit de savoir découper. Recursos con música gratis para utilizar en tus proyectos multimedia.

La música juega un importante papel de en los proyectos de vídeo que vayas a realizar, sean estos personales, académicos o empresariales. Learning resources. As. Les 40 plus beaux lieux oubliés du monde - Culture. Cargo - Gallery. ISSUU - Digital Publishing Platform for Magazines, Catalogs, and more. Bank Holiday. A R T N A U. TWiP - This Week in Photo. Victoria secret gift cards optical illusions with the moon.

Comment choisir un objectif ? L’objectif (objo, caillou dans le jargon) est l’élément dont la qualité a le plus d’incidence sur le piqué d’une photo (netteté, contraste, définition). Il est caractérisé par sa focale (en mm), son ouverture (la luminosité), et son angle de champ (compatibilité avec un capteur plein format ou un petit capteur APS-C/DX). L’offre est pléthorique et le choix d’un ou plusieurs objectifs dépend du type de photographie à réaliser (sport, paysage, photos familiales, reportage…) et bien sûr du budget, sachant qu’il faudra débourser au grand minimum 400 euros pour acquérir un bon objectif (exemple un 50mm f/1.4).Une règle à retenir : il est toujours préférable d’utiliser un bon objectif avec un boitier bas de gamme, plutôt que l’inverse, donc mettez le paquet sur votre ou vos objectifs.

Busty - Busty ful Breast in Erotic Photography. Les plus belles photos de Paris. La ville la plus photographiée au monde compte parmi ses admirateurs de nombreux lecteurs de Paris ZigZag ! Vous avez été nombreux à nous envoyer votre plus beau cliché de Paris ! Voici donc notre sélection des 100 plus belles photos de Paris qui valident mieux que jamais la célèbre phrase de Victor Hugo « Respirer Paris, cela conserve l’âme ». 17 superbes photographies noir et blanc de Benoit Courti. Une sélection des magnifiques photos noir et blanc du photographe français Benoit Courti.

Couchers de Soleil et Miroirs brisés – 13 photographies étonnantes de Bing Wright. 30 escaliers en spirale absolument incroyables dont la beauté vous donnera le vertige.