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Economie expliquée

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Comprendre l'origine de la dette (en quelques minutes) In bad times, alternative cash rises. (CNN) – Ten years after the Spanish currency, the peseta, was phased out, a rural town in Spain has revolted. Against the backdrop of the ailing euro, about 30 shops in Villamayor de Santiago last month began accepting the old currency, which was phased out in 2002 when Spain joined the eurozone. According to Luis Miguel Campayo, chairman of the local merchant’s association, the move has been especially popular with older clientele, many of whom kept hold of old bills and coins in case the euro failed. Video - Breaking News Videos from Comment Goldman Sachs a mis la Grèce à genoux en 10 ans. Vidéo Marc Roche, journaliste et auteur de "La Banque - Comment Goldman Sachs dirige le monde de LCIWAT (Actualité - LCIWAT. L'Argent Dette 2 - Promesses Chimérique.

L'argent Dette (2010) Paul Grignon. Comprendre la dette publique (en quelques minutes)