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My Private Marketing Toolbox. Intro to Online Content Marketing with Ezra Firestone. Video Transcript Hi, I'm Ezra Firestone, and welcome to Shopify Ecommerce University.

Intro to Online Content Marketing with Ezra Firestone

Now, this is the premiere place on the planet to get information about how to build, scale and grow your Ecommerce business. I'm an ecommerce business owner, just like you. I run drop shipping businesses, six-figure drop shipping businesses, seven-figure manufacturing and importing businesses where I'm actually manufacturing product and importing it, and warehousing it and shipping it myself. I have white labeling businesses. I also have a marketing blog where I share my research, I share what's been working for me in my businesses with people like you.

So, you can only give from your own surplus, so I have to have this knowledge and experience in order to give it to you, and luckily Shopify has provided us with this platform where I can share whats been working for me, in my businesses, with you. Next Chapter. The Life of Chris Guillebeau and Building a $100 Startup. “Writer.

The Life of Chris Guillebeau and Building a $100 Startup

Traveler. Fighter of the status-quo.” 5 Ways to Find More Time to Blog : Social Media Examiner. Is there a blogger inside you, waiting to emerge?

5 Ways to Find More Time to Blog : Social Media Examiner

Need tips for producing more content? Writing quality content will help you attract more customers and increase your visibility. In this article, you’ll discover five ways to find more time to blog. 20 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools for Writing Better Blog Posts. Fans of high culture rejoice.

20 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools for Writing Better Blog Posts

We have finally realized our potential as a species. We have reached the pinnacle of creative expression. That’s right. MacGyver is getting a reboot. For those of you born in the 90’s, MacGyver was a TV show starring Richard Dean Anderson and his amazing mullet: Image via Telestar. How to Use "Editorial Use Only" Images - The Shutterstock Blog. Consider this situation… you are designing a brochure that will be used to promote football uniforms and you would like to include some dynamic images in the design.

How to Use "Editorial Use Only" Images - The Shutterstock Blog

You search through Shutterstock‘s extensive library of over 3 million images and see a great photo of football players that would fit perfectly in your design. However, you notice that below the photo it reads “Editorial Use Only” in the release information. What exactly does this mean? This question comes up quite often. Images that are marked as “editorial use only” are ones that have not been released for commercial use and have also been taken without the consent of the individuals in the photo. When Can I Use “Editorial Use Only” Images? Never Designed an Instagram Ad? Here Are 7 Things That Will Make You Stand Out. With more than 400 million users (surpassing 304 million monthly active users on Twitter) that are sharing over 80 million photos and 3.5 billion likes per day, Instagram is undeniably a big and very influential community.

Never Designed an Instagram Ad? Here Are 7 Things That Will Make You Stand Out

Around 53% of users follow their favorite brands on Instagram and around 44% of them use Instagram to research products. With 70% of users under 35 years of age, Instagram is the perfect platform for marketers that are looking to reach a young and growing audience through the universal language of images. As of last September, Instagram has started rolling out Sponsored Ads and giving marketers a chance to drive a highly engaged audience to relevant product pages outside the Instagram environment. Sponsored Ads look like normal Instagram posts (photo or video) and the only difference is that they have a blue “sponsored” tag at the top right-hand corner and can be shown from an account you don’t already follow. How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts: A Game Plan for the Top Social Networks : Social Media Examiner. Do you want to drive more traffic to your blog?

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts: A Game Plan for the Top Social Networks : Social Media Examiner

3 Brilliant Copywriting Formulas for Crafting More Persuasive Landing Pages. You know that telling a story is a great way to write high-converting landing page copy.

3 Brilliant Copywriting Formulas for Crafting More Persuasive Landing Pages

Thing is, you might not fancy yourself much of a storyteller. As much as you appreciate a good tale, when you go to spin one yourself, your words fall flat (and so do your conversions). But what if there was a formula you could follow to piece together a compelling narrative that’s sure to resonate with your ideal customer? Better yet, what if there was an entire toolbox of formulas you could use?

In our latest Unwebinar, expert copywriter and Write With Influence founder Amy Harrison shared three easy-to-follow-but-super-effective formulas for piecing together a captivating story on your landing page. Watch the webinar recording here, or keep reading for a summary of three new formulas for your landing page copywriting toolbox. Tell a story no one’s heard before The story you tell on your landing page should be compelling, but Amy explained that it also has to be unique:

How to Format Content for Sharing on Social Media. I try to read as much as I can, and every morning I put aside 30 minutes to check out the latest posts from my favorite blogs and writers.

How to Format Content for Sharing on Social Media

In 30 minutes, you can only take in so much. Some posts I read thoroughly, others I open and close again within a matter of seconds. My favorite ones, I load into Buffer and share. Often, my decision to read a post and then subsequently share it relies a lot on the formatting: Is it easy to read? Can I scan through? 3 Articles that Will Help You Transform Your Rough Ideas Into Refined Digital Content. 28 Super Easy Tips on How to Promote Your Content. By Brooke B.

28 Super Easy Tips on How to Promote Your Content

Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist Content distribution has been a BIG topic here on {grow} and around the social sphere. As Mark’s book, The Content Code explains, “great content isn’t the finish line, it’s the starting line.” It seems we get stuck in that rut of spending all of our creative energy and time on creating our content, and then once we hit publish we forget that we MUST work on sharing that content. 28 Super Easy Tips on How to Promote Your Content. How to Do Curated Content RIGHT: A Step-by-Step Guide. Thirteen Steps to Write and Publish a Free Ebook In Thirteen Hours. How to Generate $1,000,000 from Your Blog. 15 Steps for Creating a Successful Social Media Giveaway Contest. Everyone loves getting something for free. In fact, one of the main reasons that people “Like” a brands Facebook page is so that they can either obtain a discount or win something.

The rise of social media allows businesses to easily create their own contests and giveaways that can: Build links to your website (great for SEO)Increase trafficCreate social engagement This then can lead to increased brand awareness and the sharing of your contest on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. So giving away something for free can result in free marketing. In this article we will go through 15 steps to set up, promote, and use “giveaways” to improve traffic and social engagement. Step 1. What is the primary purpose of the Giveaway? 3 Brilliant Copywriting Formulas for Crafting More Persuasive Landing Pages. How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts: A Game Plan for the Top Social Networks : Social Media Examiner.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts: A Game Plan for the Top Social Networks : Social Media Examiner. Google+ Changes: What Marketers Need to Know Social Media Examiner. Have you heard about the changes to Google+? Want to know how the redesign affects you? To help marketers understand what to expect, we recently explored the new Google+ and asked notable experts to weigh in with their thoughts on the new design.

In this article you’ll discover what‘s changed with Google+. Why Marketers Should Care About Google+ Before we dive into the specifics of the new Google+ updates, it’s important to address what these updates mean to social media marketers as a whole. But now, we can see it’s not the end for Google+. 13 Tantalizing Incentives that Will Build Your Email List. Vytmin. 27 Tips To Strengthen Your Online Influence. How do you influence others over the Internet? Whether you want to change their mind or make the sale, the better you are at influencing, the more you’ll get whatever it is that you want.

With that in mind, here are 27 tips (in no particular order) to help you gain more influence online. 1. Pick one niche and become the master of that niche. The thinner you spread yourself, the less influence you have. 2. When we get stuck in a rut of our own making, we view the world from that one perspective that we’ve chosen. But if you’re going to influence others, you need to hang out with them, experience their world and see what makes them tick. How to Tell Better Stories in Your Business. Contentmktgtools. A Step-by-Step Guide to SEO Keyword Research Using FREE Tools. How to Post Curated Content Across Multiple Social Platforms Social Media Examiner.

Do you manage several social media accounts? 65: How to Write Copy That Converts Like Crazy with Joanna Wiebe. Joanna Wiebe isn’t someone that’s focused on money, a statement that some of entrepreneurs would be horrified by. However what she is passionate about is words, the power of them, and their ability to inspire, convince, and persuade. It’s this passion for writing that has led her to create one of the most premiere copywriting services in the world where her skill as a wordsmith is sought after by hundreds of businesses.

She doesn’t do this by making good copy, she does it by making GREAT copy. 7 Popular Blogging Tips That Don't Always Apply. 25 Content Distribution Tools for a Better Content Strategy. 6 Months of Blog Content Ideas In 20 Min. So, you’ve heard that content marketing – sharing valuable, relevant content with your ideal clients – is a great way to establish yourself as an expert, build relationships, increase brand awareness, and grow your community. Blogging in English - When It's Not Your Primary Language. “Can I or should I write on my blog in English, even if it’s not my primary language?” Global Content Marketing: The Book - Global Content Marketing. Why Startups and Bloggers Both Fail at Blogger Outreach. Free Wordpress Content Curation Tools - Plugins & Theme.

Content Curation Tools: 21 Criteria To Select And Evaluate Your Ideal One. Nonetheless we are just at the beginning of a new era, in which content curation will be as important as search, there is already an apparent abundance of content curation tools of all kinds. Photo credit: Hand filling out checklist on clipboard with a pen by Shutterstock To the superficial eye, many such curation tools also appear to be very similar to one another, especially if evaluated exclusively from the type of news streams or visual collections that can be produced with them.

On the other hand it is not realistic for someone to go out and test each and every one of the available solutions. For these reasons, it is quite difficult and time consuming to select and identify the most appropriate content curation tool for a specific need and as a consequence most rely on the tools they have tried and that satisfy their basic needs but remain quite ignorant about what options they are leaving on the table only because they have not yet tried them. How to Streamline Your WordPress Blogging Workflow. How many of you think that there is not enough hours in the day to manage your blog, participate in social media communities, while running a successful business?

If you are one of the many bloggers and business owners who constantly looking for more ways to be efficient, then you are in for a treat. I own and manage numerous multi-author blogs including WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site. Through the years of experience, I have signifincalty streamlined my editorial workflow which allows me to focus my time on growing my business. Blog.hootsuite. My Stance On Blogging and Social Media. The benefits of blogging and making money online. How To Easily Discover & Persuade Influencers to Share Your Content - Salesforce Canada Blog.

This article by Sam Hurley is part of our Blogtober event, which features blog posts written by industry influencers in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Brands large and small have saturated the Internet with content. 5 Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Social Media Marketing Social Media Examiner. AWeber Ninja Hacks. Ultimate Guide: 11 Sign-Up Strategies for Building Your Email List. How Content Marketing and SEO Overlap. 27+ Handy Tools for Better Visual Content Marketing  27+ Handy Tools for Better Visual Content Marketing  How Walmart Creates Content for a Massive Audience. As content marketers, we spend a lot of time talking about really knowing our audience, narrowing our focus, and sharing valuable information often and everywhere.

We talk about knowing what makes your customers tick, and embodying everything your brand stands for. But ultimately, this is a strategy that inherently favors B2B brands, particularly those with finite audiences and niche appeal. When you’re the largest retailer in the world, things are a little more tricky. Kay Streit is a senior manager II of content and editorial strategy at Walmart eCommerce. aims to reach an enormous audience, one with wildly varied needs, tastes, and values. (Full disclosure: Walmart is a Contently client.) Streit leads a robust in-house team that creates articles, slideshows, videos, buying guides, and other editorial features to help Walmart shoppers with their purchase decisions. How to Use an Editorial Calendar to Work Smarter and Improve Your Bottom Line. Blog Writing: 11 Useful Tools to Improve Your Blog Post Writing.

The Ultimate Guide To Successful Email Marketing. The Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful Business Blog. 7 Headline Writing Tips That Get Clicks. The CMO’s Guide to Building a Brand Newsroom. Best Content Writer For Your Business - Feckless Goblin. Scaling: How to Grow Up From a Brand Blog to a Brand Publisher. Content Marketing Tools A to Z That You Can Use in 2015 and Beyond. The Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful Business Blog. The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Content Marketers. How To Get Published: The Ultimate Guide To Guest Blogging. 15 Resources For Mastering Email Support. Are You Summoning the Power of Email Marketing? Blog Promotionology, The Art & Science of Blog Promotion. How to Create Share-Worthy Content That's Optimized for Search. 26 Blogging Tools to Simplify Your Life: An A-Z List Social Media Examiner. Pricing. 40 Social Media Curation Sites and Tools. Top 10 Free Content Curation Tools for Teachers.

Tinderbox. Scrivener. Repetition Detector. Plagiarism Checker. Creative Idea Generator. "Composing collaborative fiction with a hypermedia authoring tool: A q" by Brien James Dick. 100 Useful Web Tools for Writers. Photos For Class - The quick and safe way to find and cite images for class! Find the Right ONLINE CRITIQUE GROUP For You! Top 50 Writing Blogs for 2015. 16 Best Plugins to Improve WordPress Comments System.

BuzzSumo: Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers. Printing Press. Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents. Issuu - You Publish. Zotero. Dailymotion - Watch, publish, share videos. - Vous êtes le red-en-chef.

Joomag - FREE Interactive Service for Digital Magazine publishing and hosting. Blog Promotionology, The Art & Science of Blog Promotion. Facebook Website Custom Audiences: A Definitive Guide for Remarketing. How to Cite Sources & Not Steal People's Content on the Internet. Visual Content Marketing: A Resource Guide for Marketers Social Media Examiner. How to Quote (and be Quoted) for Error-Free Attribution. How to Tap Into Emotions and Boost Your Content Marketing.

Free Wordpress Content Curation Tools - Plugins & Theme. 12 Content Curation Tools That You Never Thought You'd Need. The Ultimate List of Content Curation Tools and Platforms. 26 Free (or Free-to-Try) Content Curation Tools. 40 Social Media Curation Sites and Tools. Content Curation Tools: The Ultimate List.