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Dailymotion - Watch, publish, share videos

Dailymotion - Watch, publish, share videos

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How Walmart Creates Content for a Massive Audience As content marketers, we spend a lot of time talking about really knowing our audience, narrowing our focus, and sharing valuable information often and everywhere. We talk about knowing what makes your customers tick, and embodying everything your brand stands for. But ultimately, this is a strategy that inherently favors B2B brands, particularly those with finite audiences and niche appeal. When you’re the largest retailer in the world, things are a little more tricky. Kay Streit is a senior manager II of content and editorial strategy at Walmart eCommerce. Top 5 Sites For Learning Piano Online For some reason, whenever you search for anything free online, you are inundated with sites created solely for collecting email addresses or for selling a product. This is especially true when it comes to sites on the Internet that offer free piano lessons. Unfortunately, almost 90 percent of the websites with “free piano lessons” in the title only offer one or two very basic lessons. Ultimately, they want you to sign up for paid full-length piano lessons. Thankfully, there really are legitimate websites out there that do offer legitimate, free piano lessons.

5 Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Social Media Marketing Social Media Examiner Do you want to use storytelling in your social media marketing? Are you looking for inspiration? Building your social media campaigns around stories helps you stand out from other brands, and grab the attention of consumers. In this article you’ll discover five ways to use storytelling in your social media marketing. Online Education UPDATE: we're doing a live, updated MOOC of this course at stanford-online July-2014 (not this Coursera version). See here: CS101 teaches the essential ideas of Computer Science for a zero-prior-experience audience.

How To Easily Discover & Persuade Influencers to Share Your Content - Salesforce Canada Blog This article by Sam Hurley is part of our Blogtober event, which features blog posts written by industry influencers in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Brands large and small have saturated the Internet with content. Even when your content is of the highest quality and worth readers’ attention, it’s hard to stand out.

How to use CSS3 transitions Everyone loves motion. Adding the fourth dimension (time) to a site design is the main way screen-based design stands out from print design. CSS Transitions are a simple method for animating properties of an element enabling you to enrich certain events in your web design, without the need of Flash or JavaScript. The W3C aptly describes transitions on their website as “CSS Transitions allows property changes in CSS values to occur smoothly over a specified duration”. In other words, CSS transitions allow us to modify a property incrementally, creating a sensation of motion and imbuing designs with subtlety and emotion that isn’t possible with a quick change. The benefits of blogging and making money online To many people, starting a blog or website is intimidating. They imagine HTML and programming, server management, SEO jargon they don't understand, and revenue sources that require thousands of visits each day. That used to be me about 7 years ago and I was afraid of the “technical” aspect of building websites. Looking back, I don’t even remember exactly why. Maybe it was a fear of failure or just the unknown. What if my website crashed – how would I handle that?

My Stance On Blogging and Social Media I'm happy to see you around. You may want to subscribe to my blog. Thanks for visiting! The New Hot Trend Of Flat Web Design With Examples Flat design is a term that you see everywhere these days and there is a good reason for that. But what is flat design anyway? Flat design is a style which has more to do with mobile user interfaces than web design and it is called flat due to the fact that there isn’t any 3D realism in it. How to Streamline Your WordPress Blogging Workflow How many of you think that there is not enough hours in the day to manage your blog, participate in social media communities, while running a successful business? If you are one of the many bloggers and business owners who constantly looking for more ways to be efficient, then you are in for a treat. I own and manage numerous multi-author blogs including WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site. Through the years of experience, I have signifincalty streamlined my editorial workflow which allows me to focus my time on growing my business. The key to streamlining any process starts with organization.

Responsive Multi-Level Menu A responsive multi-level menu that shows its submenus in their own context, allowing for a space-saving presentation and usage. View demo Download source Today we want to share an experimental drop-down menu with you. The main idea is to save space for menus that have a lot of content and sub-levels. Each sub-level in this menu will be shown in its own context, making the “parent” level disappear.

Content Curation Tools: 21 Criteria To Select And Evaluate Your Ideal One Nonetheless we are just at the beginning of a new era, in which content curation will be as important as search, there is already an apparent abundance of content curation tools of all kinds. Photo credit: Hand filling out checklist on clipboard with a pen by Shutterstock To the superficial eye, many such curation tools also appear to be very similar to one another, especially if evaluated exclusively from the type of news streams or visual collections that can be produced with them. Retina Web Design - Info, Tools And Techniques I was talking with someone the other days and I mentioned the term retina graphics at some point and he immediately stopped me and questioned me about it. What intrigued him was why we should design something just for the visitors who own Apple products and a small number of other devices. For those of you who share his opinion, we should do it because it is the proper way, something like cross-browser optimization but not quite like it. But what are retina graphics anyway? Retina is a term used by Apple to describe their the double density pixel screens in their liquid crystal displays which they claim have a high enough pixel density that the human eye is unable to notice at a typical viewing distance.

Why Startups and Bloggers Both Fail at Blogger Outreach Startups need attention and a very relevant technique to gaining attention is maintaining a healthy relationship with bloggers. Bloggers (no matter how popular) need content, things to write about and news to spread. Sounds like a joint venture made in heaven? True – but as always, things aren’t that simple. The Diversity of the Blogosphere The Blogosphere is made up of different crowds.

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