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Wiktionary: ótimo para consultar morfologia. DICIONARIO ESCOLAR LATINO PORTUGUES DO MEC POR ERNESTO FARIA 1962 : DARCY CARVALHO : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming. Gramática Latina - Pe. João Ravizza. FARIA, Ernesto. Gramática Superior Da Língua Latina. Rio De Janeiro Acadêmica : Rebouças. Dictionnaire Etymologique De La Langue Latine, Ernout - Meillet. Resources for Latin teachers - John P. Piazza, M.A. Here you will find my articles and materials which pertain directly to the Latin classroom.

Resources for Latin teachers - John P. Piazza, M.A.

Theory (links to other teachers’ writings): The Inclusive Latin Classroom. A new blog created by Latin teachers who have made inclusive practices a priority. Error Traps. Lance Piantaggini’s criticism of traditional assessments. Related to the above: What’s the Point of Assessment? Related to both of the above: Do No Harm: Flexible and Smart Grading Practices, also from Edutopia Comprehensible Input, introduction for Latin teachers, with resources Theory and research supporting CI practices Bill Van Patten presents his thoughts on second language acquisition Teaching Latin to Humans, by Justin Slocum Bailey Why we should think about CI as comprehended input (with a link to an important article by Terry Waltz) Classroom practices and activities: Learning Latin: Teaching Latin. Latin Vocabulary Quiz. How Strong is Your Core Latin Vocabulary?

Latin Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary may be the most essential part of learning a language. If you don't know what words to use, how can you speak, read, or listen to a different language? That's where core vocabulary comes into the picture. Your core words are the most important ones in the language - the most basic bricks you'll need to build up your language skills. In the case of Latin, these are the words you'll see most frequently in the works of the great authors. Pugio Bruti - A Crime Story in Easy Latin. How do I get the book?

Pugio Bruti - A Crime Story in Easy Latin

The book is available from Can I get the book from Amazon? No. Amazon no longer supports Latin as a language for direct publishing, so instead we have turned to the more Latin-friendly How do I get the Audiobook? The audiobook is available right here. Home. Podcasts in Latin. By Curtis Dozier and Christopher B.

Podcasts in Latin

Polt In order to prepare for the SCS’s upcoming sesquicentennial at the annual meeting in San Diego from January 3–6, 2019, the SCS blog is highlighting panels, keynotes, and workshops from the schedule. This week we are focusing on the Podcasting the Classics panel (8:00am–10:30am on Saturday, Jan. 5) by pointing to some resources for those who want to explore the medium more fully. One of the best ways to build fluency in a language is to listen to that language being spoken at a comprehensible level of complexity. This is no less true for Latin than for any other language, but until recently the options for listening to Latin being spoken were limited, especially for those unable to travel to the various spoken-Latin colloquia around the country (e.g., the Paideia Institute’s “Living Latin,” Dickinson College’s Conventiculum Dickinsoniense, UMass-Boston’s Conventiculum Bostoniense).

Philologia Perennis (w/ Patrick Owens and Tom Keeline) Latin Podcast Roundup – Classical Association of New England. I know that I have school colleagues whose summer vacation is more than three weeks off (my wife, sadly, is one of these).

Latin Podcast Roundup – Classical Association of New England

But I finished my student final comments today and will turn in grades tomorrow. Despite the fact that I turned the heat back on this morning, and my buff cat is, to paraphrase Sappho, turning greener than a blade of grass, my thoughts have turned to summer. Summer is a great time to explore Latin podcasts. The range of approaches and of subject matter is very wide indeed and some are consistently of spectacularly high quality. Latinitium – Videos in Latin: literature, history, and language. Why Students of Color Don’t Take Latin - EIDOLON. I am a Latin teacher.

Why Students of Color Don’t Take Latin - EIDOLON

I have spent the last several years of my life teaching Latin to 7th and 8th graders, with the occasional high school class sprinkled in. When students ask me why they should sign up for Latin, I tell them that it is a beautiful language that unlocks a world of wonder. From the ancient Romans to the modern day, Latin has been an international language of art, music, science, math, law, government, medicine and everything in between.

Whatever the student’s passion is, Latin will definitely help. In addition, having Latin on your transcript will make colleges and universities drool. Given all of the benefits of learning Latin, why don’t more students of color sign up for Latin in middle or high school? Latin has a reputation for being a language for the “smart” kids. So why does Latin continue to maintain this exclusionary and elitist reputation? For centuries now, the default approach to teaching Latin has been the grammar-translation approach. Un Profe de Latín- Actividades e innovación en LATÍN y GRIEGO. Legonium on Twitter. Legonium. The Inclusive Latin Classroom. Perseus Digital Library.

PHI Latin Texts - Word Search (corpus com concordância) Poesia latina com evidênciação de métrica, elisão, etc. Dickinson College Commentaries. New Latin commentary at DCC: Jerome, Malchus the Captive Monk, with notes by William Turpin.

Dickinson College Commentaries

A fascinating story of enslavement, escape, and celibacy in late antique Syria: The DCC core vocabularies are now available in Turkish, thanks to Mert Inan. The DCC Ancient Greek and Latin Core Vocabulary lists are now available with definitions in Romanian, thanks to Mihai Vladimirescu: Greek; Latin. New videos are available that discuss how to write notes for DCC:Part 1: Ten Principles: 2: Examples: 3: Style and Usage Here's hoping this inspires even more people to join our community of contributing scholars! In the Aeneid commentary links in the notes field to images of manuscript M (Florence, Laur. 39.1 + Vatican lat. 3225, f.76) are now updated and functioning.