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Mobile. Gerben van Dijk. Design and publish beautiful maps. The Story of Our Company - The Making of Teehan+Lax. Growth 2004–2009 We moved to a larger office in 2005.

The Story of Our Company - The Making of Teehan+Lax

We took a five year lease, which now eclipsed the printer as our biggest commitment. The office was 4000 sq ft. We spent $50,000 to build out the office, which now included a boardroom (something we previously didn’t have) and a kitchen. During the 5 year period between 2004-2009, the company went from about 9 people to over 30. Platforms and Programs.

James Bond 007 Cars Evolution. <div class="no-js-warning">This site is better with JavaScript turned on!

James Bond 007 Cars Evolution

Pi's Epic Journey - LIFE OF PI on Digital HD. We empower visionaries to lead meaningful brands. Print Magazine. Faustine Steinmetz and 6a Architects invite us into their studios and speak at length about their creative process.

Print Magazine

The Italian duo Studiopepe talks about how they manage to stick to their distinctive, surrealist style while working on various commercial projects. Two very different Polish photographers are portrayed: Bownik, a contemporary photographer with a mysterious aura and a flair for scientific experiments, and Zofia Rydet, who took a unique approach to photographing children in post-war Poland. YCN Studio.

Tornobambino. We're a small creative studio based in the beautiful Sardinia, Italy.


We create simple, clear and effective web products that work. Our work is our big passion and that's why we always start new projects with a lot of enthusiasm, with the main goal of developing great projects and making our clients completely satisfied. I'm a graphic designer, I love to design everything: websites, mobile applications and print products as well. Branding Company.

Moullinex Live! + Xinobi dj set + Mister Teaser en Razzmatazz Clubs, Barcelona 03/10/2014. Spring-Summer 2014. Home « Unfold. Unfold is a small independent digital agency,established in Oslo, Norway.

Home « Unfold

In the intersection of technology and design we develop useful, compelling and engaging interactive experiences across all digital platforms. We work on a large variety of projects including applications, sites, games, digital installations and campaigns. Aware of the overwhelming amount of information surrounding us, we aim to speak a clean, clear and meaningful message.

R+Co - The Culture of Hairdressing. Jueves. Cinemargentino, videoteca de cine argentino. JARRITOS — Mexican Soda with Real Fruit Flavors. BEL 50 - Chicago Restaurant. The Farmer & The Chef. The South Event August 28, 2014 • 5:30pm The March of Dimes and The Delaware Department of Agriculture have teamed up to present The Farmer and The Chef.

The Farmer & The Chef

The event is a fundraiser for the March of Dimes, with proceeds going directly to the March of Dimes. The premise of the event is simple, pair local farmers with local chefs. While the event is a fundraiser for the March of Dimes, we are also helping to create sustainable relationships between local farmers and chefs, while reinforcing the movement of eating healthy which is something the March of Dimes believes in and promotes to women who are considering pregnancy. Leaders The Conference - 2013. Maptia. Denise Chandler. Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 5 Texture Pack. Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 5 Texture Pack. The Beatles™: Rock Band™

Alta Relojería Contemporánea de 4N. Book Magazine #1. Чтение печатных изданий, будь то книги или модный глянец, носит, с одной стороны, поистине сакральный характер, а с другой, учитывая сегодняшнюю доступность информации, превращается в несколько иррациональное и даже ретроградское занятие.

Book Magazine #1

Можно жалеть, но печатные издания переживают не лучшие времена. И в этом месте уже хочется представиться: Book magazine, ваш новый журнал о моде и культуре, не занимающий ни места в квартире, ни пункта в списке покупок, но абсолютно так же трепетно написанный, вдумчиво свёрстанный, регулярно выходящий и предлагающий массу мультимедийного контента. Резонный вопрос: а чем мы отличаемся от новостных и развлекательных сайтов? BANANA CAFE. We Love Talent. Risk Everything. MELANIE F. Playing Fashion. Spreading Visual Unity. Vifa. Home - Ouur Collection. Abby Seymour. How to Design a Folky Gig Poster in Adobe Illustrator. We make apps.

1. New collection - "Playful ads, hang on the good days" - Spring / Summer 2011. Barbara Opsomer. KONG. Creatief interactiebureau. Italian interactive design studio. メンズシェーバー ラムダッシュ. Home - OK Studios - Corporate Design & Brand Creation - Typo3 & Magento Agentur Hamburg. Deux Huit Huit. Ifyc 31.

Ifyc 21. Ifyc 11. Leaders. Grayden Poper – Interactive Designer. Nicola Cozzolino Art Director - Web Designer - Graphic Designer - Illustrator - Freelance. We're getting married! Saving energy. Creative & Digital Marketing Agency. 404. Smash light - svjetlosni i specijalni efekti. Norway – the land of the northern lights. Vladimir Strajnic - Graphic Design Portfolio. Tu Tu Much Media. SportLifestyle: Signature Style Performance Athletic Apparel. Philips LED lightshow Concepts on Behance. Diverza. on Behance. Network android app re-design on Behance. Startup Quote. Design. DESDE EL MAR IV. Oxiteno Music Lounge on Behance.

Tú mueves Europa. The Conservative Party. Kempeli Design e Comunicação on Behance. What if you hire Arek - brand identity + web on Behance. Paris Métropole Brand Identity on Behance. Hapna Typeface on Behance. Hapna is a geometric slab serif designed as an alternative to other slab style fonts available on the market.

Hapna Typeface on Behance

The typeface was originally release… Read More Hapna is a geometric slab serif designed as an alternative to other slab style fonts available on the market. The typeface was originally released in January 2013 as a free monospaced single weight slab serif called Hapna Mono. This new design has gone through detailed changes to the characters to help define a more contemporary alternative take on the traditional slab serif style. Hapna was inspired by the baseball culture and the graphic language of the early 1950s. Überzeitung – Eine Liebeserklärung on Behance.

BBC News App Concept on Behance. London Design Agency and Branding Consultancy. Postwire. Postwire is an online service that gives you an easy and visual way to share content with your clients, co-workers, collaborators, and friends.


FOX Life Rebrand Book on Behance.

Cursos diseño

Sinhazinhas. Sinhazinhas is a brand of women’s clothing designed for the younger crowd.


We were called to interpret the essence of the brand and translate into graphical parts of their visual identity. Sinhazinhas, as they were formerly called the “girls”, have a fun and unique appeal. We decided to create the “sinhazinhas” of the future, girls with lots of attitude and charm. Sharing is caring.