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6th International Artist’s Book Triennial opened in Vilnius. Video of Artist’s Book Triennial opening in Vilnius Theme: “Love” Artists near the Gallery “Titanikas” in Vilnius. from the left to the right: Kestutis Vasiliunas, Roberta Vaigeltaite-Vasiliuniene (Lithuania), Hanne Matthiesen (Denmark), Dalia Lopez Madrona (Sweden), lady from Hungary, Josephine Tabbert (Germany), Andras Butak (Hungary), Elisabetta Diamanti (Italy), Lucas Kunz (Germany), Krassimira Drenska (Switzerland), Katriona S.W.

6th International Artist’s Book Triennial opened in Vilnius

Persson (Sweden), Angeline Rood (The Netherlands), Else Juhl Lundhus (Denamark), Maja Ingerslev (Denamark), Marianne Laimer (Sweden), Inger Agnete Diemer (Denmark) Dear Friends in Art, I want to congratulate you with the opening of the 6th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2012. Dear Artists, I want to say many thanks to all who sent books for the 6th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2012, who trusted in us. Kestutis Vasiliunas curator of the Triennial Director of the Gallery "Titanikas" Dr. Director of the Gallery "Titanikas" Dr. Fine Art, Decorative Art, and Design - The Art World Online: artnet. Street Art. 20 Artists With Must-Click Web Sites, From Tauba Auerbach to Andrea Zittel. The launch of Damien Hirst’s new Web site, which offers a voyeuristic live camera feed into the heart of his studio, is certainly a step forward in adventurousness for famous artists on the Internet (in comparison, Gerhard Richter’s looks like Geocities).

20 Artists With Must-Click Web Sites, From Tauba Auerbach to Andrea Zittel

But Hirst is still far from avant garde in the wild world of artist Web sites, where new media artists turn the Internet into a visual playground and conceptualists build puzzling and wonderful hybrid pages. Below, ARTINFO rounds up our picks for 20 of the most notable Web sites for contemporary artists, from figures you know to others more obscure. Cory Arcangel — As in his work, Cory Arcangel’s site embraces nostalgia for earlier digital times. The header title, “Cory Arcangel’s Internet Portfolio Website and Portal,” might tip you off if the lo-fi table structures and tiled background didn’t already. Tauba Auerbach — John Baldessari — Blu — The street artist and famed muralist has a brown paper sketchbook for a Web site. Computers Club — Home. Around curatorial practices. - Buy Contemporary Art - Art News - Artist Portfolios - Modern Art. Contemporary art trends and news from Asia and beyond.

Inanna, de Carolyn Carlson. Centre de création numérique. Spa.RK. best electronics in town. - Welcome. Art Project, powered by Google. Cargando Explora historias y colecciones de todas partes del mundo 'The Tower of Babel' by Pieter Bruegel the Elder Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Resumen diariolunes, 20 de febrero Historias del día Recorridos virtuales ExplorarPrambanan TempleYogyakarta, Indonesia ExplorarThe Great Pyramid of GizaEgypt ExplorarThe Great Barrier ReefQueensland, Australia ExplorarChrist the RedeemerRio de Janeiro, Brazil ExplorarThe Ancient Daigo Ji TempleKyoto, Japan ExplorarEdmund Pettus BridgeSelma, United States ExplorarPalace of VersaillesVersailles, France ExplorarThe White HouseWashington DC, United States Proyecto destacado American Democracy Celebrate the history of the United States presidency and discover defining moments in American Democracy Acercar Explora por época y color Artistas Socios.

Art Project, powered by Google

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