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I draw art. I'm creative, and I love people.

Printable Scrapbook Papers. Free printable scrapbook papers with an animal theme.

Printable Scrapbook Papers

Rabbit, cat, elephant, monkey, crocodile and lion – choose your favorite animal and color! These patterned papers are so versatile you can do almost anything with them for your scrapbooking. Use them as a background for a whole page or cut them into shapes to decorate, cut strips to use as page borders or photo frames etc. Rabbit paper Rabbit Scrapbook Paper – LTR | A4 Monkey paper Monkey Scrapbook Paper – LTR | A4 Lion paper. How To Write A Novel Using The Snowflake Method. Writing a novel is easy.

How To Write A Novel Using The Snowflake Method

Writing a good novel is hard. That’s just life. If it were easy, we’d all be writing best-selling, prize-winning fiction. Frankly, there are a thousand different people out there who can tell you how to write a novel. There are a thousand different methods. In this article, I’d like to share with you what works for me. This page is the most popular one on my web site, and gets over a thousand page views per day, so you can guess that a lot of people find it useful. Good fiction doesn’t just happen, it is designed. Voice Acting Club - New to voice acting? Some basic tips! Introduction Over the past year or so I have received numerous requests from people asking for advice on how to become a better voice actor/actress, get cast in more roles, etc. so I decided to write this guide of pretty much everything I've learned that I hope will be helpful to you.

Voice Acting Club - New to voice acting? Some basic tips!

Technical - Do not put the microphone too close to your mouth. Chances are it will result in a horrible distorted sound, as well as unwanted breath huffs. (However, you don't want to overdo it and stand halfway across the room either - it will be far too echoey!) -To avoid clipping, turn your mic volume setting down enough to where it doesn't "peak" on the shouting lines. So, you wanna be a crossplayer.*Guide completed*

Binding 101 - or, how to handle those pesky breasts!

So, you wanna be a crossplayer.*Guide completed*

A big problem girls have when crossplaying is trying to hide their 'assets'. (Especially females with a larger cup size.) But fear not, for there is something that can be done to achieve that boyish chest. How to make Gloves. Home Studio 101: Part 1. Free Original Creative Commons Licensed Electronic Music MP3s. Much of my music is available for download in high-quality 320kbps MP3 format for royalty-free use in TV, film, or video games under a Creative Commons attribution license.

Free Original Creative Commons Licensed Electronic Music MP3s

I’ve been making electronic music since around 1985. I was 12 years old, and I rocked out with with a Radio Shack Moog knock-off, a TR-505 drum machine, and a (borrowed) Ensoniq ESQ-1. Today, 24 years later, the gear has changed but I’m still playing around with the same kinds of melodies. How to make shiny lipstick matte. This tutorial was born out of necessity.

How to make shiny lipstick matte.

When doing matte lips, I prefer to just use a great lipliner…they are automatically matte and they stay on soooooo long–but you don’t always have the color you need in pencil form. Many times I found myself with the perfect color of lipstick but the shine or gloss of it just wasn’t right for the overall look we were going for…so I started doing this: Products Used: Ben Nye Neutral Set Face Powder and NYX Lipstick in “Chaos”

Homemade Polymer Clay. At different points over the last few years I've played around with different kinds of homemade "clay.

Homemade Polymer Clay

" My favorite is a polymer clay also known as cold porcelain. Its main ingredients are cornstarch and white PVA or Elmer's glue. How can i KEEP a car from starting!?!?! Disconnect the battery?

How can i KEEP a car from starting!?!?!

Is HE a car person? He would easily pop the hood and reconnect. Edit: The posters who suggested removing a fuse.. that I think is the best idea!!! Talk about EASY. Public Domain Music Downloads. Wav Sound Effects. Odyssey FX marks the second in a series of on-going free sample packs to be released exclusively through Wave Alchemy's new web platform!

Wav Sound Effects

Odyssey FX provides 70 100% royalty free wav sound effects samples, glitch hits and weird retro sfx noises from the highly sought-after ARP Odyssey analogue synthesizer. All sound effects have been beautifully recorded through an API 512c pre-amp in crystal clear 24-bit resolution. Whether you produce dance music, acoustic music or design sound for multimedia, game and film, Odyssey FX delivers a great source of weird and wonderful sound effects and is a great addition to any producer’s tool kit.

Seven Ways to Get Rid of Dandelions. Dandelions are weeds, unless you're a child.

Seven Ways to Get Rid of Dandelions

I'm reminded of the story in "Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul" by David Matz, where a father, in his effort to create the perfect lawn, is on his hands and knees, screwdriver and garbage sack in hand, attacking the "little yellow devils. " Trouble was, it was Saturday and he'd promised his 4-year-old daughter Kayla they'd go fishing. Here's how the father-daughter conversation went: "Pickin' flowers, Daddy? " Kayla asked. "Yes, dear," he said, digging furiously at a tough root. Royalty Free Stock Video, Music, Photos, Illustrations, Sound Effects, After Effects and 3D Models.

Royalty Free Sounds from Creative Commons and Public Domain. Royalty Free Sound Effects (FX) Library for Download. Basic Step by Step Art Tutorial Using Paint Tool SAI - The Silver Islands: A Pokemon Art and Image Resource. Intro This tutorial will describe the step by step process I go through to make my original Pokemon art. The tutorial is made for Paint Tool SAI (you can get it here), which is a lightweight Japanese art software that, in my opinion, kicks Photoshop's ass in terms of digital painting. Not that Photoshop is limiting in any sort of way, but the easy blending and greater pressure sensitivity of SAI makes painting so much more efficient. CustomBox+Journal Tips n Tricks-Updated 07-Feb-13 by `CypherVisor on deviantART. free stock photos. Advanced Animation 3106. The Wonderful World of Dopesheets. Introduction: The Wonderful World of Dopesheets (aka: dope sheets / exposure sheets) These notes were written in London and reflect UK animation practice as I know it. So camera and artwork moves, for instance, are in inches. Pictures are assumed to run at 24 frames per second for cinema use and 25 frames per second for video use. 11 Quality Sources for Free Video Soundtracks. English verb Conjugation: modal verbs, irregular verbs, present, future, participle. What is Royalty Free Music and Where to Find it. FREE Royalty Free Music: Trailer Music 2. Salvaging Bad Audio. As a professional audio guy, I'm very aware of the need to captureclean and accurate audio along with clean and accurate video.

When on ashoot, I follow accepted practices by using a separate directionalmicrophone (or two), keeping the mic as close to the sound source aspossible, and keeping the record levels as high as possible withoutclipping. But even with those precautions, noises occasionally creepinto my recordings and must be reduced or eliminated. I'm also asked to edit and compress other people's footage, andoften there's no telling what distracting noises or just plain badsound exists on their audio tracks. Anime Style Background Tutorial » mclelun.

Anime Style Background Tutorial This is a follow up to my last painting tutorial for noob like us. I have found out a few things that I like to share with peoples that have great interest in making their own anime/manga. Disclaimer: I suffer from partial colorblindness and never went to any art school. Technique and theory in this tutorial might not be correct. Listen to - Swing & Big Band, online radio on - The online radio with over 7000stations. Quizzes » Fun Quizzes & Surveys » Make a Quiz Online » Quibblo! Rainy Color Palettes. Painting and Building Tips. Probably one of the most overlooked aspect of building models is the need for patience. When I built models as a kid I was of one of the throw-it-together-and-move-on-to-the-next-one brigade. As I've gotten older I have come to realize that the number one requirement for building a good model is patience.

This is a requirement that overrides abilities and knowledge because no matter how good you are or how much you know if you don't exhibit the patience to do a model properly you are just wasting your time. I've seen posts on forums and news groups where someone makes a comment like, "I spent two whole weeks on this model" or "I spent an entire hour sanding that wing joint". How about This Tamiya F-4 built by Pierre Greutert that took over three YEARS to complete? As the old saying goes, "The Devil Is In The Details". Take your time. Tutorials and Training for CG, 3D, Animation and VFX. Online Living for Artists. 40+ Fascinating Digital Painting Tutorials.

Gołąbki (Golabki - cabbage rolls) recipe. Build a Long Bow. These Popular Mechanics plans are for a wooden long bow, or a flat bow, and include arrow making information. Whether you try for perfect archery target shooting, or take your archery with a dash of small game hunting, you will find keen enjoyment in this ancient sport. Making the tackle is simple. Size of tackle: The first thing to know is what size of bow and length of arrow to use. This depends entirely on your physique, and particularly your reach.

Ebook_travel_1026.pdf. Polish American Cultural Center. Polish American Heritage Month. Free Lesson Plans and Games for Learning Civics. Patterns. Patterns 17th C. World Costume. BibMe: Fast & Easy Bibliography Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian - Free. FREE Copyright Protection. Sentence Structure: Transitions. Face Mask Recipes for All Skin Types. Egg White Face Mask for All Skin Types Brand X Pictures // Getty Images Model Shalom Harlow calls this face mask, "so moisturizing and soothing. " The best part? It only has 2 ingredients. It's also hugely popular on my Website. Oatmeal and Yogurt Mask for All Skin Types. Homemade All-Natural Face Cream.

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