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André Bracq / Evolution

First living things on land clarification. Whales evolution. Origins of Oceans. Evolution In 5 Minutes. Alexandre Meinesz – Comment la vie a commencé. Comment la vie a commencé - Alexandre Meinesz D’où vient la vie ?

Alexandre Meinesz – Comment la vie a commencé

Comment est-elle apparue sur Terre ? 500,000,000 years in 50 seconds flat. Tim Harford / Adaptation. Charles Darwin (1809-1882) Autour de Darwin / Livres. Evolution, Diet and Health. Science Timeline Marks in the evolution of science. Evolution. Big History Project (bh_p) sur Twitter. David Christian: Big history.

Big History Project

Empathy / Compassion /Altruism. Pierre-Henri Gouyon - Mnhn/AgroParis. Pascal Picq. Introduction to Evolution and Natural Selection. Evolution of life: home. Stephen C. Stearns - Yale University. Are We Still Evolving? Exit from comment view mode.

Are We Still Evolving?

Click to hide this space NEW HAVEN – Many public-policy decisions are based on implicit assumptions about “human nature,” and it is currently popular to speculate about how evolution might have shaped human behavior and psychology. But this raises some important questions: are humans continuing to evolve – and, if so, is our basic biological nature changing – or has modern culture stopped evolution? For some traits, we do not have to speculate – we can measure and compare on the basis of studies covering thousands of individuals over several generations. Such studies have not yet been done on most of the traits where speculation is popular, but they have been done on some traits of medical interest.