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Home. Zoolz Download click to expand contents Zoolz is intended for PC/laptop use only Open this webpage from your PC/laptop computer Click on the Download FREE button Install Zoolz and sign up for your FREE 14 day trial.


After installing, your can view your backed up files from our FREE mobile App. Uk.businessinsider. Uk.businessinsider. Pomotodo. How A Team Of Accomplished Entrepreneurs Plan To Revolutionize Your Television Experience. The company’s logo on the doorbell was so tiny that I wasn’t sure I was at the right door.

How A Team Of Accomplished Entrepreneurs Plan To Revolutionize Your Television Experience

Legoizer Turns Any Image Into A Lego Kit. In the future, everything will be made of Lego if the Legoizer has anything to say about it.

Legoizer Turns Any Image Into A Lego Kit

This system, really a piece of pixelation software, turns images into Lego creations by breaking them into block-sized chunks and supplying a shopping list and list of instructions. For example, the image above takes 34 rows of Lego to build and requires a few hundred pieces of various colors, including lots of white pieces. Cheap flights Milan (Italy) - Madrid (Spain) at Shutterdial offers Flickr searches based on EXIF: Digital Photography Review. Despite the service's recent major update, Flickr doesn't yet offer a way for users to search content based on camera settings.

Shutterdial offers Flickr searches based on EXIF: Digital Photography Review

Shutterdial, a website from photographer Tianhe Yang, fills that void by using the Flickr API to offer photo searches based on four criteria: subject, focal length, shutter speed and aperture. Using this, photographers can search out photos taken with specific settings for inspiration or how-to help. Shutterdial uses a simple interface with four possible settings.

After selecting these settings, clicking 'Make Me a Contact Sheet' will return a selection of photos on Flickr with matching EXIF data. Clicking on a photo will take you to the image on Flickr. Rdio Launches $3.99 Monthly Plan For Cost-Conscious Subscribers. In a bid to compete with rival streaming music services, Rdio has announced a new low-cost subscription program called Rdio Select.

Rdio Launches $3.99 Monthly Plan For Cost-Conscious Subscribers

For $3.99 a month, users can download up to 25 new songs every day to play offline, which they can keep or swap out with new tracks once a day. Rdio Select, which also includes ad-free streaming radio, is the service’s least expensive subscription option and is targeted to cost-conscious consumers, as well as listeners in emerging markets. In India, for example, it is even cheaper, at just 60 rupees (about 94 cents) per month. A company representative tells TechCrunch that this makes Rdio Select “the most inexpensive offering ever to hit India from any music streaming company.”

India, where Rdio has launched ahead of competitors Spotify and Deezer, is one of the company’s most important international markets (Rdio’s office there is its largest outside of the U.S.). Featured Image: GillyBerlin/Flickr UNDER A CC BY 2.0 LICENSE. Uk.businessinsider. Cheap flights to Milan (MIL) - Skiplagged. Reconnect Microsoft Money - PocketSense. Last updated Feb-2015 (live since Feb 2010) Microsoft Money: Arguably the Best Personal Accounting Package Ever If you're a long time user of Microsoft Money for personal finances, you were dumped in late 2009, when the mighty Microsoft decided to end the Money product cycle.

Reconnect Microsoft Money - PocketSense

The reason? Apparently, Microsoft didn't see itself competing with the new online money management sites, and didn't see financial management software as a core business. Internet Live Stats - Internet Usage & Social Media Statistics. Slacker Radio Stations. The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet. Otixo: All your cloud files from a single login. Social Media Management Dashboard - Hootsuite. Build a Website — Squarespace. University, Social Media Certification. The Fun Times Guide to Household Tips. How the Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid Works. Husqvarna AutoMower 220AC. Husqvarna's AutoMower 220AC is a robotic lawn mower, and a step up from the 210C model.

Husqvarna AutoMower 220AC

The main difference is that the 220AC is capable of charging itself automatically, as it can find its way back to the charging station by using a guide wire. The cutting perimeter is determined with 800ft of guide wire as well, which allows for a total working area of about 0.5 acres or 2000 square metres (without moving the guidewire). Husqvarna AutoMower 220AC. Zucchetti Ambrogio L200R Elite lawn mower robot. This adorable desk gadget motivates you like Pavlov's bell. Spanish After-Market Ticket Exchange Ticketbis Raises Further €3 Million. Always be raising.

Spanish After-Market Ticket Exchange Ticketbis Raises Further €3 Million

Ticketbis, the Spanish startup that operates an exchange for buying and selling after-market tickets to events in Europe, Latin America, and most recently Asia, has topped up its funding for a sixth time. This time around, the five-year old company, which counts a number of other aftermarket ticket exchanges, such as Viagogo, Seatwave, Stubhub, and Getmein, as competitors, has raised €3 million. This brings total investment in the startup to €14 million. The round was led by previous backer Active Venture Partners, along with so-called super angel Fabrice Grinda and Mexico-based investor José Marín of IG Expansion Business Development.

Jon Uriarte, CEO and co-founder of Ticketbis, says the new capital will enable Ticketbis to invest in improving the quality of its service, bedding down new markets, specifically in Asia, and developing its mobile products. Uber + Airbnb. Free Dynamic DNS - Managed DNS - Managed Email - Domain Registration - No-IP. Your new online financial advisor. Rcmap.hatnote. Find Out Who An Email Address Belongs To With Clearbit. Is this person important?

Find Out Who An Email Address Belongs To With Clearbit

It can be tough to tell from just an email address, but it’s a critical question for businesses vetting sales leads. Figuring it out usually meant wasting time digging yourself, or working with shady data provider. Clearbit wants to make learning who’s behind an email address or company domain name squeaky clean and super simple. With a $2 million seed round from prestigious names like SV Angel and First Round Capital, it’s off to a good start after launching last month. “Our goal is to take a tiny amount of data and extrapolate” says Clearbit co-founder and CEO Alex MacCaw. Clearbit person lookup takes an email address and tells you who it belongs to. Pono Music - Where Your Soul Rediscovers Music by the PonoMusic Team. Streaming Audio Recorder. Speaking with spammers. One of my jobs at Macworld is to help moderate our forums.

Speaking with spammers

And part of that job is to keep the forums as free of clutter as possible. Some of that clutter comes in the form of spam—a lot of it from Chinese companies promoting media conversion utilities. [OFFICIAL] iSkysoft Audio Recorder: Record Unlimited Free Music on PC. Music Recorder: Best Audio Recorder to Get Online Song. Unlimited lifetime Storage for only $2/mo. Zoolz was created to help people effortlessly backup and move all their data from their computer, external and network drives to the cloud for lifetime safekeeping. Zoolz is the first service to leverage Amazon Glacier technology in an intuitive way to provide easy backup, instant data view, image preview, and search to access and restore archived data with ease.

Pdhodgkinson/synology-glacier-to-fast-glacier. Slack: Be less busy. Chi siamo. Public Health Nutrition - at University of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom. Unroll.Me. Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket. Crea un libro bellissimo. Ecco come creare e stampare libri.