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BBC Reality Check team to expose 'fake news' Facebook stories - The i newspaper online iNews. Renegade Facebook Employees Form Task Force To Battle Fake News - BuzzFeed News. It's the fake news sites Facebook needs to educate, not reputable journalists - The i newspaper online iNews. Facebook has announced it will start offering training to journalists as part of its ongoing initiative to curb the rise of fake news on the site.

It's the fake news sites Facebook needs to educate, not reputable journalists - The i newspaper online iNews

The social network said local newsrooms will receive training and there will be a series of e-learning courses under the new Facebook Journalism Project, in a move widely seen as the company admitting a greater degree of responsibility for the articles posted on its site. Alongside training journalists, the company said it would strive to promote and improve news literacy, or judging the credibility of news stories, by working on projects with news organisations, “including financial grants where needed”. Boris Johnson's Saudi 'proxy wars' comment 'not UK's view' Downing Street has said Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's comments on Saudi Arabia do not represent "the government's position".

Boris Johnson's Saudi 'proxy wars' comment 'not UK's view'

Footage has emerged from an event last week at which Mr Johnson said UK ally Saudi Arabia was engaging in "proxy wars" in the Middle East. US election recount: Jill Stein raises funds to examine Wisconsin result. 10 surprising pop star cameos in BBC TV programmes - BBC Music. History - Historic Figures: Mary Seacole (1805 - 1881) Police surveillance: The US city that beat Big Brother. Amy Johnson statue unveiled in Hull. Reclaim the Internet research reveals huge scale of social media misogyny.

Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians will come together to call for a national campaign to defeat online misogyny as research reveals the scale of abuse aimed at women on social media.

Reclaim the Internet research reveals huge scale of social media misogyny

Yvette Cooper is joining forces with former Tory minister Maria Miller, former Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson and Labour’s Jess Phillips to launch an online public consultation in an attempt to create a national conversation about tackling the growing scale of online abuse. Usindep. The million that was supplied Saint-Simon to pay his troops by the "Ladies of Havana"...may, with truth, be regarded as the "bottom dollars" upon which the edifice of American independence was erected.


. * What did juan de miralles do in the american revolution. Spain and Cuba in the Independence of the United States. Spain and Cuba in the Independence of the United States During the Revolutionary War of the United States the Spanish help to the colonists was considerable, and in many cases decisive.

Spain and Cuba in the Independence of the United States

However, American historians, with notable exceptions, have ignored this fact, referring only to the French contributions. Usindep. London receptionist 'sent home for not wearing heels' A London receptionist was sent home from work after refusing to wear high heels, it has emerged.

London receptionist 'sent home for not wearing heels'

Temp worker Nicola Thorp, 27, from Hackney, arrived at finance company PwC to be told she had to wear shoes with a "2in to 4in heel". When she refused and complained male colleagues were not asked to do the same, she was sent home without pay. Outsourcing firm Portico said Ms Thorp had "signed the appearance guidelines" but it would now review them. A New Report Shows That the Palestinian Movement is Under Attack in the US.

Palestinian flag with the Israeli flag on the background of old locked doorsPhoto Credit: Borislav Bajkic/ As Israeli violence against the Palestinian people escalates, support across the globe for justice in Palestine, and calls in this country for the US government and corporations to stop facilitating Israel’s gross violations of international law and human rights, are increasingly common-place.

A New Report Shows That the Palestinian Movement is Under Attack in the US

However, rather than engage substantively about those well-documented violations, Israel’s defenders recklessly and baselessly smear Israel’s critics with charges of anti-Semitism, promoting terrorism, and seeking to “delegitimize” Israel. It’s a tactic of long standing. For as long as I can remember, the Israeli government has had a well-orchestrated hasbara (propaganda) campaign directed at those who protest Israel’s unjust treatment of the Palestinian people. Donna Nevel is a founding member of Jews Say No! Musk, Wozniak and Hawking urge ban on AI and autonomous weapons. Over 1,000 high-profile artificial intelligence experts and leading researchers have signed an open letter warning of a “military artificial intelligence arms race” and calling for a ban on “offensive autonomous weapons”.

Musk, Wozniak and Hawking urge ban on AI and autonomous weapons

The letter, presented at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was signed by Tesla’s Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Google DeepMind chief executive Demis Hassabis and professor Stephen Hawking along with 1,000 AI and robotics researchers. Jeremy Corbyn: Billy Bragg Supports The Labour Leadership Contender And Condemns Tony Blair. Left wing activist and singer, Billy Bragg, has backed the beard and come out in support of Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn: Billy Bragg Supports The Labour Leadership Contender And Condemns Tony Blair

Corbyn is surprise favourite to be elected to the top job, after a poll carried out by YouGov for The Times put him on 53 per cent of the vote, with shadow health secretary Andy Burnham trailing behind on 47 per cent. Bragg, 57, condemned Tony Blair's remarks that Labour voters should "get a [heart] transplant" if they support Corbyn and said: "I think Tony Blair shocked a lot of people when he said it, i'm not interested in a Labour party that doesn't have a heart. 14 Of The Most Devastating Twitter Rebuttals To David Cameron. George Galloway's Successor Naz Shah MP Brands Him 'Spandex Cat' In Commons Maiden Speech.

Naz Shah, the Labour MP who ousted London Mayor hopeful George Galloway from his Bradford West seat in May, defied parliamentary custom in her Commons maiden speech, criticising the Respect leader and branding him a "spandex cat".

George Galloway's Successor Naz Shah MP Brands Him 'Spandex Cat' In Commons Maiden Speech

Flouting the tradition of paying tribute to one's constituency former MP, Shah told colleagues: "It is customary to say a few pleasant words about my predecessor — I have many words, but sadly only a few pleasant ones. " Women Suffer Most From George Osborne's Budget, Says Yvette Cooper. Women will be hit twice as hard in the pocket as men by George Osborne's first post-election Budget, according to research commissioned by Labour leadership candidate Yvette Cooper. On Wednesday the chancellor delivered the first all-Tory Budget in 19 years and his surprise announcement of a new higher living wage captured the headlines. However Cooper has pointed to analysis by the House of Commons library that shows that by 2020/21 the Budget is taking net £9.6bn a year from families in direct tax and welfare changes - £7bn of which is from women According to the research, over the five years £24bn of the £34bn net taken from families is being taken from women.

Cooper said: "It is appalling that George Osborne’s budget is hitting women more than twice as hard as men – even though women still earn less and own less than men. Why Were FIFA Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges? Let John Oliver Explain. FILED TO: Sports Even if soccer (‘football’ to rest of the world) isn’t your cup of tea, you’ve probably heard that international organizing body FIFA (The Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet. So corrupt in fact that top ranking officials were unceremoniously arrested today by Swiss authorities in a 5 star hotel to be extradited to the US on federal corruption charges.

From The New York Times: ZURICH — Swiss authorities conducted an extraordinary early-morning operation here Wednesday to arrest several top soccer officials and extradite them to the United States on federal corruption charges.As leaders of FIFA, soccer’s global governing body, gathered for their annual meeting, more than a dozen plainclothes Swiss law enforcement officials arrived unannounced at the Baur au Lac hotel, an elegant five-star property with views of the Alps and Lake Zurich. Related. Bernie Sanders is the 1 percent’s worst nightmare: How he promises to upend America’s oligarchy. Rollingstone. So presidential hopeful Jeb Bush is taking a pounding for face-planting a question about his brother's invasion of Iraq.

Apparently, our national media priests want accountability from leaders on this issue. One of the first "gotcha" moments of the 2016 presidential race came about as follows: Reporters following Jeb Bush on a pre-announcement campaign tour smartly decided to badger him about his position on the Iraq invasion. "Knowing what he knows now," they asked, would he have done the same thing as his brother?

Rollingstone. Are Cell Phones Changing the Narrative on Police Shootings? Almost everyone's seen the video. This is Your Brain on Whiteness: The Invisible Psychology of White American Ignorance Explained. Earlier this week, outlaw motorcycle clubs engaged in a daylight gun battle in Waco, Texas. This combat involved hundreds of people. 6 Awesome Things About Bernie Sanders You Might Not Know. Three weeks ago, a slightly disheveled U.S. senator wandered out to the front lawn of the Capitol Building and declared his campaign for president.

Explains Why 'Paper of Record' Is Pure Propaganda. Taylor Swift is Not an 'Underdog': The Real Story About Her 1 Percent Upbringing That the New York Times Won’t Tell You. Taylor Swift performs at Times Square on October 30, 2014. Bernie Sanders: Let's Return to Tax Policy of "Radical Socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower" WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 9, 2015:- U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent -Vermont) speaks at a luncheon at the National Press ClubPhoto Credit: Albert H. 'Home-brewed morphine' made possible - BBC News. Scientists have figured out how to brew morphine using the same kit used to make beer at home. They have genetically modified yeast to perform the complicated chemistry needed to convert sugar to morphine. The findings, published in Nature Chemical Biology, raise promise for medicine but also concerns about "home-brewed" illegal drugs. Experts have called for tight control of organisms genetically modified to produce narcotics.

Brewing bad. Steve Hilton: 'Pay bankers the same as civil servants' - BBC News. Vatican to recognise Palestinian state in treaty - BBC News. The battle of the e-Muftis - BBC News. America's War On Drugs Has Failed. This Program Might Be The Solution.

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Texas Students Attack Statue Of Jefferson Davis, President Of The Confederacy. Ericsson sues Apple over licence payments - BBC News.