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Técnicas de enseñanza basadas en input para la adquisición de la gramática en la sala de clase. Revista 2. April Fools Fun. Teaching English through news – Three Wise Kangaroos. I find the news to be an infinite source of inspiration for lesson ideas, especially with my advanced students.

Teaching English through news – Three Wise Kangaroos

There is always something fresh and interesting going on in the world you can build your lesson or part of your lesson around. There are also many ways in which the news can be adapted for classroom use. Asking your students what news stories they have heard recently is a great lesson warmer. How to Connect Content to High School Students’ Lives to Boost Engagement. As more students return to in-person school in the near future, it seems wise to invest our time and energy on strategies to increase student engagement that work both virtually and in person.

How to Connect Content to High School Students’ Lives to Boost Engagement

Like all of us, students are most engaged when their work honors their experiences, connects to their interests, and has the potential to lead them to improvement of themselves, their lives, and issues that matter to them. Teachers can increase student engagement by re-envisioning their curricula in the following ways. How can we engage learners intellectually, emotionally and imaginatively in online storytelling?

Storytelling may be the most effective way to sustain a close relationship with our students when teaching online. When we retell stories from the world’s oral cultures and then do creative response activities with our students, we can use the webcam, the online chat, breakout rooms and digital recordings to humanise the online learning experience. Most of my experience as a storyteller has involved sharing a physical environment whether in classrooms, communal or outdoor spaces and I was not certain before the pandemic that it would be possible to transfer and adapt so many aspects of this creative and communal activity to online learning.

As a relatively low-tech teacher, my tendency is to switch off the interactive screen when I enter a physical classroom and use it sparingly only when needed. I prioritise face to face interaction, especially when the students and I are storytelling. Portfolios. Portfolios What is a Portfolio?


Are Portfolios Authentic Assessments? Why use Portfolios? 7 Smart, Fast Ways to Do Formative Assessment. 5 Simple Ideas That Can Transform Your Teaching. 5 Simple Ideas That Can Transform Your Teaching by Terry Heick Teaching is impossibly complex.

5 Simple Ideas That Can Transform Your Teaching

Unless you were incredibly wise and prescient, there is no way to be the teacher so many begin their career striving to be. 25 Ways To Develop A Growth Mindset In Children. 25 Ways To Develop A Growth Mindset In Children contributed by Saga Briggs, InformED; updated by TeachThought Staff What if your true learning potential was unknown, even unknowable, at best?

25 Ways To Develop A Growth Mindset In Children

What if it were impossible to foresee what you could accomplish with a few years of passion, toil, and training? According to Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, this isn’t some hypothetical situation, dependent on any manner of factors from genes to environment. It’s a mindset. Breaking News English Lessons: Easy English World News Materials - ESL. Nine ways to use emojis in the English classroom. Through trial, error and mild emoji-obsession, Colm Boyd, a materials writer and British Council teacher in Barcelona, has produced these tips for English language teachers.

Nine ways to use emojis in the English classroom

This article includes advice for using the internet in classrooms. We also recommend that teachers use the 360safe online self-review tool for a whole-school approach to online safety. How to use fake news critically in the classroom. Introduce the idea Challenge learners to identify misused images.

How to use fake news critically in the classroom

Buzzfeed publish fake news quizzes . In each quiz, some questions use images that have been altered, while others use images or quotes taken out of context. 10 Benefits Of Inquiry-Based Learning. By TeachThought Staff Inquiry-based learning is a term that educators and parents alike hear bandied about without a clear sense of exactly what it is, why it’s effective, how it works, and what its benefits are.

10 Benefits Of Inquiry-Based Learning

For now, let’s define inquiry-based learning simply as an open-ended approach to learning guided by students through questions, research, and/or curiosity. My Pedagogic Creed By John Dewey. The Full Text Of ‘My Pedagogic Creed’ By John Dewey by Terry Heick What did John Dewey believe?

My Pedagogic Creed By John Dewey

While known by teachers for his work in education (he was a professor of philosophy at Columbia University from 1904 until 1930), he was also a psychologist and philosopher who interested in governing and social improvement and saw public education as a critical component of a functional democracy. 20 Ways To Improve A Test, Quiz, Or Other Assessment. 20 Ways To Improve A Test, Quiz, Or Other Assessment by TeachThought Staff There is often talk about assessment–its forms, frequency, and the integration of gleaned data to revise planned instruction.

Formative versus assessment, rigor, and the evasive nature of understanding are also areas for exploration. But rarely is there discussion about the kinds of things teachers can do–literal actions and concrete strategies–to help streamline the assessment process, and hopefully produce purer results you can trust. 20 Types Of Learning Journals That Help Students Think. 20 Types Of Learning Journals That Help Students Think by Terry Heick What is a learning journal? A learning journal is simply an ongoing collection of writing for learning–that is, writing done for the purpose of learning rather than the purpose of demonstrating learning. Learning journals are often named for a specific purpose and/or format–a creative writing journal, for example. In Schools, Finding Hope at a Hopeless Time. In mid-February, three snowstorms knocked out the electricity for thousands of residents in Boyd County, Kentucky.

As they waited for up to two weeks for the lights to come on, many residents were left snowbound in their homes in freezing temperatures. Two people died from hypothermia before power was restored. Evaluación. How to Practice. I started thinking about getting our house in order when Tavia’s father died. Tavia, my friend from early childhood (and youth, and middle age, and these years on the downhill slalom), grew up in unit 24-S of the Georgetown condominiums in Nashville.

Her father, Kent, had moved there in the seventies, after his divorce, and stayed. Over the years, we had borne witness to every phase of his personal style: Kent as sea captain (navy peacoat, beard, pipe), Kent as the lost child of Studio 54 (purple), Kent as Gordon Gekko (Armani suits, cufflinks, tie bar), Kent as Jane Fonda (tracksuits, matching trainers), Kent as urban cowboy (fifteen pairs of boots, custom-made), and finally, his last iteration, which had, in fact, underlain all previous iterations, Kent as cosmic monk (loose cotton shirts, cotton drawstring pants—he’d put on weight). Each new stage in his evolution brought a new set of interests: new art, new cooking utensils, new reading material, new bathroom tile.