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Some Turtles Are Terrifying « Science-Based Life. The leatherback sea turtle is the largest turtle, and the third largest living reptile, in the world.

Some Turtles Are Terrifying « Science-Based Life

It’s a docile beast, just swimming around all day and eating jellies, which are the entirety of its diet. And these turtles get so big because they are so well fed. You see, having a diet of incredibly slow moving jellies means that once the turtle gets a target, it scores a meal every time with a 100% success rate. (Imagine how big a lion would get if it were so successful!) Via the Not Exactly Rocket Science blog: The jellies aren’t particularly fast, so it takes just 22 seconds to catch up to one, and another minute to eat it. This explains how these turtles can grow so giant on a diet of nothing but jelly and stinging tentacles. There is simply no way for the jelly to outrun the turtle, so the leatherback is a jelly-eating machine.

Backwards facing spines in the turtle's mouth keeps the ethereal jellies from escaping. A close up view of the jelly-killing spines Like this: Like Loading... 3018167_700b.jpg (500×4353) The Oarfish: The Longest Fish On The Planet. Washing hedgehog Pictures. Strange and Bizarre Creatures. Featured, Science — By BB Admin on January 12, 2011 4:53 pm Human beings seek out the strange and unusual in books, movies, television, video games, and comic books.

Strange and Bizarre Creatures

We dive headfirst into the worlds of C.S. Lewis, of Lewis Carrol, of Tolkien, of World of Warcraft, of superheroes, delighting in the magical things those skilled authors managed to think up. Sometimes we forget that the world we live in is just as weird, magical, and bizarre as the worlds we escape to. Take, for instance, some of the amazing creatures that exist in our world. Naked Mole Rat This is the Naked Mole Rat.

“Horror” Frog OK, it’s weird enough that this frog looks hairy. Angora Rabbit These furry creatures are mainly bred for their fabulous coats, which I think it super wrong. Pangolin The Pangolin is the only mammal that has scales. These guys also have very long tongues that extend internally all the way into their tummies. Chinese Giant Salamander Ew, right? Star Nosed Mole Komondor Dog Hungarian. Glass Frog Axolotl.

Interesting Animal Facts

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30 Funny Animals

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