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A Communications Coach’s 3 Favorite Decks on Presenting. Carmine Gallo has built a career on the art of presenting.

A Communications Coach’s 3 Favorite Decks on Presenting

Not only was he a broadcast journalist for CNN and CBS, but he’s coached executives at Coca-Cola, Chevron and more on public speaking. He penned the bestselling books “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” and “Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds,” and speaks about leadership and communication at events around the world. So what, according to Gallo, do speakers need to know — and do — to be successful? He shared with us his three favorite SlideShares on presenting: Lessons From the Bamboo Fields Top speaker and presenter Garr Reynolds uses bamboo imagery to show how to give great presentations, in this TEDx Tokyo deck.

The New Generation of Storytellers Your consumers’ attention is changing, so your marketing should too, says Gary Vaynerchuk in his deck about the new wave of storytelling. Talk Like TED: 3 Unbreakable Laws of Communication. Technique SCAMPER(SCAMMPERR), technique concassage des idées, produits ou services, technique de créativité. Stimuler son intelligence avec le dessin. Découvrez la graphicatie. #170120223 / Un nouveau champ de compétences commence à être non seulement reconnu mais de plus en plus mis en valeur: la graphicatie.

Découvrez la graphicatie

Voyons ce qui se cache derrière ce nouveau concept. The 12 Days of Mind Mapping: 12 Unforgettable Posts. On the 12th (and final!)

The 12 Days of Mind Mapping: 12 Unforgettable Posts

Day of mind mapping, we’d like to share with you…12 unforgettable past mind mapping posts! Plus: 11 expert mappers, 10 maps for business, 9 reasons mind mapping might be the ideal path for your project, 8 MindManager Features, 7 terms to know, 6 awesome tips, 5 mappers’ stories…4 Maps for That, 3 things to do, 2 favorite blogs, and a robust eCard resource for the holidays. This selection of blog posts and articles-past are great examples of what can be done using mind mapping, and how it can change your productivity, organizational skills, comprehension, and overall effectiveness. Happy holidays! 1. 50 Problems in 50 Days: Mind Mapping for Innovation What it’s about: For 50 days, Peter Smart traveled Europe on a shoestring budget. 2. What it’s about: The former Vice President demonstrates the power of mind mapping in his book, “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change,” which covers everything from dissecting the global mind to the reinvention of life and death.

La stratégie des notes adhésives et du Kanban. "La simplicité est la sophistication ultime" écrivait Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519).

La stratégie des notes adhésives et du Kanban

Nombreux sont ceux qui, comme moi-même, aspirent à une vie quotidienne plus simple, plus Zen. L'explosion de l'information numérique provoque, entre-autres, une surcharge cognitive qui affecte tant notre vie privée que notre vie professionnelle. Le livre de Pierre Mongin, que je vous recommande, Mieux s'organiser, la stratégie du Post-it et du Kanban personnel, part de ce constat et a pour but de nous aider à retrouver des moyens simples de gérer notre temps, nos projets, notre charge de travail. Un de ces moyens est la stratégie des notes adhésives avec le Kanban. Comme le Zen, cette approche nous vient également du Japon. Qu'est-ce que le Kanban? C'est une méthode, dite "agile", issue des meilleures pratiques visuelles mises en oeuvre dans les usines Toyota. Décomposer son travail en actions et l'écrire est déjà un facteur de motivation. Mind Mapping - Tony Buzan.

Learn to Mind Map with this FREE online interactive course by Tony Buzan A Mind Map is a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain.

Mind Mapping - Tony Buzan

Got Faster. Here’s How… “A snappy user experience beats a glamorous one, for the simple reason that people engage more with a site when they can move freely and focus on the content instead of on their endless wait.”

Got Faster. Here’s How…

That’s a quote from Web page usability guru Jakob Nielsen — and we’ve taken it to heart at SlideShare. If you’ve noticed that using SlideShare seems faster, it’s because it is: Our engineering team has made some significant performance improvements over the past few months. We’ve reduced the time it takes to load a presentation page by a whopping 2 seconds! This was not an easy task, and when it comes to page load time, every millisecond reduction counts.

How did we do it? - We made major changes in the architecture of our HTML player so that it displays the first slide faster and makes better use of HTML markup structure rather than relying on javascript. . - We noticed that the social sharing widgets were blocking the load of other critical assets. Related Posts. 4 Design Tactics to Take Your Deck From Good to Great. In order to deliver an all-around memorable experience, great content must be accompanied by great design.

4 Design Tactics to Take Your Deck From Good to Great

My motto is, “Content is King, and design is its Queen.” Take, for example, these two slides below. Which one grabs your attention more? I’m pretty sure we all agree on the same one. I’ve done this to show that design can allow a person to better experience content. Here are 4 ways to help create that experience with design: Find Powerful Images “Images can improve recognition and recall, and images combined with text can make for an even stronger message.” – Garr Reynolds, Presentation Zen Design Slide A does a good job delivering a simple message about an important subject.

Use Full-Scale Photos When using photography for presentations, larger and full bleed images allow for more impact. Select the Right Typeface When designing your slides, remember to use a typeface that allows for maximum legibility. Make Data Visualization Memorable About the Author Related Posts.