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Top 10 User Experience Design Blogs. User experience is an industry that is constantly evolving.

Top 10 User Experience Design Blogs

Whether you’re a new practitioner or a seasoned veteran it’s important stay up-to-date on the latest conversations and ideas happening in the industry. So how do you stay updated and relevant? Here’s a clue: you’re doing it right now. Reading blogs is a quick and easy way to remain current. Below you’ll find some of my all-time favorite user experience design blogs; including established industry leaders as well as niche blogs discussing innovative topics. With no further ado and in no particular order, find our top 10 user experience design blogs: 1. NNG is the trusted long-running authority in all things UX. 2. UX Booth is an extremely high-quality and thorough blog. 3. This user experience centered blog focuses on user interfaces in particular and how UI affects user behaviors. 4. Published every other week, this blog focuses on quality over quantity. 5. Home. It's Time to Make the Switch from Graphic Design to UI/UX DebugMe Blog.

Nowadays good UI/UX designers are viciously sought after as opposed to graphic designers.

It's Time to Make the Switch from Graphic Design to UI/UX DebugMe Blog

As the demand for digital products increases, the design market has shifted heavily towards interactivity. UI applies to how interactive elements such as buttons, drop down menus, and virtually every specific component of a page is designed. UI is definitely closer to the traditional graphic design position but there is more analytics and background information with it. Leaving UX to pertain to the user experience, or how users will interact with all of the elements on an interface. Together UI/UX make a powerful combination that leads to the most well informed outcome, which is why those positions dominate the market. Are you a UX guy, a web designer or do you know front end developers? Three Main Areas of Focus in UI/UX Within the UI/UX design processes there are different aspects that can be focused on including research, visual design, and information architecture.

Complete Beginner's Guide to Design Research. It actually begins the moment we learn about a project, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Complete Beginner's Guide to Design Research

We ask questions. We take notes. We learn everything we can about our client and their audience—and that’s before we even begin! A Beginner’s Guide to Wireframing - Envato Tuts+ Web Design Article. So you wanna be a user experience designer. Pretty much every single day I get a tweet, email, or in person request for information on how to get started in the field of user experience.

So you wanna be a user experience designer

I’ve recently had a few people reach out to me even asking me to mentor them throughout the process. Given that I often find myself repeating the same answers over and over again, I decided to put all of my resources in a single blog post so that folks could easily access a consolidated version of my advice. Card sorting: a definitive guide. Introduction Card sorting is a technique that many information architects (and related professionals.) use as an input to the structure of a site or product.

Card sorting: a definitive guide

With so many of us using the technique, why would we need to write an article on it? While card sorting is described in a few texts and a number of sites, most descriptions are brief. There is not a definitive article that describes the technique and its variants and explains the issues to watch out for. Given the number of questions posted to discussion groups, and discussions we have had at conferences, we thought it was time to get all of the issues in one place.

This article provides a detailed description of the basic technique, with some focus on using the technique for more complex sites. Why Card sorting is a quick, inexpensive, and reliable method, which serves as input into your information design process. Do the users want to see the information grouped by subject, process, business group, or information type? Definition. Defining and Informing the Complex Field of User Experience (UX) Creating Templates with Artisteer - Free Download eBook - pdf. Great Books for Designers to Read in 2016 — Design Pttrns — Medium. 14 Must-Read Articles for the UX Newbie. Interested in learning more about user experience, but don’t know where to start?

14 Must-Read Articles for the UX Newbie

These quick-and-dirty resources will give you the rundown on UX, UI, and Usability in a little over an hour. 1. User Experience: What Is It and Why Should I Care? By Amy Harvey on Usability Geek (5 minute read) If you’ve never heard of UX before, or you think it doesn’t apply to you, read this guide now. (We’ll wait.) 2. 3. 4. 10 Usability Lessons from Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me ThinkBy Redd Horrocks on UX Booth (3 minute read) Don’t Make Me Think is widely regarded as one of the most important books on web usability. 5. 15 Tiny UX Elements that Can Make a Big DifferenceBy Graham Charlton on Econsultancy (4 minute read) This list gives visual examples of some handy UX features that are making users’ lives better. UX — UI Readings.