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- StumbleUpon. Sugar, Sugar - Puzzle Games from - StumbleUpon. These oop ream kurt. Drench - the worlds simplest flash game - StumbleUpon. Electric Box. Curvy in HTML5 - StumbleUpon. Curvy is a HTML5 puzzle game using the canvas element.

Curvy in HTML5 - StumbleUpon

Just rotate the tiles so that like colors connect. Modernizr tells me you don't have canvas support in your browser. Sadly, this game uses technology that's only in browsers with HTML5 support. We've tested Chrome 12, Firefox 4 and Opera 11. Logic Problems  -  GridWorks™  -  Strimko™ Dots Game - - StumbleUpon.

Infinite Puzzle. Marbles !!! - StumbleUpon.