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Analytics. Obama. Social Media Marketing Tactics & Resources. Home > Best of Larry Chase's Top 10 Internet Marketing Tips This column is written by social media expert Lee Odden, who gives us direction on what trends, sites and resources are worth your time and attention.

Social Media Marketing Tactics & Resources

Lee writes one of the more popular Internet marketing blogs - the Online Marketing Blog - which is well worth your time. Sponsored Listing 2014 Mobile Predictions Download the Forrester 2014 Mobile Trends report to discover the trends that are transforming business as we know it—and the strategies you need to gain a competitive edge. Download now He is CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a Minneapolis-based Internet marketing agency that specializes in helping companies increase website traffic, sales and brand visibility through a holistic mix of search marketing, online public relations and social media. With the sheer volume of information sources both online and offline on the topic of social media, it can be difficult for marketers to separate the signal from the noise. Socialtext Enterprise 2.0 Kit. Social Media Will Change Your Business. "Wealthy consumers surf the social networks"

That is an increase from 27% in 2007; on average the wealthy have 2 social memberships..

"Wealthy consumers surf the social networks"

Most wealthy consumers are logging on via MySpace (16%) followed by LinkedIn (13%) and Facebook (11%). "Being connected is second nature to these over-achievers," said Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute. "We are pleasantly surprised at the rapid acceleration in the over 55- year-old wealthy consumers whose participation increased five-fold, to 49%. " How can marketers take advantage of this rapid growth?

A branded micro-site within a social network is a good beginning. Tags: social networks, targeted advertising inShare. 115 Social News and Bookmark Sites Ranked and Rated. Picture by: destinetics Here’s a collection of 115 social bookmark and news sites ranked by PageRank, number of links and value of each site.

115 Social News and Bookmark Sites Ranked and Rated

We used dnScoop to gather the data for all these sites. This is what the dnScoop data is based on: Page Rank- Google PageRank Inbound Links- The total number of pages that contain links to Site Value Report - This value is calculated based on several factors shown above, including: Links, Traffic (Alexa), age of the domain, site category, domain keyword popularity, and overall occurrences of the domain name on the web. Ask500People - World Opinion While You Watch.

SOCIAL NETWORKING GOD: 350+ Social Networking Sites. One of the main topics here at Mashable has always been social networking.

SOCIAL NETWORKING GOD: 350+ Social Networking Sites

In the past several years, some networks have thrived, some vanished, while hundreds of new ones appeared. It has become a huge area to follow, and this article illustrates this well: a collection of over 350 social networking sites, all of which were covered in one way or another here at Mashable. We hope to have created an extensive and useful resource for anyone interested in social networking.

Enjoy. Feel free to add more apps in the comments. Books - One of the largest book exchange clubs across the US. BooksConnect - A book sharing community site connecting readers, authors, publishers, librarians and booksellers. - A community of users from over 130 countries who exchange books with each other at public places like cafes, parks etc. - Free community for UK residents to share used books with each other.

Socialbib - Book swapping network between students. Younger generation can't live without Internet - Research - The study, from New Paradigm, has found that 77% of the net generation could live without television but could not live without Internet access.

Younger generation can't live without Internet - Research -

Youths in China are the most resistant to giving up the Internet with 87% choosing to be online rather than on the couch. Surprisingly 77% of youths in the United States prefer the Internet; that is the same as the global average. Researchers from Edison Media found very similar results in a recent study. They found that the Internet had replaced television as the "coolest media". Roughly 39% of users prefer the Internet compared to 35% of users preferring television. What both of these reports indicate is that marketers not working to grow a global online audience will lag behind the advertisers who are growing their online brand.

Tags: advertising research, online advertising inShare. Google, Yahoo Both Working On Next Generation Social Networks.