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Genially Ambassador - Raccolta attività

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Genially Ambassador. Emiliana_Rufo_Intervista Ambassador Italia. Emiliana Rufo,Docente di Lingua Inglese, Roma,Come preferisci che ti chiamiamo?

Emiliana_Rufo_Intervista Ambassador Italia

,Emi,Cosa fai per lavoro? ,Insegno presso la Scuola Secondaria di I grado,Tre parole che ti definiscono,1. Creativa,Di quale materie sei insegnante? ,Lingua e Civiltà Inglese,2. Innovativa,3. La mia presentazione - Emiliana Rufo - 2020. Prof.ssa Emiliana Rufo Il mio sito web personale.

La mia presentazione - Emiliana Rufo - 2020

Genially Ambassador Italiane. Happy Holiday Season. CLIL - Culture: India. Culture - CLILindia by Emiliana rufo eTwinning Ambassador Brainstorming Gracias Physical Map.

CLIL - Culture: India

Easter Festival Quiz and Games. Easter Festival Activities start makethe rabbit fall in the flowers!

Easter Festival Quiz and Games

Festivals Easter activity What is it? Hot crossbuns. Saint Patrick's Day - Escape Room. Saint Patrick's Day from an activity by Mrs.

Saint Patrick's Day - Escape Room

M. My Virtual Classroom. Possessive pronouns: grammar rule and quiz. Hers Possessive Pronouns.

Possessive pronouns: grammar rule and quiz

Attività Corso: "Ambienti e Comunità di Apprendimento Innovativi" Attività Corso: "Insegnare in modo attivo con il TEAL" Australia:The Land Down Under Attivita' Didattica per il Corso di Formazione: "Insegnare in modo attivo con il TEAL" Mondadori Education - Feb/Mar 2021 Prof.ssa Emiliana RufoIstituto Comprensivo CampagnanoLingua Inglese Presentazione online.

Attività Corso: "Insegnare in modo attivo con il TEAL"

Must/Mustn't - Have to/Don't have to. [a few tips] [Must and Have to] Must e Have to: struttura Have toverbo semi-modale Mustverbo modale è uguale per tutte le personeforma negativa aggiungendo notseguito dalla forma base del verbono forma interrogativa"Imust study for the English test.

Must/Mustn't - Have to/Don't have to

"" The Passive Voice - Exercises. The Passive Voice - English Grammar. The Passive in English: play the darts. QuizDarts Start drunk drank drunken The milk is .... by the cat.

The Passive in English: play the darts

eTwinning Project: St Valentine's Activities. A Journey through Emotions. "Inside Out"Talking about Emotions They are feelings we have inside.It is not easy to understand how we feel everyday butit is important to express our emotions and learn to recognize them!

A Journey through Emotions

What are emotions? Happy Sad Angry Afraid Disgusted How do you feel today? Let's know the characters better... Meet Riley's Emotions How does she feel? How many adjectives do you remember? Let's revise adjectives created from verbs... Speaking and writing activities... What makes you feel excited? What is exciting for you? Harry Potter - story and characters. Harry Potter Books Hello! I amHarry Potter.Welcome into my World of Magic! Reading for Pleasure. eTwinning Project: Focus on Skills - the weather. eTwinning Project"Focus on Skills" I.C. Campagnano, Rome - Italy Listen to the audio by Michela The Weatherin Januaryin Italy The Weather in our Village: Mazzano Romanoduring Winter Class 2E Listen to the audioby Roberta.

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eTwinning Project: Enjoy English - Music Team 1. Listen to our Audios I.C. Campagnano-Italy Class 3E - Team 1. eTwinning Project - Enjoy English and Speak from the Heart - Postcard. Questions on the United States of America - CLIL: Geography. Poster about Safer Internet Rules - Class 2E. Istituto Comprensivo Campagnano 1. Don't publish Info that identifies you2. eTwinning Project - C.L.U.E: Italian Christmas Traditions. Our favourite Christmas Traditions I.C. Campagnano- Italy Film: "Home alone" Summary8-year-old Kevin McCallister is accidentally left 'home alone' when his parents leave with the rest of the family for Christmas holidays in Paris. At first he seems to enjoy living alone, but after a while he understands that things are not so easy. Especially when he realizes that two men, Harry and Marv, are planning to rob every house in his neighbourhood — HIS house, too!

I like this American tradition: the R.C.C Tree is a large Christmas tree placed in Rockefeller Center on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, the tree is lit by the Mayor of New York City and 125 million people visit the attraction each year.Marco We have famous Italian Christmas Carols,but our favourite is English! Beneficts of eTwinning for the Local Community. Present Continuous - some tips. Personal Pronouns Object by Emiliana Rufo. Her Personal Pronouns Object. Countable and Uncountable Nouns. Countable and Uncountable Nouns Start Food & Drink Grammar topic:some, any, a lot of, much, many,How much..? Our collections of sentences: likes and dislikes. Learning Diary: eTwinning Event: Tools to enhance collaboration. "Online Tools to enhance collaboration" Learning Diary eTwinning Learning Event by Emiliana Rufo December 2018. Rome Monuments QR Code Activity. Easter in Italy - Postcards 1C. My introduction - Emiliana Rufo - 2020. My presentation My web Emiliana Rufo I am eTwinning Ambassador, Apple Teacher and Genially Ambassador Hello!

I teach English as a Foreign Language in a Secondary School in Rome.I've been teaching English for 16 years. Manuale Genially - Ambasciatrici Genially Italia. ManualeGenially Benvenuto in questo manuale d’uso per poter trarre il meglio da Genially. 1. Tutte le raccolte IspirazioneGeniallyItalia.

Padlets with escape rooms and games with Genially

Raccolta Genially in inglese. Weather in NYC. New YORK what was the weather like in ;;; Present Simple and Continuous by Monica Lendaro on Genially. Pronunciation maze [i:] by N. Michiels on Genially. Music by In English with Debbie on Genially. SPEAKING CARDS by Maestra Alice on Genially. KEITH HARRING by Mariangela Rollo on Genially. Emotions_Miss Angela by Angela Panzarella on Genially. L'orologio: sfida nel bosco by Cristina Zarantonello on Genially. STORY CUBES. Librogame Trevor by prof.soniarusso on Genially. Literature: The Modern Age by c.salgarello on Genially.

Guess who? x. Scacchi in DDI. Netiquette DDI by MiRiAm D. on Genially.