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Softwar and webapps to increase productivity

Facebook Twitter - Create a mobile web page with QR code FREE. Online Employee Scheduling. That's Otipo. Spendbrite : Budgeting made easy : Free personal budget. Appsbar - iPhone App Builder, Android App Builder, Windows App Builder.

OneDrum. Pen - Simple Online Publishing. Zen - The distraction free writing enviroment. Web bookmarks for Android. + New .COMs $7.99/yr plus 18 cents/yr ICANN fee. Discount based on new one-year registration prices as of 1/27/2012 with sale price reflected in your shopping cart at checkout. Discount applies to new registrations and renewals and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Domains purchased through this offer will renew at regular price after the initial term has expired. Offer ends May 31, 2012 5:00 pm (MST). † Good for one 1-year registration of any available .COM, .US, .BIZ, .INFO, .NET or .ORG ‡ Annual discounts available on NEW purchases only. is the world's No. 1 ICANN-accredited domain name registrar for .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ and .US domain extensions. 1 is rated the world's largest hostname provider according to Netcraft®. Downtweet. Email Marketing Analytics - CampaignCog. 08:18. Password Generator. Using the same password for multiple email, shopping and social networking websites is risky, it means that a security breach at one website will compromise all your accounts, possibly even leading to identity theft.

Password Generator

So, the idea is that you memorise just one, reasonably long/secure master password and use that to generate a set of non-dictionary passwords. Copy and paste the new password(s) into the website and set your web browser to remember them. All the websites get different passwords, but you only have to remember one! Using a different PC? You can re-generate the same set of passwords at any time by returning to this page and entering the same master password. For any website that's not on the list, just type the name into the 'Custom' box (the last one in the list) and press Generate.

This password generator works using Javascript, entirely within the page, no data is ever passed back to my server. Credits. See your portfolio in a whole new light - Wikinvest. Jobety. Website Analysis and Stats. Flip My Photos - Online Photo Editor - Rotate, Resize, Fix Red Eye. Image Editor for MySpace and Facebook. Super Fast Domain Name Search. Strike - A fun and easy way to strike stuff off lists. The Free Bookmarklet Maker. Waterbear. Where The Streets Have Your Name – Now With Places And Things, Too!

WriteThat.Name by Kwaga: your address book, always up-to-date. Pwrdrain-gadget - A Windows Sidebar gadget that shows the system's power usage in real time. This Sidebar gadget isn't quite "yet another power meter" for your laptop battery: while most power meters show the remaining battery charge (similar to the task bar icon that's included in Windows), this one shows the current power drain in real time.

pwrdrain-gadget - A Windows Sidebar gadget that shows the system's power usage in real time

Make sure to visit our FAQ! Feeds API full text rss feed information extraction - content retrieval. iPDF2Split - Free Online PDF Split. Split a PDF into Useful Pages or Chapters in PDF tooSupports Range, Burst, and Odd-Even ModesRange: Enter page no. and/or ranges separated by commasBurst: Save every page as a PDF fileEven/Odd: Save odd and even pages as 2 separate PDF filesNo Registration, No EmailUnlimited Uploads Extract useful pages from large size PDF file such as dissertation, thesis, transaction, newspaper, and magazine Sample Test PDF Select image thumbnail then click the Orange button.

iPDF2Split - Free Online PDF Split

To preview a sample file, click the zoom icon. 2 pages 4 pages 7 pages 8 pages. Online Latex Equation Editor. Convert Latex Equations into Images to Embed in DocumentsEmbed Equation in Web Page, Forum, Google Docs, TwitterRender Latex Math Equations into Plain Text ASCIIInsert ASCII Eqn as comment in source-code or emailConvert your email or address to image to avoid spamSupports (PNG, GIF, JPG, TIF, BMP, PNM, FIG, PS)Control Equation Font Family, Size, Color, and OpacityUnlimited Uploads, No Registration Learn Latex QuickySymbolsBook 1Book 2Book 3 | You need not to enter Latex math tags such as $...$, \begin{equation}...

\end{equation}, or \begin{eqnarray}... \end{eqnarray} ➘ More Productivity Tools i2Clipart Royalty Free Public Domain Clipart suitable for academic presentations and project logos i2Symbol. iWeb2Print - Free Online Web Page to Printer Friendly PDF. Convert Web Page to Elegant Printer Friendly PDFSave, Read, and Print Directly from your BrowserControl Page Size (Letter, Legal, A0-A9, B0-B10, +more)Control Orientation (Landscape, Portrait)Control PDF Mode (Color, Gray)Exclude Web Page Images or Background to Optimize PrintingNo Registration, No Email, Unlimited UsageChrome Extension - Firefox Add-On Printing TipsCheck gray scale for non color printer | Check no images to print text only | Check no background when converting dark background page to save printer toner Bookmarklet Convert web pages to PDF directly from your browser.

iWeb2Print - Free Online Web Page to Printer Friendly PDF

Drag this button to your browser Bookmarks toolbar Browser Extension / Add-On iWeb2x is a plugin for both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. iWeb2x combines both iWeb2Print and iWeb2Shot. ➘ More Productivity Tools i2Clipart Royalty Free Public Domain Clipart suitable for academic presentations and project logos i2Symbol. i2OCR - The Free Online OCR. i2Type - International On-screen Keyboard. Online Task Management - Producteev. Cool Websites and Tools [July 21st]