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Forensic Science

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Teachers Page - Forensic Science Investigation Unit. Project Advance Forensic Science - Mrs.Marsigliano. Ms. Connor's Website - Home. Introduction. 4th 6 weeks - Mrs. Jenschke's Class. Forensics. Honors Forensic Science Syllabus for Forbush High School: Taught by: Marty Sewell (Rm 812J) email This course is designed to challenge students with topics such as fingerprinting, DNA analysis, blood typing and spattering, trajectories (for ballistics as well as blood spattering) comparative anatomy, and chemical analysis of drugs, poisons, and trace evidence, and the dynamics of Physics.


Students will learn about the careers involved with Forensic Science and will play mock roles as experts in the field to solve crimes. Everything involved in the course has been compiled into a curriculum guide. High School/College – Forensic Science. Ms. Roderick's Forensic Science - Home. Class Files -  Hoover High School - Forensic Science. Forensic Science - Miss Colaccino's Classroom Website. Toxicology. Toxicology is the study of poisons, and their chemical and physical effects on the body.


As a class we will design a “Weekley Reader” of most important facts about various types of poisons. First research the drug assigned to you in class. Write your report in a paragraph format that could be easily understood by a 5th or 6th grader. Include a description of the drug, type, where and what it comes from its effect(s) on the body, medical uses if any, possible abuse or addiction, schedule on the Controlled Substance Act, and anything that may be unique to your drug. It must be double spaced and in 12 pt type. Then research one poison for three of five topics. No two people will research the same poison. The case whether past or present, fact or fiction, will be written similarly to the drug report.

Use the website below to help you get started. Daily Files - Mrs. B's Science Site! Lesson: Nature of Science mini-lesson: Crime Scene. Because this lesson provides an excellent opportunity to understand important elements of the Nature of Science , be sure to read our General Background Information, with our Rationale and our Approach, and tips for Presenting the lessons for maximum effect and Dispelling some of the popular myths about science.

Lesson: Nature of Science mini-lesson: Crime Scene

In any of the discussions expected with the class, select a few key items (important concepts) that lend themselves to interpretation, and introduce class to the Think-Pair-Share (TPS) routine dealing with those items. This is how "Active Learning" is done. This lesson can be done in a single 45' period, and is most appropriate in your introductory unit on the nature of science. It is similar to the "Checks" lab, the "Great Fossil Hunt" lesson, and others which involve the gradual influx of new data (new observations) to be considered in the solution of a problem. The activity uses a simulation of a crime scene to help illustrate several principles of the nature of science. Thompson, Becky / Forensic Science. Weekly Information May 23 - May 29 Semester Exams: GHS Semester Exam Schedule May 21/22: Seniors prepare for Final Exam - continue work on Review: Use this 2014 Spring Semester Study Hints page to help you prepare for the Final CSI - cummulative episode (various Forensic Science techniques i.e.

Thompson, Becky / Forensic Science

Trace evidence, Blood Spatter, Human Remains, Entomology, Anthropology, Soil and Glass) May 19/20: The Coors Kidnapping case (information is given in the warm-up activity); Soil and Glass TEST; work on 2014 Spring Semester Exam Review (given to students 5/09) May 15/16: Soil Lab; Read The Coors Kidnapping case (use text in class) HW: Study for Soil and Glass Test, complete the review for extra points :) Granada Hills Charter High School - Forensic Science Files. Gablescience - Forensics. Thatscienceguy - Forensic Science. Introduction to Forensics - Mrs. Klatt's Science Page. Written in Bone - The Secret in the Cellar: A Written in Bone Forensic Mystery from Colonial America.

Forensic Science Movie Worksheets. Problems & Solutions Recipes. Problems and Solutions - Recipes Ammonia gas and the 'Fountain Experiment' Getting the 'Fountain Experiment' to work can prove to be very difficult, the dryness of the gas and of the fountain flask being of utmost importance.

Problems & Solutions Recipes

The standard laboratory preparation of ammonia gas involves heating a mixture of calcium hydroxide and an ammonium salt - water is produced in this reaction as well as ammonia gas. Using calcium oxide in stead of calcium hydroxide produces half the quantity of water in the reaction, therefore is easier to dry, and more likely to produce a successful 'fountain'. Good luck! Blood - artificial Recipe No.1 Use only enough food dye to obtain desired colour. A "+" test results if solids form when "antisera" is mixed with "blood" A "-" test results when no solids are formed by the mixture. OHS Forensics. Welcome Back!

OHS Forensics

*First day of class * Course information HMWK: *Parent Letter and Safety Contract due on Wednesday! *Purchase/Bring Calculators *Seating assignments *Intro to Brain Teasers/Logic Reasoning *Finish Course Information *Distribution to workbooks *Get to know you activityHMWK: *Parent Letter and Safety Contract due on Wednesday! Forensics: You Decide: Over the Edge : Video. FirstLight Astronomy. The following downloads are there to help ensure that you will turn in the best labs the world has ever seen.

FirstLight Astronomy

The first is like a checklist for every lab. After that they are for individual labs. Now there is no excuse for you to get anything less than an A. ;) Lab ChecklistCrime Scene LabLab Activity 4.1 Observing and Taking FingerprintsLab Activity 4.2 Developing Latent FingerprintsLab Activity 5.1 Observation of HairActivity 6.1 Collection and ObservationLab Activity 6.5 Burn TestsLab Activity 6.6 Thermal DecompositionLab Activity 6.7 Chemical TestsLab Activity 7.1 Spot Test LabLab Activity 9.3 Analysis of White Powders. Handouts.


Science Classes Home Page. Department of Physics & Astronomy Research Experience for Teachers (RET) CSI: THE EXPERIENCE — Web Adventures. Review the forensic science content in each game.

CSI: THE EXPERIENCE — Web Adventures

PDF file (57 KB) Have your class test their skills at matching handwriting samples by constructing your own quiz using samples collected from the students themselves. PDF file (198 KB) Test your students' powers of observation using this interactive classroom activity. This simple activity lets students use their descriptive writing abilities to describe a picture or a short scene. How To... MissAForensics - Changes. Forensic Science. Reference Cards I have created reference cards for many of the units/activities listed below, which are designed to replace the student worksheets and some lab pages for those units.

Forensic Science

The cards are printed on card stock (back-to-back) and laminated for student use. Students use overhead markers to add notes to the pages as we discuss each lesson and keep them to review for the unit quizzes. (You could also have students record their answers in a lab notebook rather than write on the pages.) At the end of the unit, they clean them off with a wet cloth and turn them in so they are ready for the next class! Less paper wasted and less time copying - a double bonus! Daily CSI Challenges. Forensikki - home. Forensic Science. Forensics.

Forensic Videos

Fingerprints (chapter 6) - WW-P High Schools. Documents. Let Evidence Reveal The Truth. Forensics Illustrated. This web site is copyright of Brennon Sapp and

Forensics Illustrated

The images and texts remain the intellectual property of their respective owners. Users of the images and texts accessible through agree to the following conditions of use: What you MAY do: Users may cite the texts. Citations should credit What you MAY NOT do: These images and texts are for educational use only and may not be used for any non-educational or commercial purpose without written permission from copyright holders. If you are seeking permission to use an image or text for a purpose not covered above, please contact the copyright holder. Forensichome. Mr Hartan's Science Class(es) [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Forensic Science (CP) Important_handouts_Forensics. Tammy Hetfield - Forensic Science.