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Electron configuration notes. CC Unit 2: Properties of Matter - GL SCIENCE. Lapbooking through the Periodic Table. Marker Chromatography Art {A STEAM Activity} Marker chromatography is one of my all time favorite demonstrations to do with kids!

Marker Chromatography Art {A STEAM Activity}

This STEAM activity versatile enough to do with what you have on hand and definitely delivers the "WOW" factor. It's a great project for decorating a tree, making beautiful butteries, or for making a scientific version of a tie-dye t-shirt. Whatever you decide to do with your marker chromatography artwork, the process is the same. Let's dig in... Materials You will need the following Absorbent material (Coffee filter or white cotton material both work well)Rubbing Alcohol (at least 80% Isopropyl or above)EyedropperCoffee can (or a wide-mouthed jar or bowl)Rubber bandPermanent markers in a variety of colorsNewspaper Procedure Here are the steps you need to take to create your marker chromatography artwork: Lay a few newspaper down on your work surface.Now, have the students create a design with different colored dots in the center of the absorbent material you have chosen. Results and Explanation.

Chemical Reactions & Engineering Design. Help students identify the problem that their engineering design process will try to solve.

Chemical Reactions & Engineering Design

The following story is included on the Student Activity Sheet. This story introduces the design challenge and serves as motivation for the lesson. Either read it aloud or have students read it silently. Imagine that you are a volunteer with a reptile conservation center. One important project is to rescue reptiles (turtles, snakes, and lizards) that are in the unlucky position of living in the path of new construction.

Expected results There should be bubbling as the gas is produced and the bag inflates a bit. Chemical Reactions & Engineering Design. Free Chemistry Game to learn about Atoms and Isotopes. Earlier this month, we shared the basics of teaching chemistry at home.

Free Chemistry Game to learn about Atoms and Isotopes

Now, we want to share a super fun game you can use to learn about atoms and isotopes! Atoms and Isotopes Game Directions We had a blast playing this game as a family, even our 5-year-old understood how to play. It’s a great way to sneak in some super-fun review after you have learned about atoms and isotopes! Supplies. Project Search. Concept Map. Chemistry Resources - Science with Mr. Enns. Chemistry – Middle School Science. Please note – all ppt slides on this website are in “Read Only” format, after you download the ppt, click on “Read Only” to access the ppts.

Chemistry – Middle School Science

No password is needed to view the slides. Properties of Matter.

1617 Chemistry 1

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My Chemistry Class - Notebook 2011-2012. MP2 – Nomenclature (Chemical Formulas and Names) Additional Note/Information: Flow Chart & practice problems: namereview Handouts/Assignments:

MP2 – Nomenclature (Chemical Formulas and Names)

Understanding Basics of Valency   LewisDotRedirect. Quick and simple electrolysis demonstration. My husband has been doing some science demonstrations with the kids recently.

quick and simple electrolysis demonstration

Here’s a picture from one of them. He used a 9 volt battery to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. All that was required was adding a bit of magnesium sulfate (Epson salt) to the water and then dropping the battery in. He positioned two test tubes above the electrodes to collect the separated elements. Can you guess from the picture (and the formula of water) which test tube holds which? He held a small candle to the hydrogen tube to hear it pop, and tried to use the oxygen tube to re-ignite an extinguished candle. My Chemistry Class - Notebook 2011-2012. Science with Mrs. Barton. Hello and happy Monday everyone!

Science with Mrs. Barton

Here’s our anticipated schedule for this week (hooray for NO school-wide testing — that means I’ll see each of my classes every day!). Monday: Magic Words Monday – Vocabulary foldable and vocabulary-based practice worksheet Tuesday: Text Tuesday – Dissect a Common Core reading text and answer corresponding questions. Wednesday: Writing Wednesday – Write an expository composition about physical properties & changes through a “write-around”.

Thursday: Think About It Thursday – Hands on lab where students will rotate to stations observing/demonstrating properties/changes Friday: Fact Friday – Review, take quiz 1.5 on physical properties & changes, record scores in data tracker Today we’ve hit the ground running with learning all about physical properties and physical changes. Foldables - MHSChem1. Chemistry Notes List- Required - Mr. Delemeester's Virtual Classroom. GENERAL CHEMISTRY - Unit 0 Introduction -                          Welcome to Flipped Chemistry. ChemCheatSheetMaster.pdf. Pbl2004_FK. Conceptual Chemistry - Mr. Jones LHS Science. Conceptual Chemistry - Mr. Jones LHS Science.