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Home Automation Server

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DeviceHive - M2M, Machine-to-Machine Communication Framework. OpenRemote - Home of the Digital Home. LagartoMAX - panstamp - Documentation wiki and source code. Lagarto-MAX is a lagarto process which receives, resends and processes events transmitted from any lagarto server running on the same IP network. Lagarto-MAX is a key piece into the lagarto architecture since it's able to integrate real values belonging to different networks and present them to the user in a homogeneous way.

Moreover, being user-programmable, Lagarto-MAX can take decisions based on time or network events. Lagarto-MAX, due to its nature, is one of those components that will be continuously growing in functionalities. The following is a list of features provided by this lagarto client: Reception of network events from any lagarto server on the same IP network (LAN or Internet) Transmission of commands to any lagarto server on the same IP network (LAN or Internet) Common web control/monitoring interface for all lagarto endpoints Event manager entirely programmable from the Web interface Automatic upload of values to different cloud data services (Pachube, ThingSpeak, ...)

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