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Planting A Pineapple. Hammock. Hammocks are great for the backyard, camping, backpacking, when your pregnant and on bed rest, or for turning your large capacity vehicle (in our case our minivan) into a camping vessel, more on that in this post.


We make our own hammocks because: It’s cheap (i.e we can’t afford an ENO).You can customize the size.It’s easy! There are two different methods we have used for making our own hammocks. Hammock 1 involves a sewing machine, Hammock 2 does not. I’ll cover both. A piece of fabric roughly 7+ feet long and at least 3 1/2 feet wide. Hammock 1: The Sewing Machine Method Step 1: Lay out your fabric and fold the ‘shorter’ end over to make a 4-5 inch hem. Step 2: Sew the hem using a straight stitch. Step 3: After you have sewn both sides of the hammock thread your webbing through the hem. Step 4: Tie a knot in the webbing and repeat step 3 on the other side. Lightbulb Terrarium. Reusing Lightbulbs as Planters. Light bulbs can be recycled in many forms and uses, although is not a new idea, check this site about reusing light bulb for chemical glassware testers , pretty cool, and here's another one using the same idea for a hanging vase and for salt and peeper containers (in french), it can be an excellent gift for Valentines (if you are in to that) or for any other day of the year.

Reusing Lightbulbs as Planters

Finally back in my country in small town fairs they still use them as targets for shooting with airguns, which is better than just toss them in the trash I guess. Wine Bottle Arrangements. Do you need another good excuse to drink that bottle of wine? Well good news, we’ve got just the thing! *wink* Seriously, though… these lovely Wine Bottle Floral Frrangements from Amber Lay – starring emptied and embellished bottles of wine + the flowers of your choice – make such lovely decor for all sorts of occasions… from milestone celebrations like engagment parties and anniversaries to more casual celebrations like summer dinners and wine-and-cheese parties.

DIY WINE BOTTLE ARRANGEMENTS by Amber Lay {There are 17 tutorial images above. Be sure to scroll to page 2 for images 11-17} Materials Needed: – 5 Green Wine Bottles – Adhesive Remover – 5 Wine Corks – 18 Gauge Floral Wire – Floral Pick – 1″ Sheer Green Ribbon – Scissors – Floral Knife or Floral Shears Step-by-Step Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. About the Stylist: AMBER LAY graduated from San Diego State with a Bachelors in Art and Design. Blooming Bonsai. Make your own MiniVase. Quick!

Make your own MiniVase

Can you guess what this tiny bud vase is made from? I'll give you one clue: with the right moves, it can be turned into an animal*. Now you're really curious, aren't you? Read on! This modern, ceramic-looking vase can be made in well under 30 seconds and only requires two materials: a 2" glass votive holder and a BALLOON. Camilla Fabbri from Family Chic created these clever little vases by snipping off the mouth of a balloon, leaving about an inch of the neck, and then slipping the balloon over the votive holder. [via Family Chic] *Well, not a living, breathing animal. Tipsy Pots. Lanterns. At some point near the middle of March, I always decide that I’m “done” with winter.


The sweaters and jackets get pushed to the back of the closet, the flip flops come out, and I inevitably freeze my butt off for several weeks until the weather catches up with my warm-weather state of mind. Likewise, my cravings for fresh herbs and veggies are always a little ahead of the season. Growing your own herbs is a great way to save money and avoid buying too much at a time and letting most of it go to waste.

If it’s still too cold to plant outside where you are (or if you’re short on space!) This hanging herb garden is the perfect project to get you in gear for spring. What you’ll need: Tin containers with snap-on plastic lids (tea, cocoa, and coffee cans are a good bet), coat hangers, pliers, scissors, herbs (I bought basil, rosemary, dill, and cilantro for about $2.50 each), masking tape, coffee filters, a nail, a hammer, X-acto knife, scrap fabric or paper, and glue or spray adhesive. 15 Repurposed Planters. Previous image Next image When you see so many pictures of productive gardens in big backyards, it's easy to forget that gorgeous gardens also happen in small yards and surprising places.

15 Repurposed Planters

These 15 repurposed planters remind us that you don't need a lot of space and new materials to start growing your own garden; all you need is a little bit of ingenuity and resolve. TOP ROW 1. 6. 11.