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Stocks Basics: Introduction. Turn on the TV news or open a newspaper, surf the internet or listen to the radio, and you will probably come across some information about the stock market: “The Dow Jones closed at record highs”; “The S&P 500 is trading down two-tenths of one percent”; “The stock market is reacting to news from Washington.” The stock market seems to be everywhere in our daily lives, but what exactly is the stock market? And, what are stocks that are bought and sold on this market? What does it mean for you, for your employer, or for your country’s economy when the stock market had “a good day”?

The answers to these questions are not always obvious once we begin to think about what stocks are. For example, you may have heard that owning stock means that you become an owner of that company. But what does that mean? As an "owner" can you rightfully walk into one of its offices and take home a chair or a desk? Speculation, on the other hand, is akin to gambling. Stocks Basics: What Are Stocks? The DNA Project by j.viewz.


Projects on PledgeMusic. Our new album Everything Will Be Alright In The End, now available for preorder. Pre-order Erasure's new album, The Violet Flame, on double vinyl, plus exclusive experiences and bonus content I'm releasing a New Album! Pre-order for behind the scenes access, studio visits and more! Status Quo release the game-changing 'Aquostic (Stripped Bare)' on 20th October 2014. Pre-order The Subways new album to get 6 tracks (PART1 of the album) straight away!!

Pre-order Shayne Ward's new album plus signed exclusives & experiences and updates from Shayne along the way Pre-order our new album HOPE IS JUST A STATE OF MIND plus one-off live experiences & trinkets, only available here! Pre-Order the download of this documentary and receive exclusive updates and more! We've made a new record. Join me in the making of my new EP- Weathered! Preorder my new EP Slack Tide, along with a whole bunch of other rad stuff. It's all happening! Lalah Hathaway is releasing a new album, LIVE!

I’m making album #2. 25 music crowdfunding mistakes that'll make you look selfish DIY Musician Blog. [This article was written by guest contributor Ian Anderson of the Launch and Release Blog.] Asking for money sucks. Maybe you fear rejection or maybe you worry that you’ll look desperate, greedy, incompetent or rude. It’s a lot like being a middle schooler trying to hold hands or put an arm around your date while at the movies. Asking for money often raises internal doubts like: * Will I seem greedy? * Will it negatively affect our relationship? * Do they trust me? * Will they understand why or buy into my vision? * Will I look like an a—hole? These are legitimate questions and they can arise in a variety of circumstances in life.But when you are going to run a music crowdfunding project, you cannot afford to have these questions dogging you because self doubt and fear will betray your efforts in some subtle and many not-so-subtle ways.

Thus, it is CRUCIAL that you are WELL PREPARED to ask for money for your crowdfunding project. How to get what you want crib sheet * Say Thank You Ask. Period. Why? 25 music crowdfunding mistakes that'll make you look selfish DIY Musician Blog. Sellaband. A: music recording b: record releases (digital/physical) c: promotion and/or marketing campaigns d: live concerts / touring / festivals e: an exclusive fan product f: a combination of all of the above g: for all other purposes please get in touch via email Signup is Free! It is totally free to start a project on SellaBand. No Gatekeeper! We don’t have any gatekeeper telling you that you cannot sign up on SellaBand!

Keep your Rights! We absolutely don’t gather any ownership or intellectual property of your music (if you are checking other platforms check their policy on this…)! We are also a Social Community We are one of the few music crowdfunding platforms keeping a viral community. We are Music Lovers and Industry Experts Everybody working at SellaBand loves music and has had numerous years of industry experience and some of us are still active as musicians (we could even form a Band within our office, but nobody wants to be the singer…). Active Support We share our knowledge with you.

Sellaband. Sellaband. 10 Apps & Tools for Maximizing Personal Efficiency - Frank Addante's Founder Blog. October 24th, 2012 | by fbadmin 1. Sanebox (Email Organization): Service that uses algorithms to organize your email into what’s important and what’s not. I was skeptical and had a lot of issues with giving up control of my inbox, but I’m hooked now. It works amazing well. Tips: Trust it. 2. Service to store your notes in the cloud and access on any computer or mobile device. Tips: Use for both business and personal.

Download App: iPhone | Android. Is a simple way to share live audio online. Broadcast using ... Social Media Image Dimensions Cheat Sheet. Social Media Image Dimensions Cheat Sheet #cheat sheet#dimensions#image#social media Trying to figure out the perfect size image to post on your social media channels can be a struggle. I constantly find myself searching Google for a central hub with the latest sizes and dimensions so my profiles don't look out of date. But often, the cheat sheets available haven't been updated with the newest sizes, so I decided to make one myself! Below are a selection of image sizes for Facebook, Twitter and Google+, along with links to the actual profile. Facebook Download Facebook PNG's Twitter Download Twitter PNG's Google+ Download Google+ PNG's If you found any of these cheat sheets useful, please let us know!

Related Articles. Hypetree | about. We firmly believe in independent music. When we first announced our service, we had 6,000 people sign up in the first week alone. StumbleUpon even did a case study about it. Around 1,000 of them were musicians, and the remaining 5,000 were music fans. Why all the interest? It's simple: there are a ton of musicians out there who aren't famous, and a ton of people who would love to hear them. We want to give artists, no matter how obscure or underground, an effective way to get their music heard. The hypetree team is a group of musicians, designers, web experts, and budding entrepreneurs. Patreon: Support the creators you love.

I Bought an Apartment Just to Rent Out on Airbnb. I bought an apartment in 2012 specifically to rent out on Airbnb. I’ve been managing it remotely for the past year. Here's everything I've learned so far, as well as some revenue numbers. Finding a Place to Buy Each listing on Airbnb has a publicly visible calendar that shows which nights are booked and which nights are available.

Using this tool makes it easy to figure out how much money hosts bring in—an invaluable resource when researching where to buy. Simply find a listing located in an area where you’re thinking about buying and click on the calendar tab. Red = Booked. There are a lot of places in the United States where housing prices are still very cheap.

I found a place in Las Vegas for $40,000. This is what the apartment looked like when Wheatley purchased it. I spent roughly $10,000 to update the apartment, including all furniture, an Apple TV, new hardwood flooring and fresh paint in all the rooms. Shortly before installing the hardwood flooring. Getting It Going By the Numbers. Growing Your Design Business. So you’ve launched your own creative business, and you’re starting to grow. That’s great! But good growth won’t just happen. Just like a junior designer starts with small projects and slowly builds her skills, a new business needs time to mature, test new ideas, and prepare itself, too. How did you gain the design chops that got you where you are today?

If you want to grow in a sustainable, satisfying way, then you need to pay attention to how you’re growing, not just how much. The wrong clients#section1 As a business owner, you might assume you should serve everyone you can. The more bad clients you try to serve, the less time you have to look for good clients. But what makes a good client? They understand your value and let you remain in control of the design process as the professional.They are enjoyable to work with. Whether your clients are good or bad, you can bet that they will send you more clients just like themselves. Hiring for hiring’s sake#section2 Growing too fast#section3. My Portfolio - CHEDONLINE: the personal website of Charles Lim aka Ched. Copyright for Collage Artists. What's new at "Copyright for Collage Artists": Added items to the myths page about parody and the poor man's copyright.

Added a couple of links to the links page. If, like me, you are a collage artist, then copyright is probably a matter of great concern to you. (If it isn't, then it should be!) Many artists seem to feel that thinking about legal niceties, like copyright, will inhibit their creative flow. Though I am not a lawyer, I have done a fair amount of research into copyright law as it applies to collage in the past few years. I hope this page will serve as a starting point for people who are researching copyright on their own. I welcome your feedback if you see an error on these pages, have some information you'd like to see added, or want to tell me you liked or hated the page. Online Services. Web Design Dashboard. Simmons SD7K Electronic drum set. Selling a Simmons SD7K Electric drum set along with a Simmons DA50 50 Watt Amplifier, drum chair and sticks and Bass pedal.

Its been used a few times by me but everything works perfectly! Unfortunately, i have no use for it anymore. I'd hate to get rid of it but i have a real drum set now. I am trying to sell to mostly in Arizona to avoid the hassle of out of state shipping. If your interested or any questions call or text me at (480)232-4193. I am asking for 280 if you come and get it or for 320, I can take it to your place. Want to buy this? ALL communication is centered around the WANT, which puts the power back in the hands of The Buyer.

Get the idea? The Win Without Pitching Manifesto. Free eBooks to Help Grow Your Studio. 10 Creative Ways to Make Money. Just about everyone I know has experimented with a variety of creative ways to make money. Here is a list of 10 creative ways you can make money starting today! 1. Busking – Street Performance Do you play an instrument exceptionally well? Maybe you’re a master juggler. Or maybe you have some other performance skill that is so unusual, people are compelled to stop and watch you. 2. You’ve probably never seen those two words together. 3. A list of creative ways to make money would be incomplete without a mention of Etsy. 4. Why not combine your love of decor and design with your love of all things wedding? 5. Do you love making something beautiful with glue and scissors and bits of colored paper?

6. Are you the family historian trying to catch on video every major milestone? 7. There are thousands of folks with industry knowledge from real estate to bee keeping who would love to start a blog. 8. Since the dawn of time, man has loved stories. 9. 10. 25 Ways 2 Make Money 4 Teens. I Need Nice Things. Crowdfunding para amantes de la creación.

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