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Noor baker. Three new schools open at Zaatari camp. AMMAN — The Education Ministry and UNICEF on Tuesday opened three new schools at the Zaatari Refugee Camp, with the support of the EU, Germany and the US.

Three new schools open at Zaatari camp

The inauguration was attended by representatives of the donors, the UN, NGOs and the director of the camp, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. Khawla Abu Al Haija, director of general education at the ministry, said joint efforts to provide educational services and facilities for Syrian students resulted in the establishment of 24 schools at the camp, some 90km northeast of Amman, in addition to six in other camps, and 98 outside the camps.

UNICEF Representative to Jordan Robert Jenkins thanked the German, Kuwaiti and US governments for their continuous support of the education of Syrian refugee children, adding that opening new schools helps reduce overcrowding in classrooms. The camp is currently home to 79,284 refugees, according to the latest figures from the UNHCR. Life inside Syrian refugee camps. Three years ago this week, Syria began to be torn apart.

Life inside Syrian refugee camps

Syrians took to the streets, demanding democratic and economic reforms from the government of Bashar al-Assad. What they got instead was a civil war that has turned cities to dust, killed more than 100,000 people, and forced millions more to flee. Jan. 9, 2013: A man stands on top of a water tank as clouds roll over the Al Zataari refugee camp in Mafraq, Jordan. | (AP Photo/Mohammad Hannon) For those who managed to escape — women and children, mainly, with whatever they could carry — some semblance of life continues in refugee camps throughout the region.

Through grit, luck, or the help of others — and often a combination of all three — those displaced millions have sought to create moments of normalcy in the temporary rooms, mud-floored tents, and makeshift shelters they call home, waiting for the day their country stitches itself back together. Education in Syria. Copyrighted image Copyright: Lion TV Syria has made a significant investment in education, as has been demonstrated by its excellent literacy rates - about four-fifths of the Syrian population is literate.

Education in Syria

When the Ba'ath took control of Syria in the Sixties, education became a top priority, used as a means of ensuring development and at the same time exercising a strong influence over the masses. Syrians value the need for a good education and intellectual development. Public demand for education has remained strong, reflecting the importance of education as a means of social progress. Refugee lit review. Inside the Kilis camp at the Turkey-Syria border. Kilis Oncupinar Accommodation Facility - Wikipedia.

Kilis Öncüpınar Accommodation Facility is a refugee camp in Turkey for refugees fleeing the Syrian Civil War.

Kilis Oncupinar Accommodation Facility - Wikipedia

It is located at Öncüpınar, next to Turkey's border with Syria,[1] in Kilis. Opened in 2012, it hosted 14,000 people in February 2014.[2] How Syrian Children Are Drawing and Using Art Therapy to Heal the Trauma from War. In an upscale district of Downtown Beirut, two pre-teen boys rapped in Arabic during an exhibit showcasing the artwork of Syrian refugee children.

How Syrian Children Are Drawing and Using Art Therapy to Heal the Trauma from War

Ramzi, a 12-year-old originally from Daraa, Syria, beatboxed as his friend Ayham, also from Daraa, spit rhymes. Guests watched quietly, impressed, as the two boys recalled life before the uprising turned civil war wreaked havoc on their country. Free Training Resources - Teachers Without Borders. IST researchers explore technology use in Syrian refugee camp. The Syrian Civil War has caused millions of citizens to flee their homeland, but many refugees have persevered and are seeking to rebuild their lives.

IST researchers explore technology use in Syrian refugee camp

Researchers at Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) recently traveled to a thriving Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, where they surveyed people as part of a study they are conducting on how the refugees are appropriating technology into their daily lives. “Jordan is an interesting place in that it has been welcoming of refugees, first from Iraq and now from Syria,” said Carleen Maitland, an associate professor at the College of IST. 10x10 Presents Girl Rising (Official Trailer) Girls' education and gender equality. Despite progress in recent years, girls continue to suffer severe disadvantage and exclusion in education systems throughout their lives.

Girls' education and gender equality

An estimated 31 million girls of primary school age and 32 million girls of lower secondary school age were out of school in 2013. Sub-Saharan Africa has the lowest proportion of countries with gender parity: only two out of 35 countries. And South and West Asia has the widest gender gap in its out-of-school population - 80 per cent of its out-of-school girls are unlikely to ever start school compared to 16 per cent of its out-of-school boys.

Furthermore, many countries will still not have reached gender parity. Teachers Without Borders. Syrian Refugees in Jordan Struggle to Go to School. Our refugee system is failing. Here's how we can fix it. Syria crisis: Scars of war. A plastic bag flutters in the desert wind brushing a desolate Jordan landscape.

Syria crisis: Scars of war

A Syrian refugee boy grasps a string that not only keeps the bag from flying away but also provides a tenuous grip on his fading childhood. For Syrian refugee children, kite flying keeps aloft memories of family, friends, and their once-promising future. The children salvage remnants of their war-shattered lives, even if it’s just with a dirty plastic bag that can barely stand up to the breeze. Now in its fifth year, fighting in Syria has unleashed one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history, uprooting half of the nation’s population. More than 3.2 million people have sought refuge in neighboring countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq. Clouds Over Sidra: A Virtual Reality (VR) film.

The Challenge of Education. Myths & facts surrounding refugee. REFUGEES in AUSTRALIA Myths & Facts Myths and Facts Individual Get involved as an individual Individual.

Myths & facts surrounding refugee

WHAT’S IN MY BAG? – Uprooted – Medium. When I grow up: Syrian refugee girls' dreams for the future realised in beautiful photoshoots. Adolescent girls flee the conflict in Syria live dangerous and largely invisible lives.

When I grow up: Syrian refugee girls' dreams for the future realised in beautiful photoshoots

Their age, gender and place in society all make them vulnerable to violence, exploitation and abuse. They are often unable to safely access education and health care. They face the risks of early marriage and violence. They may experience harassment and abuse, meaning parents insist they stay hidden indoors to protect their honour. Many of these girls have experienced the trauma of their country's civil war, losing loved ones and their homes, and are struggling to survive in a new country.