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12 Women With Perfect Responses for Why They Don't Have Kids. In a classic Seinfeld episode, Elaine sits surrounded by friends with kids as they accost her with the now-infamous line: "You gotta have a baby!

12 Women With Perfect Responses for Why They Don't Have Kids

" We can only guess millions of women watched, nodding their heads and wondering: What do you say when society demands to know when you'll procreate, and why you haven't done so yet? Even as more millennials choose to delay children or remain child-free altogether, the demand on women to have babies is still high. Media has doubled down on celebrity "baby bump" coverage, and young women report feeling real pressure thanks to society's strong link between femininity and motherhood.

Many women indeed long for children, while others are firmly against it and still more are undecided. But regardless of a woman's feelings on childbearing, the decision to have kids is hers alone, to be decided for her own reasons. Here are 12 women who had the perfect responses to the dreaded baby questions. A low-prep, low-tech, effective game for revision. In this activity, pairs or small groups of students compete against other groups to answer written questions.

A low-prep, low-tech, effective game for revision

It could be called a low tech version of a Socrative quiz. It’s most easily done with a whiteboard and projector but it could certainly be done with a blackboard instead. You just need a list of 8-12 questions and some slips of paper. The questions you choose depend on the level of your students. With exam classes you could use a transformations activity, for example. Ask the pairs or groups to come up with a team name and list the teams vertically on the board. An example of the type of questions you could use with this activity and the points chart Tell the students that they are to start with question 1 and write their answer on a slip of paper. Grammar Gremlins. Listen A Minute: Easier English Listening and Activities. Improv Encyclopedia.

Grammatically Speaking. Andrew and Gabriella Morrison Build hOMe, A Tiny House, To Avoid Mortgage Payments. After spending years in the rat race, with their lives revolving around paying a hefty mortgage, Andrew and Gabriella Morrison decided to call it quits.

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison Build hOMe, A Tiny House, To Avoid Mortgage Payments

They bravely decided to downsize to save money and adjust their lives so they could focus on more important things than monthly bills. Since they both had a background in construction, Andrew and Gabriella built their tiny house (called "hOMe") together. Then, they even set up the website Build A Tiny House to help others do the same. Play Boggle Online for Free! Explorers Interactive Scavenger Hunt « Wall. 10 Most Famous Walls In The Worlds. 1.

10 Most Famous Walls In The Worlds

The Great Wall Of China, China – Being the only man made structure visible from space with the naked eye, it was built in the 14th century and protected the northern borders of the Chinese Empire from the attack of nomadic tribes. This amazing construction stretches for 8,850 kilometers 10 Most Famous Walls In The Worlds: The Great Wall Of China 2. The Western Wall, Israel – Located in Jerusalem, the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall is a famous Jewish religious site. The Western Wall, Jerusalem – the holiest place for Jewish people 3. Berlin Wall – was finally taken down in 1989. Six activities new teachers should have up their sleeve. This week I’m joined by Emma Foers.

Six activities new teachers should have up their sleeve

Emma got in touch with me about doing a post for new teachers. I took a look through the past posts I had done and found that actually I had very little by way of “tried and true” activities for newcomers. So I was happy to accommodate her here. There are many things that can go wrong in a TEFL class – too few students turn up, equipment doesn’t work, students aren’t in the mood, or some students finish activities before others and start to disrupt everyone else, to name just a few of the possible problems!

So it’s always good to have some back-up activities, especially if you’re just starting out. 1) Vocabulary revision games If some students have finished an exercise before the others, you can challenge them to write down 10 items of vocabulary from a previous session (colours, days of the week, household objects). 2) Picture Flashcards Great again to revise past vocabulary in games! 6) Ball game Having a ball in the class entails endless games! Six universally known video game phrases for the young learner. This summer I was listening to my eight year old son playing video games with some other kids.

Six universally known video game phrases for the young learner

It was at one of those big tent places with several Playstations, Xboxes and other consoles. The local and television radio stations often set up these kinds of things on the beach near where I live here in Spain. Anyway, there were a mix of children there all playing various racing, shooting and other video games. I noticed several English words coming up again and again even though the children were speaking Spanish, German or French.

Six amazing words you never knew existed. How Much Do You Actually Care About Sports. Your Perfect Holiday Destination. How Physically Fit are You?Quiz. The Monkey Business Illusion.