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17 pictures from OCD heaven. 100 Jahre Schönheit — Die 90er-Jahre. Der Look des Jahrzehnts Eingeläutet wurde das Ganze mit viel Glamour, den vor allem die ersten Supermodels gut zu verbreiten und zu vertreten wussten.

100 Jahre Schönheit — Die 90er-Jahre

Doch der Trugschluss der perfekten Frau, die alles hat, alles kann und dabei auch noch gut aussieht, hielt sich nicht allzu lange. Die Frauen waren es Leid einem Idealbild hinterher zu rennen, welches sie nie erreichen würden. Abgelöst wurde diese Zeit des Glamours deshalb vom Grunge. Das Phänomen der Antifashion, wie man es auch nennen könnte, wurde sehr schnell von Mode- und Kosmetikindustrie übernommen. Bald wurde die Sehnsucht nach Schönheit wieder grösser und die Zeit des "neuen Glamours" war erreicht. 26 Pictures Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Existence. Ellie McDonald’s Newsfeed. Recipes for the EFL classroom. What is a cline?

Recipes for the EFL classroom

The British Council Teaching English website defines a cline as ‘a scale of language items that goes from one extreme to another, for example, from positive to negative, or from weak to strong’. Why are clines useful in language teaching? Clines can be very effective in conveying and clarifying language, giving a very visual representation of meaning. They highlight shades of meaning, they are efficient and can cut down on teacher talking time. They also provide students with a good record of language to take home. What language points lend themselves well to use of clines? Vocabulary Temperature Expressing likes and dislikes Feelings E.g. This could work equally well with other feelings such as anger, happiness, tiredness, or even drunkenness! Grammar Modals of deduction Adverbs of frequency It can be a nice idea to write the sentences or expressions onto cards and get the students to come up to the board and stick them where they think they go on the cline.

The 37 Most Awkward English Fails You Can Only Find In Asia. One Big Photo » a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Essentiel. Bilbongollum.jpg (1600×1362) 4161150-3x2-940x627.jpg (940×627) Unleashing the power of images. This workshop looks at using images in the ELT classroom with a special emphasis on using images from the students’ lives and minds to build bridges between the classroom and the outside world.

Unleashing the power of images

Below are notes and handouts from two conferences where I presented two slightly different variations (TESOL Spain 2012, IATEFL UK 2011). 1 TESOL Spain 2012 (March 11 Bilbao) Thank you so much for coming. I really enjoyed sharing these images and ideas with you. Here is the word cloud summary of the session. And here’s a link to the powerpoint slideshow. Unleashing the power of images bilbao online Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for links to lesson ideas and other references. 2 IATEFL UK 2011 Brighton Click on the word cloud to see the handout from the session. For a slightly abbreviated version of the powerpoint slideshow, please click on the link directly below the image.

Unleashing the power of images (online version) Детские рисунки в обработке художника (21 фото) Alex's Mystery Pictures - Guess Close-up Photos. What's For Dinner?

Alex's Mystery Pictures - Guess Close-up Photos

Make Dinner Time, Family Time! Try our random recipe finder Alex's Mystery Picture Can you solve the close-up image game? Try our random recipe finderSubscribe to our free weekly newsletter Can You Solve Alex's Mystery Picture? Send your guess to More Mystery Pictures Previous Mystery Phonograph Printable Mystery Picture Games Play a No-Gestures Describing Game Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter What's For Dinner? @import url( Custom Search. Guess What's In These Microscopic Photos. Photomicrographs are pictures taken at extreme close-up through a microscope.

Guess What's In These Microscopic Photos

And I mean extreme. There are photos in this collection that are magnified to where you can see individual atoms. Bet you can’t guess what the everyday items are in these 12 photos. See if you can guess what common objects these microscopic photos contain. Guess the Picture. So I found out today that Children's Hospital in Philadelphia has special window washers. Burning Man 2012 - In Focus. Out on the playa of Nevada's Black Rock Desert, more than 50,000 participants gathered last week to form Black Rock City, a temporary city that became the home of the 26th annual Burning Man Festival.

Burning Man 2012 - In Focus

Every year, participants from around the world descend on the playa -- performers, artists, free spirits, and more -- to form a self-reliant community, to dance, to express themselves and take in the spectacle of the festival. Reuters photographer Jim Urquhart spent the week on the playa, and returned with these photographs, taking us along on a virtual visit to Burning Man 2012. [40 photos] Use j/k keys or ←/→ to navigate Choose: The sun sets during the Burning Man 2012 "Fertility 2.0" arts and music festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, on August 29, 2012.

Bingram Lai explores "Zonotopia and the Two Trees" during Burning Man 2012, on August 29, 2012. An aerial view of Black Rock City, the Burning Man 2012 campground in the Black Rock Desert, on August 30, 2012. In Pictures. Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction  21 to 40  of  467 hits.