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Littérature étrangère en langue étrangère

1984.pdf. 1984 Literature Guide. 1984, George Orwell. 1984 is about totalitarianism.

1984, George Orwell

A totalitarian government is one that tries to control every how people spend every minute of their time, even in private; who they can associate with; what they are allowed . A totalitarian government even tries to control what people think and what they believe. George Orwell wrote the late What he knew about totalitarianism was based on the and . Those governments had come into being not that long before and they were not very well understood yet.What Orwell was trying to do with 1984 was to give his readers a clear picture of what life would be like if a free country like England were under rule. 1984 takes place in .

The worst part is that the government is always watching everything . Then there are things you have to do. The main character of 1984 is Winston Smith. Lesson Plan: Updating Orwell's '1984'. Overview | How does George Orwell’s vision of technology and its uses in “1984” compare with today’s reality?

Lesson Plan: Updating Orwell's '1984'

How have concerns about privacy and freedom expressed in the novel been manifested in the contemporary world? In this lesson, students compare and contrast the world, people and technologies of “1984” with those of today and create a treatment for a modern film, print or stage adaptation that revolves around current technologies. Materials | Full text of “1984,” computers with Internet access, software for podcasting and projection equipment, copies of the handout “1984” vs. Today (PDF), video cameras and film-editing software (optional) 1984 Lesson Plans. 1984 Book 1, Chapter 1 Summary. It all starts on a cold, bright day in April 1984.

1984 Book 1, Chapter 1 Summary

At 1 p.m., Winston Smith, a small, frail man of 39 years drags himself home for lunch at his apartment on the 7th floor of the Victory Mansions.The face of Big Brother, the leader of the Party and a heavily mustached and ruggedly handsome man of about 45, appears on giant, colorful posters everywhere in Airstrip One, Oceania. (This is still London, though.) "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU," runs the caption. Tableau_synoptique_-_heroes_and_icons_eoc.pdf. Bac L 2015 : les conseils pour réussir l’épreuve orale de LELE (littérature étrangère en langue étrangère) Hero's journey. "A Practical Guide to Joseph Cambell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces" by Christopher Vogler © 1985 “There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before.”

hero's journey

In the long run, one of the most influential books of the 20th century may turn out to be Joseph Campbell’s THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES. The book and the ideas in it are having a major impact on writing and story-telling, but above all on movie-making. Filmmakers like John Boorman, George Miller, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Francis Coppola owe their successes in part to the ageless patterns that Joseph Campbell identifies in the book. The ideas Campbell presents in this and other books are an excellent set of analytical tools. Story Spine. Description This is an idea/tool about the spine of any story.

Story Spine

The whole point of the tool is to provide a model for a well-constructed story with a beginning that establishes a routine, an event that breaks the routine, a middle that shows the consequences of having broken the routine, a climax that sets the resolution to the story in motion, and the resolution. It goes like: Storybird - Artful Storytelling. Bildungsroman. In literary criticism, a bildungsroman (German pronunciation: [ˈbɪldʊŋs.ʁoˌmaːn]; German: "novel of formation/education/culture"), [a] novel of formation, novel of education,[2] or coming-of-age story (though it may also be known as a subset of the coming-of-age story) is a literary genre that focuses on the psychological and moral growth of the protagonist from youth to adulthood (coming of age), and wherein character change therefore is extremely important.


History[edit] Book Summary. The Help, Kathryn Stockett's debut novel, tells the story of black maids working in white Southern homes in the early 1960s in Jackson, Mississippi, and of Miss Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan, a 22-year-old graduate from Ole Miss, who returns to her family's cotton plantation, Longleaf, to find that her beloved maid and nanny, Constantine, has left and no one will tell her why.

Book Summary

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: At a Glance. Readers meet Huckleberry Finn after he's been taken in by Widow Douglas and her sister, Miss Watson, who intend to teach him religion and proper manners.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: At a Glance

Huck soon sets off on an adventure to help the widow's slave, Jim, escape up the Mississippi to the free states. By allowing Huck to tell his own story, Mark Twain addresses America's painful contradiction of racism and segregation in a "free" and "equal" society. Written by: Mark Twain. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. French Taunter - Monty Python and the Holy Grail. SEQ LELE terminale Meeting the Other -> Love and Friendship (début de ma séquence) 1. brainstorming: "how do you make friends?

SEQ LELE terminale Meeting the Other -> Love and Friendship (début de ma séquence)

" -> je donne une toolbox (doc ci-joint) pour injecter lexique et expressions (EO en cours et trace écrite). OBJECTIF: les amener vers 2 concepts: les opposés s’attirent et qui se ressemble s’assemble. 2. Exercice d’appropriation du lexique (expressions sur l’amitié) c.f. fiche exercice sur toolbox1.  Anglais Orléans-Tours : LELE -Littérature Etrangère.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous d'autres ressources via des liens vers des "etexts", des "audiobooks" et clips vidéos.

 Anglais Orléans-Tours : LELE -Littérature Etrangère

Il est possible d'envoyer vos élèves sur ces pages, en autonomie, afin qu'ils choisissent chacun une oeuvre littéraire pour faire un travail de projet, soit par groupes, soit individuellement. LEE. Litterature_article_A_LHERETE.pdf. Programme d'enseignement spécifique de littérature étrangère au cycle terminal de la série littéraire. L'écrivain dans son siècle nous invite à étudier le regard d'un auteur sur un épisode particulier de l'histoire du monde anglophone. Citons par exemple les poèmes de Langston Hughes, les romans de Toni Morrison et notamment Beloved qui retrace le parcours d'une ancienne esclave. Citons encore The Grapes of Wrath de Steinbeck (Great Depression) ou les pieces de Fugard sur l'apartheid (The Coat, The Island...). Roman social, roman policier, la littérature de guerre et d'après guerre, l'essai, le pamphlet, la satire Les auteurs que l'on peut rapprocher du roman social, en Angleterre, sont ceux qui portent un regard critique sur la société victorienne.

L'on citera Charles Dickens bien entendu, Elizabeth Gaskel (North and South), mais aussi Disraeli et son roman intitulé Sybil, or The Two Nations (1845) dans lequel le futur Premier Ministre britannique dénonce les conditions de vie de la classe ouvrière née de la révolution industrielle. AL7AN16TDPA0111-Sequence-01.pdf. AL7AN16TDPA0111-Sequence-02.pdf. AL7AN16TDPA0211-Sequence-03.pdf. AL7AN16TDPA0211-Sequence-04.pdf.

Hero. Youtube. Flash Gordon - New hi def trailer! Out on Blu-ray 23rd August 2010. Tableau_synoptique_-_heroes_and_icons_eoc.pdf. Banksy.