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Elie Hirschfeld

Elie Hirschfeld is a real estate developer in NYC. I love New York, running in Central Park, and theater.

How To Tell You Hired The Wrong Real Estate Agent. Depending on the state you are in the bar to get a license to become a real estate agent can be quite low.

How To Tell You Hired The Wrong Real Estate Agent

Take a few classes, pass a test and you too can become a real estate agent. On the other hand skilled real estate agents are continually doing more to enhance their knowledge and skills so they can better serve their clients. So what are the exact signs that can let you know you got stuck with the wrong real estate agent? Read on below to learn more. Agents Not Returning Calls If from the start of your relationship with a real estate agent you are having issues with them calling you back on time or they don’t call you back at all that is a major problem. A typical example of this is after seeing a number of homes during the day you decide to take a few hours to consider which home you would like to make an offer on.

Protect Your Home From The Winter Weather. Your home is a long term investment and in order to protect the investment you must make sure your home is ready for all the different seasons.

Protect Your Home From The Winter Weather

The winter season can be harsh on your home since the freeze thaw cycle is especially tough on the house structure and components. By following the below tips and properly winterizing your home you can help protect your investment in your home and ensure it will last you for a long time. Check Windows and Doors Windows and doors are one of the biggest sources of entry for cold air during the winter time.

Not only should you be checking for gaps in and around windows and doors to save energy you should be looking at the exterior components as well. The caulking in and around windows and doors can wear out over time due to weather or insect causes. Outdoor Faucets and Plumbing Any outdoor faucets that you have should be shutoff inside the house so there is no water in the outside spigot that can freeze and cause a pipe to burst. HVAC Tune-up. 8 Things A Real Estate Agent Cannot Discuss. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter The typical real estate transaction involves a seller, their real estate agent who is the listing agent and a buyer, their agent who is known as the buyer’s agent.

8 Things A Real Estate Agent Cannot Discuss

It is not always this way for example in a dual agency situation the real estate agent represents both the buyer and the seller! If the seller is doing a for sale by owner, there might only be one real estate agent who is representing the buyer. Either way there are lots of things your agent can’t tell you, it could be the law, required by their governing body or they just don’t know and are not expected to know. What Your Agent Can’t Tell You 1. A common question agents get asked when showing homes to buyers is “Why are they Selling?” 2. Anyone can see how much people paid for a house by using the county or city records and your agent can use the Multiple Listing Service. 3. The only way to know the exact property corners and lot lines is to have a survey done. 4. 5. 6.

Who knows? Saving Energy In The Cold Fall And Winter Months. As the seasons start to change from the warmer months of summer to the cooler months of Fall and Winter you may notice that your energy bill after dipping for a brief month or two is now increasing again.

Saving Energy In The Cold Fall And Winter Months

While some of the increase is due to the fact that it is colder and therefore your heater is now being cycled on every time the thermostat gets below a certain temperature, some of the increase in your heating bill can be as a result of inefficiencies in your heating system and in inefficiencies with your house. By addressing the sources of the inefficiencies in your home and heating system, you can ensure your home stays warmer and save some money at the same time from a lower energy bill. Central Heating System The furnace used to heat your home is a large consumer of energy. If you have an old, worn down, poorly maintained furnace then on cold days it will have a hard time putting out enough heat to warm your home. Duct Cleaning Zoned Heating Programmable or Smart Thermostats Insulation. Scary Real Estate Scams To Be Aware Of. Ivanka Trump leaves interview early – Medium.