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I am a marketer and have lots of marketing on many projects. Right now am working of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI). ERI is a website which provides electronic recycling service for your e-waste items.

5 Questions to Immediately Ask Your E-waste Recycler. Have you spoken with your e-waste recycler lately?

5 Questions to Immediately Ask Your E-waste Recycler

Do you know where your e-waste goes after collection? Is your electronic information secure even after you’ve sent your device for recycling? Chances are, there are important questions you need to ask your e-waste recycler. Each recycler is different, with a variety of policies procedures and benefits. When sending electronics for recycling, these are important aspects of the recycling process you should definitely know about. Where are you located? First, it’s important to locate a suitable recycler. 5 Industries Benefiting from E-waste Recovery. The use of recovered electronics parts in newer devices is not a new practice, but several industries are capitalizing on it in ways conducive to solving the e-waste crisis.

5 Industries Benefiting from E-waste Recovery

With e-waste looming large as one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution and health issues around the world, finding ways to recycle and recover what we can form it is a plus. While a number of industries including electronics manufacturing and mining contribute to the e-waste crisis, a few also benefit from it in significant ways. The success of these industries is an important catalyst for the corresponding success of our ability to find solutions to the problems associated with amassing e-waste.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what manufacturers around the world are doing with the gently used recovery from discarded e-waste. Urban Mining Urban mining is, and will continue to be, a top beneficiary of e-waste recovery. Electronics Repair There is at least one downside, however. Consumers. Our Mountain of Electronic Waste: 5 Great Problem Solving Ideas. Despite its almost purely negative connotation, the e-waste amassing in startling proportions around the world is fostering an enormous amount of innovation and problem solving, especially in terms of recycling, reuse and repair.

Our Mountain of Electronic Waste: 5 Great Problem Solving Ideas

In 2014, the then head of the United Nations Environmental Program, Achim Steiner, addressed a conference gathered in Nairobi to discuss the Basel Convention, a treaty developed with the help of the Basel Action Network to curb the illegal shipment of hazardous e-waste from rich nations to developing countries.

5 Myths About E-waste and E-waste Recycling Debunked. Recycling your old electronics is always a good idea.

5 Myths About E-waste and E-waste Recycling Debunked

End-of-life Computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and more are piling up, and landfills are definitely not the best places for them. Most electronic devices contain rare elements and metals that, though useful for satisfying our high demand for newer and newer devices, are toxic to the environment and harmful to public health. Electronic Recycling Service. 7 Ways to Get Proactive About E-waste Recycling. Our obsession with newer and newer technologies is producing electronic waste faster than we can find sustainable places to discard them.With e-waste as the fasting growing waste stream in America, there’s no better time than now to get proactive about e-waste – particularly about recycling e-waste.

7 Ways to Get Proactive About E-waste Recycling

The e-waste crisis is not just an American issue. Although the United States is makes a huge contribution the growing e-waste mass around the world, it nows stands second behind China as the world’s largest producer of e-waste. South Korea and Japan are also top on the list. 5 Things to Know About the E-waste Recycling Process. You may be wondering, once you drop off your laptop at the local donation center, where exactly does your e-waste go?

5 Things to Know About the E-waste Recycling Process

After all, the media has gone to great lengths to color the e-waste process as a questionable practice, fraught with the risk of your device actually ending up in a large unregulated dump in a flailing third-world country. That’s not always the case, however, and in fact, there are a number of ways that collection center can handle your e-waste.The truth is, whether your electronic recycling process is governed by state regulations or recycler-led, your e-waste is more and more likely to end it up exactly where it should be shredded, repurposed and sent out of the waste stream. 1. Collection points abound. One great thing about electronics recycling is that there are likely more places to send your devices than you know.

Many just aren’t sure what to do with their used electronics because they’re unaware of how the recycling process works in their area. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7 E-waste Management Solutions for Businesses Large and Small. Finding e-waste management solutions is no easy task, but there's plenty incentive to do so.

7 E-waste Management Solutions for Businesses Large and Small

Currently, e-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the U.S., and businesses are one of the businesses are one of the biggest contributors to the present e-waste crisis. What can business do to decrease their inputs into the growing e-waste stream, and which solutions are best for business? Here are just a few of the most important steps your company can take. 1. How Can Companies Reduce E-Waste? In the Digital Age, we’ve started turning to laptops, desktops and tablets for our work needs, rather than the old pen and paper.

How Can Companies Reduce E-Waste?

Furthermore, there’s less of a reliance to print files, thanks to the cloud and file-sharing capabilities. However, this doesn’t mean your company isn’t creating waste. Today, many businesses are responsible for generating electronic waste, but what exactly is it? Furthermore, how can you ensure that you aren’t contributing to the destruction of your environment and the planet? E-waste Recycling. The e-waste crisis U.S. grows continually, shadowing the push for faster and better electronic devices to fuel the demands of the masses.

E-waste Recycling

Along with it, the push for federal law on e-waste recycling also grows. In this post, we’ll take a look at what’s being done on the legislative frontier to legally address the steadily increasing amount of e-waste produced in the U.S. Asset Refurbishment. While your organization may no longer need certain electronic devices, those devices could have a second life by sending them for reuse and resale.

Asset Refurbishment

Many cell phones, tablets, and laptops can be refurbished and resold. ERI’s has secured asset management areas in each facility to protect and completely remove client data during the refurbishment process. ERI employs a staff of exceptionally qualified employees who specialize in complete asset refurbishment and resale including the following: Testing, Auditing and Tracking - Once equipment has been received and is centrally located, ERI will perform testing and auditing services to determine the usefulness of the item and to capture important tracking information from each major component.

Data Security - Due to the sensitive information contained in almost all electronic memory components, ERI follows a stringent data management process to ensure that sensitive data is not inadvertently compromised. Tips The ERI Advantage. Data Destruction Services. Electronic Recyclers International is the nation’s largest e-waste recycling provider, and the only nationwide company to offer guaranteed data destruction.

Using MyTrackTech, a proprietary tool developed by ERI, businesses and government organizations can track their devices throughout the entire recycling process, from registration to final disposition, and receive a Certificate of Destruction upon the device being destroyed. ERI provides data destruction to all clients in a variety of manners: Software Based Destruction: Destroys data in accordance with the standard set forth by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22M Specifications) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization). Electronic Recyclers International Provides Solutions for Washington State’s e-waste Problem.

Uses For E-Waste Recycling. Electronic devices have become a phenomenon. Technology, and the devices that go along with it, are the some of the most useful components of our everyday lives. When devices reach their lifecycle prime, they’re useful and cool, but at the end of that life cycle, they become a problem. Keeping electronics out of trouble in the e-waste stage takes creativity. Desktop Computer Recycling. Commodities Battery Circuit Board Copper Freon Facts Americans bought 68.7 million computers in 2011. Artists. IT Asset Disposition Services At Fresno. Commodities Battery Circuit Board Copper Freon Facts.

Electronic Recyclers International. Everyone has a role to play in the proper management of electronics once they reach their end-of-life. Products We Recycle. IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) / Asset Management. As electronic devices increasingly replace old modes of data storage and communication both in and outside of the office, the amount of information they hold and the accompanying security risk they pose if improperly disposed of is only growing. At Electronic Recyclers International, we track electronic devices from the moment they arrive at an ERI facility to final disposition using our proprietary tracking software, MyTrackTech, to guarantee complete data destruction and peace of mind. ERI uses a proprietary system to track all electronics from the moment they enter an ERI facility to their final disposition.ERI wipes devices of their data in accordance with Department of Defense standards.

Recycle Your Electronics Waste Items. Electronic Recycling Service In ERI. Recycling. Electronic Recyclers International, Inc. Electronic Recyclers International, Inc. Four Data Destruction Methods That Could Put Your Data At Risk. Data security is one of the most important issues of our day. Reduces E-Waste Recicling. Sometimes buying a new product is more convenient than taking the time to fix or have your old product refurbished. But there are many reasons why it’s worth the effort to buy refurbished or check to see if your device can be repaired. Think before buying new. E-Waste Recycling Provider In USA. E-waste has always been riddled by its complexities, from the lead, mercury, nickel and cadmium it contains that could be toxic if handled improperly to the increased amount of electronic devices we’re all so addicted to (sales in electronic products doubled between 1997 and 2009, according to the EPA) and the fact that only 40 percent of end-of-life electronics were collected for recycling in 2013.

Electronic Recycling Service Solution. Electronic Recycling: A Deadly Gold Mine. By Nick Marinoff May 14, 2015. Corporate Electronic Recycling Programs. Electronic Recycling Provider. Shredding 01. Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.